Graverobber Starts Early, Steals Game Boy From Teen's Coffin

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Graverobber Starts Early, Steals Game Boy From Teen's Coffin


A Pennsylvania man is wanted by authorities for taking a Game Boy from the casket of a 17-year-old boy who was killed in a car accident on Christmas Day.

I don't think there's much that can top stealing consoles from kids with cancer, but with very time left to decide, we have a sudden new challenger in the running for "Biggest Douchebag of 2010": 37-year-old Jody Lynn Bennett of Mentcle, PA.

Bennett is wanted by state police in conjunction with the theft of a Game Boy, Game Boy Light, and three games from the casket of Bradley "Boog" David-McCombs Jr., 17, who died Saturday when he flipped his SUV while on the way to pick up a relative for holiday festivities.

The suspect reportedly swiped the handheld and accessories from McCombs' casket during a public visitation at a funeral home, and fled after being confronted.

Bennett's aunt, Dianna Bennett, said that her family was friends with the McCombs and that they felt "mortified" by what had happened. According to the elder Bennett, the suspect was very troubled. "He has been into drugs, he's into alcohol. He's just messed up."

Yes, Ms. Bennett, I think we can agree that adding horrible insult to injury by stealing from the casket of a dead teenager who was killed on a holiday is pretty messed up, thanks.

(WPXI, via G4TV)


For once, I'm glad the USA allows guns...

How do people like this exist? =\ Doing somthing like that in unthinkable.

Makes me think of the ancient Egyptians. Was the Gameboy for use in the afterlife? What would pharoahs be buried with today?

For once, I'm glad the USA allows guns...

It's not big enough for the death penalty, but you just know this guy is gonna get shot.

Not to say that I approve of what this guy did (over a Gameboy...really?), I nonetheless eagerly await the many pages of moralistic outrage over this.

How do people like this exist? =\ Doing somthing like that in unthinkable.


a new gameboy nowadays costs, what, $20?

why would you want to steal one

okay, seriously now, leaving all the "stealing" aside, why would ANYBODY open a casket of a dead person for a fucking handheld?

fuck that

why would anybody open a dead person's casket?

it just don't make no sense

and it's disrespectful to the family

cut off his balls, I say

Double post, please ignore

Wow that's just down right low and dirty. When we buried my grand father we placed a book of matches, a pack of his favourite smokes, and a flask of his favourite whiskey in there, if anyone had stolen those things from his coffin I'm sure I'd be sitting in jail right now for assault at very least.

Just to answer the smart asses who will no doubt comment on the "waste" ahead of time, burying things with people has a very very long history, I doubt most, if any of us, today believe, even if we believe in the afterlife, that they need or could access said items after dead, that's not the point, it's the same as the funeral it isn't about the dead person, it's about making the living feel better.

As terrible as that is, am I the only one wondering why the teen's gameboy and accessories were in the casket with him? Were those his most treasured possessions? He most likely didn't have a will at that age, and nobody wanted them so the family thought to put them in there with him to be buried...

that's all I can come up with.

That is beyond horrible to hear.

I hope the man is found and suffer greatly for this.

Not cool, man. A bad enough tragedy that one so young had to die in this, the happiest time of the year. And then this asshole decides, in front people who came to mourn, no less, STEAL FROM THE CASKET. Forget that it was just a Gameboy, that's not important. Yes, he's apparently on drugs and alcohol, but that's not an excuse.

That guy is ass-scum, man! There's certain things that you just don't do, and stealing from the dead is one of them! At least in reality, that is.

Ugh...Something like this really had to ruin my happy mood...

I thought the guy that stole from the sick kids was fucked up but this might even top that.

Good for him, keep those gameboys in circulation, keep the economy going.

If he wanted to play the gameboy that badly, he should have just downloaded an emulator.

For once, I'm glad the USA allows guns...

So that a crazy guy like that can walk around with one? O_o

... Wow, just wow, when you think there are some decent people out there, pricks like this come along.

Couldn't they have at least given him a DS?

I think this calls for an epic facepalm. Someone help us out!

Seriously though, this is pretty damn effed up. Who does something like that?

It was the ear piece that did it, he couldn't resist the temptation. When I die, I'll be buried with my X-box controller.

The Great JT:
That guy is ass-scum, man! There's certain things that you just don't do, and stealing from the dead is one of them! At least in reality, that is.

If you killed the guy in QTA, then you get to call dibs.

They knew his life was going to travel a dark path when they named him "Jody Lynn."

I'm just sayin'

My mother asked me the other day, "Markus, why do you always lose faith in humanity so quickly."

I can now, with a grim look, send her the link to this page, and she will fully understand.

Wow.... This makes me ashamed to live in Pennsylvania.

Still, I dont care how troubled you are. whats is the logical reasoning to stealing out dated gameboys from a casket. I'm not saying it would be any better if it was a DS lite that was stolen, but still.

*Long line of words, of which 93% are swears*

Its not the fact its a gameboy that pisses me off, the poor kid is dead, and this prick is SWIPING that stuff from his fucking coffin!?

Wow, just fucking wow.

What "wonderful" news to read about right after waking up.

Weird how this piece of news actually makes me feel bad while the one about the guy stealing consoles from kids with cancer didn't.

This asshole better get caught.


Most funerals are open casket. So he wouldnt have had to really open it. I know when a relative of mine died recently, my aunt (cause they were really close) put in a small necklace that was the deceased's favorite.

This guy is seriously lame, but I must disagree with the implication of the OP's comment that it's on the same level of arsehole-ism as the guy stealing from the cancerous kids.

for those wondering why he swiped them considering the guy was on drugs he more than likely swiped them to pawn them off for more drugs...just my guess but everyone I've known with drug problems do that alot...doesn't matter what it is if it isn't nailed down they will try to pawn it

words and shit

yeah, didn't thought about that

but my point stands

though I made a little more thinking, and realized that the gameboy light one sort of makes sense

I mean, it's a japanese exclusive gameboy pocket that has back-light and it's a very rare item, so he could sell it for a lot of money if he knows HOW and WHO to sell it to

but then again, robbing off a dead person's casket is just pointless and quite little humane at all

Wait... why did he have a game boy in his casket in the first place?

That makes no fucking sense. There weren't any games on the old GB worth swiping, antique shops won' pay more than $10 for them, and there were also witnesses.
Honestly you'd think someone who would steal games would borrow from the games and do it well. If Agent 47 were real, he'd blow this dudes balls off for being such an idiot.
...oh yeah, i'd better say that stealing from the dead is wrong before some schmuck pisses into my mailbox.

I'm ashamed to live is the same state as this asshole, even if it is on the other side of the state. Wish there was a profile of the guy released; I know I'd jump him if I saw him on the street.

It's not like the kid was using his Gameboys. They were just going to go to waste. What are we, Egyptians who need food and entertainment interred with us so we also get them in the afterlife?

Holy shit, that's a level of douche baggery that I've never seen in single person before. I thought you needed at least three dudes to get that much douche in one room.

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