Videogame Investment Helps Ease Texas Unemployment

Videogame Investment Helps Ease Texas Unemployment


The videogame industry has bolstered the Texan economy with the creation of nearly 2,000 new jobs.

A report from the Texas comptroller of public accounts says that the videogame industry has created more full time jobs over the last two years than any other moving image entertainment industry in the state. The report also noted that the incentive scheme that the state had set up in 2007 had played a significant role in encouraging that growth.

The report showed that the videogame industry had created 1,700 new, full-time jobs in Texas between April 2009 and August 2010, aided by the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program, which offers grants to movie and TV productions, videogames and anything else that qualifies, in exchange for bringing their business to Texas.

Texas comptroller Susan Combs said that in 2009 alone, the videogame industry had spent nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in the state, which - along with the thousands of people the industry employed - had had a positive economic impact, both on a statewide and on a local level. She also noted that Texas was one of the first states to offer such incentives to the industry. It certainly won't be the last, however, as other states, including Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina, are starting up similar schemes of their own.

ESA Head Michael D. Gallagher said that report's findings were a great example of the positive effects that investing in the videogame sector could have, and praised both Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature for their vision.

Source: ESA via Game Politics


Holy crap. Texas managed to do something right. This IS news.

(Note: I am from Texas, I have the right to insult it. Nobody get huffy on me.)

This should have been shown to all the politicians with their head stuck up their ass, whom believes that games are all bad.
Well done by Texas this..

It's a rare thing that anyone praises Rick Perry for anything. But ya, who knows where I'd be working if this wasn't true.

I wonder if any of those 2,000 people got jobs working on Bioware's Star Wars The Old Republic in Austin? I think when the game comes out there are a lot of new tasks and roles they need done.

I live in Austin Texas. I drive by some of those studios on the way to work sites.

Holy crap. Texas managed to do something right. This IS news.

(Note: I am from Texas, I have the right to insult it. Nobody get huffy on me.)

To be fair, Texas has been a major center for video game development for as long as video games have really mattered. Dallas for example is home to Gearbox, the remnants of Relic Id and was host to 3D Realms. Austin is home to Retro, and Twisted Pixel (and a dozen smaller concerns).


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