New SSX Brings Extreme Sports to the Death Zone

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Whatever the game's like I hope it's more similar to SSX3 than On Tour.

This. I liked the semi-open world feel of SSX3, and On Tour felt a little... restricted, comparatively. Though On Tour was still fine, I like the non-linearity of the SSX games. In general, having racing games be sandboxes where you can go from one track to the next, and the 'menu' is essentially you riding on your board... It's pretty fun.

That being said, there are certain game series that always make me chuck my controller at the TV, and those are racing series. Mario Kart, FZero, 1080, Need for Speed, and worst of all... SSX. God damn do they get waay too difficult during the second half of the game. It's insane.

Though, I look forward to being able to kick ass during the first part, be mediocre during the second, and suck ass during the third.


Whatever the game's like I hope it's more similar to SSX3 than On Tour.

Indeed. On tour was okay, but I loved SSX 3.

I don't think any SSX will ever beat 3.

This looks great but SSX 3 is probably one of my favorite PS2 games of all time

Please be on the 360, please be on the 360, please be on the 360...

If you say it enough, it might come true.

Please be on the 360, please be on the 360, please be on the 360.

I liked Tricky best. Kaori was my girl. I loved that little victory screen you got when you leveled up. She would dance around with a break dancing panda. That was awesome! I also liked how there was a bit of character, like some people didn't get along with certain characters. Like that dumb Spanish bimbo, God I loved shoving her giant ass down the mountain.

SSX 3 had great character customization which I liked. I think this whole survival thing is a gamble. The later stages in both Tricky and 3 had elements of this that really worked and upped the difficulty, but I wouldn't want a game based on just those ideas. I'll have to see when it comes out though.

Whatever the game's like I hope it's more similar to SSX3 than On Tour.

Amen to that.

Why would you be doing snowboarding tricks if you were just fighting to survive? I guess it would keep your adrenaline at a level where you could probably survive but you would just end wasting up what little energy you have left at that point. I still look forward to this game though.

The first SSX was such a breakout game back when EA Big was the most exciting thing in sports games. It came very close to being the best 'recreational sports' game all the way on top next to Tony Hawk 2.

Then SSX 3 hit and it was beautiful. Amazingly done. Small RPG elements, nice varied roster. It took SSX's formula and made the most with it. Hidden paths, amazing music, different gear. It had it all. You could race against buddies and the computer or if you felt like it just race down a huge mountain set to relaxing beats (mid air music 'drowning' is such a cool way to incorporate music with gameplay) with no time limit.

Why am I saying this? Well my question is: WHy the hell would you make SSX gritty and about life/death? I don't get it. SSX is the polar opposite of gritty. It has cartoon characters and is about pure, colourful fun. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if this sucks. RIP EA Big.



I am absolutely terrified of this new revelation, and not in a good way. I absolutely loved SSX: Tricky and SSX3, especially the latter. Hell, I even enjoyed On Tour somewhat, I just love the whole extreme sports and bright, comical feel of it.

EA said that this new one won't have "much of a comical tone" or something, and that makes me nervous as hell for this.

Consider me extremely cautiously optimistic, and while I know all we've seen is a trailer, I'm afraid that this is going to be a case of "Look! We're edgy! And edgy means dark, not funny, and totally serious! Edgy! Edgy!!"

Agreed. I'm rather scared.

I love the games because they're comical, and not too serious. If it ends up being another "extreme, edgy, super serious" game I'll pass.

And that hurts me, because I love SSX. So very much...

Fingers crossed...

Pretty much this, although I've longed for a new SSX game constantly, I really hope it doesn't end up as a huge disappointment, still, we can only hope... T_T

New SSX game...?

No, seriously, where's the new SSX game? All I see is some sort of snowboarding clip from Call of du- oh, that IS the new SSX. I see... well, this is a shock.

I guess it's too late to ask for the colorful, fun, lighthearted quirky characters and atmosphere that made this series memorable, right?

Well, at least it ain't SSX: Ride.

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