Electroshock Technology Leads to Human Drum Machine Puppet

Electroshock Technology Leads to Human Drum Machine Puppet

A musician has used some technological wizardry to turn his friend into a cringing human drum machine.

In recent years, Daito Manabe has been uncomfortably fusing electric stimulus with music. His experiments have advanced to the point where now one of Manabe's friends has become a human drum machine.

Manabe's latest video uses myoelectric sensors in combination with electric stimulus to jolt the friend's face into reacting when a sound is played from a drum machine. Wires are evidently attached from Manabe's fingers to a drum machine, which are hooked up to the wires running to the face. The first part of this video is a demonstration, while the second part brings the drum machine into play.

Each sound is connected to a particular sensor, so when Manabe touches his friend's skin it makes him cringe, blink, or pucker his lips. All of the sounds played in quick succession make the subject's face tweak and twinge, almost violently. However, it's apparently not as painful as it looks.

Having control over a human's facial movements is entertaining enough, but when it's combined with the sounds coming out of a drum kit it adds another level of humor. At the same time, Manabe's work on the project is technologically impressive. Expect more like this from Manabe in the future.

Source: Gizmodo


That still image on the video is super creepy when you know why all those wires are attached to his face; there's no way I'm going to actually play it to see whether or not it's as bad as my imagination is currently having a field day making it, egad.

The leading link doesn't work.

Also, that looks hilarious. Not something I want to get hooked up to tho.

Well that's different, in a really creepy way.

really, has no one noticed that this might be the next new thing, "feeling the music"

also, thats really cool and creepy at the same time

By chance I watched this together with this on the background:

Especially the first part of the drum vid fitted so well with it. Not so well rhythm-wise, but the amounts of Japanese madness amplified each other magnificently. NA NAAAAAA NANANANAAAANAAA!!!

in before incredibly popular drum and bass music video

What has science done...

While watching that I thought of several less humorous applications. Never again.

Alternatively: Stop hitting yourself could take on a whole new meaning.

reminds me of the devil's puppet show...

And this just makes me think of Daily Dinosaur Comics.

This is creepy and awesome at the same time.

What is this I don't even.

That's all fine and well, but can it make your dick bigger?

On topic though, why? What are the implications of this? And why would you subject yourself to this kind of madness in the first place?
If anything, I'd apply this kind of technology to someone's corpse.. And make a walking meat-puppet to serve me.

**Bangs head on Keyboard**

Oh japan... you never cease to fill my brain full of fuck.


[The First Minute]: This is...odd... =/

[The Next Two Minutes]: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Seriously, if it's any country, it's Japan that knows how to use technology in the least of intended ways and make it entertaining.

That is sweet, but I wonder if you could play songs on the guy... I can only imagine The Black Page played on this man's face.

ROFL XD i just keep thinking y would his friend agree to this! XD

Humorous as it is a little unsettling for me to watch this even if all participants in this particular activity are willing...


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