Anonymous Declares War on Snow

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Anonymous Declares War on Snow


The hacker group known as Anonymous, who has leveled its ire at the Tea Party and WikiLeaks opponents, has taken on a more sinister enemy: snow.

Anonymous is a loose group of hackers and activists that has variously attacked "worthy" foes such as PayPal and PostFinance for their criticism of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the Oregon State Tea Party for co-opting the group's slogans. The Church of Scientology is a favorite target, but in truth no one is above the ire of the Anonymous collective. Even the President for Life of the KISS army, Gene Simmons, is not beyond the reach of Anonymous, who has performed denial of service attacks against Simmons' websites for his comments on vigorously suing to protect his intellectual property. But these days, they are searching for loftier targets, and Anonymous has settled on the one thing that many people in the Northern Hemisphere are currently dreading: snow.

In an image supposedly released on 4chan yesterday, Anonymous has called for an all out assault on the fluffy white stuff that clogs the wheels of America's highways. "Snow is the very definition of everything we hate," the announcement reads. "Snow has been trolling us for millenia and now it's time to troll it back. We have the chance to fight the first internet-weather war in history. We will not sit idly by."

The plan for Operation Frozen Vengeance is simple, or terribly convoluted. Step one is not to get a box, but to attack the Weather Channel and North Face websites. "We must send the message that we will not tolerate collusion with frozen precipitation."

Finally, you are all urged to forgo wearing coats and hats to shed the yoke that cold weather and snow has on dictating what we adorn our bodies with.

Unfortunately, Anonymous' efforts have so far been ineffective. and are still functioning and snow continues to fall.

Here's the full image for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind that we do not know if this is a real initiative from a member of Anonymous or 4chan, or if someone is satirizing the group by co-opting its slogans and modus operandi for this counter attack on the weather terrorism that snow has subjected on the world.




I support this battle against evil.

Snow has been allowed to reign for too long!

Is that a joke I can't tell.

I wonder if they ever stop and think ''Maybe this is a waste of time.''

But I love snow! Gosh durn Anonymous...

I wonder if they'll succeed.

Um.... I don't know how to respond. I find it hilarious, though.

Just when you thought they might be serious for once...

WTF Anon...
I... I have no other words...
Just... Just... WTF?!

I'm willing to bet my ass it's fake, although it wouldn't surprise me at all and, in fact, would be kinda funny if it turned out to be true.

And the Gene Simmons thing... Come on. The guy's been a sell-out for decades now, and the only thing that changed about him with his comments is his inner douche/ technological retard coming out. "All these pimpled teenagers deserve to be raped" my ass. He deserved those DDoS attacks.

We don't CARE about Anonymous!

So stop Feeding the Trolls!

As much as I think Anonymous are just a bunch of useless teenagers trying to grab attention, this actually made me laugh. The sheer ridiculousness of this makes me think that maybe 4chan actually can do something amusing every once in a while.

Congratulations on making my day more amusing, Anonymous. If only more of the things you did were amusing pranks and not bullshit about how piracy should be legal.

No, don't fight snow! You'll put all the grit trucks and their drivers out of work!

Anywho, this all seems a bit silly. Got a small chuckle out of it, though. So I guess it served a purpose.

I don't know it this is real. I also don't know if I want it to be real or not.

On one hand, it's stupid attacking snow. It doesn't even have an internet connection.

On the other hand, it may also be the most awesome trolling in the history of all trolls. I mean, this is the sort of trolling that our ancestors spoke of in hushed voices around a campfire during the fierce winters of the early 21st century.

Either way, this story makes me happy inside.

Hehe, that's a good one!

I don't approve of attacking the weather forecasting sites, but I do approve of the rest!


Anon, You do know your once great presence is now kinda really fucking stupid?

The snow has already taken my motherland from me last night... Canada has fallen.... (I did at least get a snow day xD)

nuff said...

Haha, I live in the desert. I don't even know what snow is!

All right, anonymous, this time you've gone too far. Attack my favorite weather, will you?

Well, you better watch your back, because the ice man cometh! Now where did I put my cryo-suit?

that's it

Snow White is fucking going down

I cannot slam my head into my desk hard, or fast enough.

How can Anonymous fight nature itself when it is a force of nature in and of itself?

That said...I lol'd. And I lol even more at all the people ITT who can't take a joke or still don't get what Anonymous actually is.

That's just pathetic...

"it's cold. It sucks to shovel. It makes driving difficult."

somehow, I doubt many members of anonymous are even old enough to drive...

So they attack websites that gives tools to help people deal with bad weather, so people can't get get those tools. I don't get it. Are they against snow or trying to help it by not giving people access to the tools to deal with it? Just proves all these people are a bunch of idiots.

Now they're just getting insane (not that they weren't already, but still).

And I like snow.

You were actually doing something sensible, and now, boom, this.

Thick as pigshit really doesn't even come close to covering it.

We have lived under the tyranny of the snow for too long!

To arms, brothers, to arms!

(In short: I approve)

They have just managed to go from a bunch of immature teenagers to a collection of pure idiots. Does anybody there have any intelligence at all? Or is this their idea of a joke? Furthermore, how can anyone possibly take them as a serious threat:
WEB MANAGER: "Our website was DDoS'ed by Anonymous."
CHIEF EXECUTIVE: "Oh yeah, aren't they the kids who tried to declare a cyberwar on snow?"

XD OMG, I will assume for the sake of argument that Greg tito is a Great troll, and isn't actually dumb enough to think this is real.

Me and my name do not feel safe on the internet anymore. Considering I used to go by the name snow too...

Yeah I'm just gonna hide out in my room for a few months until Anons start attacking grass and what not due to hay fever :P


We don't CARE about Anonymous!

So stop Feeding the Trolls!

(User was Banned for this post)

Is that a joke I can't tell.

well 4chan is definitely joking, I'm not sure about tito though.


Everyone knows that the best way to combat snow is to utilize the magic school of Fire.

This is Hilarious :D (Unless their serious then its beyond hilarious xD)

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