Tiger Woods Absent From Tiger Woods 12 Box Art

Tiger Woods Absent From Tiger Woods 12 Box Art


Is EA officially distancing itself from the infamously philandering golfer?

Looking at the big picture, this sort of thing is almost comical in a way: Almost exactly a year ago, EA Sports' Peter Moore said that EA would stand by Tiger Woods after the golfer's inability to keep his little 9-iron in his pants became a liability to his sponsors. The scandal wouldn't affect sales of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, said Moore. But then it did, and EA CEO John Riccitiello said that Tiger was only a good mascot as long as he was the best golfer in the world - not a golfer playing as poorly as he had been.

Today we got our first look at the box art for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, and guess who isn't on it? Rather, EA's focus this time around is on the Masters Tournament, one of golf's most storied events.

"This year's iteration of the game is all about celebrating the Masters and the inclusion of the historic Augusta National Golf Course in the game," EA told Eurogamer, "[and] the box art is a direct reflection of that celebration. We want consumers to experience the rich history of the tournament and having one of the most iconic holes in golf (No 12 - Golden Bell) makes the cover art instantly recognizable to a broad spectrum of gamers and golf fans." Also, hole no. 12 - Golden Bell - was never involved in a public scandal of infidelity and intoxication.

In all fairness, Tiger Woods could still be on the cover. I mean, there's a golfer there, right? He's just kind of small, and caught in shadow, and facing away from the camera - so it's kind of hard to tell who he is. It could be Tiger Woods, or it could be an athlete who hasn't embarrassed his corporate sponsors by whipping it out one too many times.

Just sayin'.



Oh how the mighty have fallen. But ESPN and other sports outlets still like to talk about him like the Golden Child of Golf.

Well, I can't really blame EA. Tiger is just too "damaged" PR-wise to be a wise move, yet the name recognition for the game is still there. Guess they should be thankful they never named a game after Brett Favre, either.

Also, thanks for the added info on Golden Bell. I find it interesting seeing what sports consider their most famous places. Ask me what the most iconic hole in golf is, though, and I would've told you the clown's nose that wins you a free game at the local Slurpee Freeze 'n Putt Putt.

The far away golfer does look like Tiger Woods.

And they still have his name in the title.

But, hey... still backing him up, EA? I don't see it.

OMG, a picture of someone actually playing golf as opposed to more facetime for tiger? Grab the torch and pitchfork.

I wonder if it is Move compatible? That may be why it doesn't have Tiger on the cover. Don't want players getting confused on how to use the controller...

They said, "let's focus on the positive, not the negative", but their selection on emphasizes the negative by its omission.

That's not just 'comical in a way' to me, that's hillarious. It's dilbert-like in its approach. The execs want to keep the series, but want to eat that cake too. They can't have it both ways, but they want to try because they're out of ideas. Pure comedy.

Personally, I like that cover better, it focuses more on the game than any one individual.

Plus I think that is Tiger teeing off, so technically he IS still on the cover...I think.

That's obviously Tiger. The clothes and body type match up.

@thegreatjt your right, it should be more about the game (even if it is a boring one) but I think EA are trying just to avoid the jokes about the new tiger woods game letting you go around smashing your SUV into a tree outside your house after you slept with a whore by making it about the masters.

Hideous cover.

Hideous cover.

Agreed. Just...everything about it hurts the eyes in my opinion. Bright Yellow all over...really takes away from the rest of what's going on...which is people playing golf.

That's obviously Tiger. The clothes and body type match up.

I agree, but it is funny that he is placed so your eye goes over him. See tiger we got you on the cover we just put 4-7 items that will grab the persons attention before they see you. It is kinda like a where's waldo and those still sell even after his sex scandal(s).

That box art is terrible, not that I think they should plaster more of Woods' face on it. If they wanted to show a golf hole then they shouldn't have put a huge flag in the way! Most of the hole is covered up by the usual stuff that ruins other game art alike, so don't add to it. At least the blinding yellow of the flag makes a change from the usual white cover of EA sports titles.

The cover is nice. I think that it makes sense that an embarrassing golfer who is losing a lot recently shouldn't be entitled to the cover.

I'm tired of this whole Tiger Woods cheating on his wife thing being blown out of proportion. He's a golfer, not a role-model for relationships. People need to stop focusing on his love life and acting all high and mighty. If he's not on the cover it should be because his golf game hasn't been good in a while, not because "he can't keep it in his pants". Besides are we really all that surprised? He's a celebrity who cheated on his partner...ooh someone call an ambulance I think I just had a heart attack from shock /sarcasm

Also who plays golf video games?

the Cover made be laugh XD man first they 'threaten' the get rid of him, now they say they'll keep him. bipolar EA! heh


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