Concept Art Shows How Bad Superman Lives Would've Been

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y? really y?

o dear god i got chills seeing that picture.

A red-and-blue suit is "too faggy" but a rainbow suit isn't? Exactly how many blows to the head has Peters taken?

*shakes head, is rendered speechless by the Hollyweird*

-- Steve

So this is wrong but the costume for the Green Lantern movie is ok? Not to mention the X-men costumes.

And to be perfectly frank I liked the costumes from Batman Forever and its sequel. Especially Robin's way better than stockings and a tunic.

He looks more like Iron Man then Superman with that getup

Wait a minute, I see Burton's name up there, but somehow it doesn't sound like he's the one F'ing everything up. I must not be able to read today

I think he left the project because someone turned the whole thing to shit before he could.

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