Michael Jackson Counters Piracy With Vuvuzela

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The best DRM is the creative DRM.

That's why this DRM is awesome! Although I'll never touch the game.

this is win!

How, exactly, would owning an unpatched copy of a game be piracy?

And my copy of AA on the ps3 didn't ship with any crippling bugs, it worked the whole way through.

OT- Moar plz. Best anti piracy measure in history.

Because the "DRM" has a 100% false positive rate without it and is completely removed with the patch. Fun fact: The DCMA makes it also illegal to download it because technically it's circumventing DRM.

And the reason you didn't notice was because they actually did test their game on consoles.


That sample gave me a good laugh! (But only because it was so short)


Batman couldn't jump at certain points if you had a pirated copy:


It's practically genius in how much it fucked with pirates

To be more accurate, the game shipped with crippling bugs, pirates spotted them, they patched them within 2 hours, that patch was cracked in 2 minutes and then they backpedaled and called it DRM and pretended their hotfix didn't exist.

Get a legal copy and install it somewhere with no internet connection(so no day 0 patch), surprise, you are now considered a pirate! Or better yet, get the DD version for a region where the patch hasn't gotten past the publisher if you really want to experience how fucked up the system is.

Being an asshole to your effective, free QA team when your paid QA team failed miserably at their job is not "genius", it's stupid.


A. The PRERELEASE demo worked fine.
B. How'd every single admin on the tech forums get in on it so fast if this was the case?
C. I've yet to hear (other than you) about the no patch problem.

The downside to this sort of thing is when it has a false positive and declares someone who isn't a pirate to be a pirate and gives them the buggy behaviour. Then it annoys the paying customer.

And even when it does catch the pirates, if they genuinely see it as a bug then they'll be badmouthing the game to all their friends (which might reduce sales, depending on what kinds of friends they have), and online (which is more likely to reduce sales). Then the company has to come out and say "no, that's not a bug, it's because they're a pirate", and then the pirate groups find out where the traps are and patch the pirated version, so it no longer bothers the pirates any more. Meanwhile they've still got a whole pile of bad press floating around...

It just doesn't seem like there's a win anywhere. But I still prefer this sort of thing more than online activation and limited installs, and other such nasty stuff.

believe it or not... this makes me want to pirate it just to see. Does that make me an odd person?

Oh, Ubisoft... you harness the power of the greatest of evils to serve the cause of good... this is a thin line you walk! Godspeed.

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