Iron Man's Don Cheadle Moving to a House of Lies

Iron Man's Don Cheadle Moving to a House of Lies


Actor Don Cheadle is going to steal your watch and tell you the time in a new dark comedy about management consultants.

The new series House of Lies has a lot going for it: Oscar nominee Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Iron Man) has just agreed to star, and Emmy winner Stephen Hopkins (The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, 24) is directing. The show is based on the book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Tell You the Time, a memoir about management consultancies by former watch-thief-time-teller Martin Kihn.

The series is going to be a half-hour comedy, taking what Deadline calls, "a subversive, scathing look at a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier firm." Cheadle's character Marty is this consultant, a cutthroat kind of guy willing to use any means necessary to get the job done.

Deadline quotes Showtime President of Entertainment David Nevins as saying, while Cheadle is an award-winning dramatic actor, he "happens to be an extremely funny man. House of Lies is the perfect show to take advantage of both sides of him. Honestly, I would have been happy just to get his autograph."

House of Lies will air on Showtime, and is set to go into production in February of 2011.

Source: Deadline


Is there a chance Terence Howard will get Cheadle's role for this?
Other than that, seems interesting enough will give it a looksie.

I actually prefered Cheadle to Howard in Iron man, still this looks like an interesting one to keep an eye out for.


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