Puzzle Quest Dev Really Gets Owned

Puzzle Quest Dev Really Gets Owned


Two of the best indie developers around are teaming up to form an even bigger, better studio.

Firemint and Infinite Interactive have some well-deserved reputations for quality indie games across just about every platform. The two developers have made some of the best-reviewed games across just about every major platform including iPhone, PC, 360, PS3, PSP, DS and Wii. Now, they're joining forces, as it turns out that Firemint has purchased Infinite Interactive.

The companies are combining to form an even bigger/more effective independent developer that will "[work] exclusively on self-published original games." It turns out that the two groups have been thinking about such a merger for a while.

According to Firemint's Rob Murray, "[Infinite Interactive founder Steve Fawkner] and I have been talking about working together for a long time, and I remember him showing me an early version of Puzzle Quest. This inspired me to make a game during my own holidays two years later, which was Flight Control -- and now, another two years later, we've finally found a way to work together!"

The developers are both based out of Australia, and Infinite is expected to merge into Firemint's recently expanded Melbourne offices. Sounds like PopCap might be facing some major competition in the near future.

Source: Firemint via Joystiq


Merges usually suck, but this sounds like a good one. Looking forward to their first game.

Hell, does this article even NEED text? The picture sums it up perfectly.

Nobody is going to get ANYTHING done EVER again

I didn't play Flight Control (I did buy it on sale and I'm afraid to start it), but Puzzle Quest is hands down one of the most addicting games I've ever played. Even Galactrix was quite playable for me. I've actually avoided playing PQ2 because I'm worried I'll get stuck on that one for a while.

Puzzle Flight: Quest for Control!

Merges usually suck, but this sounds like a good one. Looking forward to their first game.

A lot of merges aren't really merges, just one company consuming another for fun and/or profit. If both companies really are out to work together from day one then it could create some good stuff.

Puzzle Flight: Quest for Control!

Shit just got real, dawg...

OT: Scary thought when two companies that have mastered the "addicting game" team up. Not sure I want this to happen, but that little gamer voice in my head demands it to be so.

All my spare time is suddenly gone...

I don't care about puzzle games so in the middle of reading the article, I thought... Why am I reading this? Oh yeah, the title! Awesome title of the article! Thumbs up.

Puzzle Flight: Quest for Control!

This title... It is the title to end all titles.

Sounds like a good one indeed. I approve of the merger.

Awesome, one of the reasons I liked the puzzle quest games was because of the setting. It was based on an old turn based strategy called Warlords, a game which I played religiously up until the 3rd one and then after that they got sucky.

Great news, as Puzzle Quest was awesome!
I have it on XBLA and gave my dad a CD-ROM copy for his birthday one or two years ago.

Now make more awesome games, you guys!

What a wonderful thing to her. Now, let's hope for more of these addictive yet good games :D


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