VFX Studio Inputs FPS Cheat Codes in Real Life

VFX Studio Inputs FPS Cheat Codes in Real Life

Real world gun battles would be a lot more fun if we could enter cheat codes beforehand.

Visual effects studio Corridor Digital is already known for videogame related videos such as Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing, but its latest is way more light-hearted. In a video titled Video Game Cheats in Real Life!, the studio shows how great it'd be if people could hack the real world.

The video includes four "players" that engage in a deathmatch. They each appear to enter one cheat code for themselves at the beginning of the game. I feel sorry for the guy that chose the paintball cheat.

As the players battle, their selections are shown off in realistic form. While the paintball cheat works just as you'd expect, using "party mode" is a real game changer. Similar to an armor effect found in Halo: Reach, the party mode player's blood is made of confetti, and when he kills his foes they explode into a bunch of gift boxes instead of gibs.

Though it's hilarious to watch, big head mode might not have been the best choice for a cheat either. A giant head is just a giant target. The smartest competitor chose no-clipping mode so he could move around the entire map at will, and hide inside of it just like the Call of Duty cheaters that honest players despise. At the end, the player decides to freak out a nice man on the highway too, for some reason.

With this video, Corridor Digital shows how absurd and unrealistic many many first-person shooters are. They let us blow up our heads to gargantuan proportions, kill each other with a single slap, and hold arsenals of giant weaponry in our back pockets. This destroys our youth, how?


Highly entertaining this is indeed. Have to check out their other scoops.

These guys make such AWESOME videos. If only I had the money to hire them for a full-length epic gunplay movie....

Now I would never hack in a video game but I would hack the shit out of real world if I could.

The nice guy on the highway is actually freddiew, who has done many kickass videos.

I lol'd.
Mostly because of Freddi at the end, freaking out in his car.

Now that is pretty cool

Noclips nice but i would prefer to wade through explosions with GodMode or One Slap Kill with Slappers Only.

That was awesome. Totally absurd, but fun as hell.

Very entertaining. I shall watch their other videos!

Very well done indeed.

the black guy with the grenade launcher is supose to be a reference to TeamFortress 2 and it's party mode, just to let you know.

Aw the black man should have had an Eye patch!

No Clip would have been funnier if the guy moved around all Jesus Pose like XD

The noclip guy was AWESOME. Yaaaaay noclip!

Great video. These guys should hook up with the team making the HL2 fanmovie.


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