GWAR Test-Drives Kinect

GWAR Test-Drives Kinect


Kinect may require certain conditions to work properly, but will it work if you're sci-fi/horror heavy metal band GWAR?

By this point, Kinect's strengths and limitations have been well-chronicled. We know if it works if you're sitting, if it works if you have a darker skin tone, and if it works if you don't have quite enough room.

But our colleagues at Game Informer recognized that there was a crucial gap in consumer data: Will Kinect work if you're GWAR?

In all seriousness, this video of two members of ridiculously over-the-top performance band GWAR playing Kinect in full stage getup (alien sea monster codpiece and all) may be one of the most hilarious uses of Kinect I've yet seen - serious props to the GI guys for pulling this off. It's also horrifically NSFW, even after they bleep out the swear words.

Seeing GWAR dance to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" - it just doesn't get any better than this. What's next, GWAR singing Christmas carols?

Oh, right.

The full video is not to be missed over at Game Informer.


I love GWAR as a band, I love them almost as much as Gay mermaids I mean gamers.

Oh man, that sounds like it would be hilarious, but I can't possibly watch it - I've managed to somehow remain completely ignorant of what Lady Gaga's Poker Face song sounds like, which means it can never crop up and then refuse to stop playing inside my brain against my will unlike certain songs from groups that I will not be naming lest the aforementioned phenomenon takes place, necessitating a high velocity collision between my skull and my office wall to dislodge them (it never freaking works).

So I had to settle for reading the comments over on Game Informer - oh well!

I love how it is painfully obvious that Oderous Urungus is high out of his mind.

Ok, the bit with the Wampa was just awesome! I can't say I am a big fan of their music, but their shows are wild!

I've got to be honest, I read the title and thought there was a new Ghost Recon coming out for Kinect. Man, I should prolly get myself tested for dyselxia or something...

OT: GWAR are awesome.

+1 to Monty Python References by GWAR. Who would have put those together? Also, I love their reaction when they are told that the one guy is too hardcore for them. Priceless!

Love GWAR so much... awesome

This was obscenely funny. Even my girlfriend loved it haha


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