Nintendo Reveals First 3DS Titles It'll Show the Public

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I am seriously concerned about them not letting kids under 6 use it for eye health reasons. How can they be completely sure it ONLY has a negative effect on kids that young?

My thoughts exactly. Plus I don't understand why they can't just turn the 3D effect off for children younger than that if they are concerned and just let them play in 2D. But yeah, I'm more worried about it possibly having a negative effect on people older than that beyond the headaches 3D is already known to give you.

It can be turned off by use of a slider on the side of it.

But they can't expect people under six to be responsible enough to not touch it, and that when they do, the parents won't sue. They could allow for a parental control like system to lock it, but honestly, if you're not even 6 years old, you probably have no business using a 3DS, and if you do, just ignore them and use it with the 3D turned off, it has the On/Off function, they just say "don't use it at all" to cover their asses.

The redone 64 games in 3D could be fun (Looking at you, StarFox 64), but the two games I'm really looking at for the 3DS that will make me buy one aren't listed. Though, really, as soon as Paper Mario is confirmed to have a release date, I'll snag one.

I'm really looking forward to playing Ocarina of Time.
I've never played it before, and I've heard great things about it.
As for other games on that list, they've got Riiiiiiiiidge Racer! In Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee D!

The only thing I'm interested in there is OoT3D. I was really hoping to see the new Paper Mario, but oh well.

I hope the 3DS has backwards compatibility... =\

The line up is looking good though

It is confirmed to have backwards compatibility.

I wish these games were launch titles. Though I think it might be dangerous to play some of those games on the bus... Paper Mario on the bus and I might end up a place I've never been before...

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