Get Into the Holiday Spirit With the Humble Indie Bundle #2

Get Into the Holiday Spirit With the Humble Indie Bundle #2


The Humble Indie Bundle is back, and it's even better than last time!

Last Spring's Humble Indie Bundle was the sale that took just about everyone by surprise. Not only did it let gamers pick up a number of great games for whatever price they wanted to pay, but it raised a total of $1.27 million (with almost $400,000 going to charity). Gamers have another opportunity to give back and get a little something-something for their donation, because the Humble Indie Bundle 2 just went on sale at 9 AM PST.

This time, the sale is starting off with another five games, and they're pretty big titles: Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans (which is actually debuting with the sale). When you buy the Bundle, you can still choose to send your money to be split amongst the games' developers, as well as Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Purchasing all five of these games on their own would carry a pricetag of roughly $85.

The sale is still being organized by Wolfire Games, though the development studio doesn't have any of its titles in the Bundle this year. That said, generous gamers can still throw a little money Wolfire's way via the "Humble Tip" option.

As it turns out, the only reason a sequel to the original Humble Indie Bundle didn't happen sooner was simply because of time delays. "This is basically the fastest we could reasonably get an awesome bundle together," said Jeffrey Rosen of Wolfire when he talked to The Escapist. "We actually wanted to do it even sooner, but - like all software development - it got delayed."

Rosen has some high hopes for this new bundle, as well as the future for such projects:

"I think the humble bundle really has a lot of potential, and John [Graham, of the infamous Beard Ultimatum] and I actually recently started Humble Bundle, Inc. with the idea that this is just the beginning.

As for the potential of the Humble Indie Bundle #2, Rosen also believes that there's a possibility it could surpass the earnings of its predecessor. "I don't want to jinx it, but things are looking good," he said. "We have newer games, and people actually recognize the bundle now ... when we started no one knew what the Humble Bundle was."

Here's hoping the sale does even better than last time. These are great games and some great causes involved.

Contribute to the Humble Indie Bundle #2 here.


It's not up yet.

I will admit having none of those games. With this, Minecraft's immanent price rise, and GOG entering the pre-Christmas sale fray, it's a bad time for my wallet, again.

OMG! Damn, shouldn't have gotten Braid for the PSN.

They better put out another kickass musical trailer for this :D.

Huh. Now I wish I didn't have three of those games already...

The games look great, when does it launch anyway?

I dont have any of these! This is great!

I'm totally picking this up...

The games look great, when does it launch anyway?

I suspect it launches in ~15 min, since wolframalfa says it is then 9 am PST.

[I trolled and regretted it and now I can't find the delete button. Halpz?]

hahahaha good times

OT im buying this tommorow when i sort my bank out.

A chance to get Braid for cheap and some other games into the bargain? Sold.

By the way, it's live.

Damn, all those are pretty amazing games, though I already own them all, except Revenge of The Titans, I've never heard of that game before.

Icculus mentions it's the only way to get Braid for Linux ("for now", I presume?). Child's Play and EFF are Totally worth a $50 dent. :)

Damn, all those are pretty amazing games, though I already own them all, except Revenge of The Titans, I've never heard of that game before.

Get gift codes and give the others as gifts, then?

I can get them for free with a special key but no need, I am fine without those games. Still an awesome bundle though.

A little dissapointed compared to last year's amazing sale.
Braid is overly pretentious and stupid, Cortex Command isn't actually a full game, and revenge of the titans is just a tower defense game with a cool art style. Bleh.

Machinarium for whatever I want though? Sold.

Got it now, Seems like a decent selection. Hope there are more of these to come :D

Eh, this Bundle is no where near as good as last year's.

Already own Braid, and not really a fan anyways.

Cortex Command just seems bad, possibly because it's not very far along in it's development cycle.

Revenge of the Titans is just another tower defense game that I can find hundreds of online (some of which are significantly better).

I pretty much got this for Machinarium. Turns out it's just a Flash game, being such it doesn't run great at full screen, that aside the gameplay pretty embodies everything I've always hated about the Adventure genre. (To make matters worse the download for Machinarium, the largest game, was ridiculously slow. The others were pretty quick.)

I probably won't touch any of these games after tonight. I'd like to say I don't mind because it goes to charity, but if you use the default payment setup only a small portion actually does, so I'm a bit annoyed, oh well.

Edit: Oh, almost forgot about Osmos, probably because it doesn't even feel like a game. I'd rather spend my time mindlessly staring at a visual plugin for an audioplayer.

Got me one for $25. Can't say i regret it.

Last year's sale was far superior, but I still picked this up. Donating to charity for a few games that might give me some amusement is enough for me to spend my money on.


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