Watch and Weep: DragonStrike's 1993 Video Tutorial

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Watch and Weep: DragonStrike's 1993 Video Tutorial

If you thought Jeremy Irons chewed up the scenery in the Dungeons & Dragons movie, just wait until you see the actors in this video.

Dungeons & Dragons is somewhat notorious for having terrible movies associated with the franchise, but folks don't realize just how far back that legacy extends. Many people know of the so-bad-it's-good movie from 2000 and its even more terrible sequel. As it turns out, TSR released this gem on VHS along with the board game DragonStrike and it's so cheesy that it could probably feed a family for quite some time.

The video was designed to serve as an intro and tutorial to the game, which was based on a simplified version of D&D. It features some horrid dialogue, ridiculous costumes, cringe-worthy acting, and some hysterical 1990s CGI and animated backgrounds.

On top of all this, Wikipedia states that the video isn't even an accurate reflection of the game itself: "The method by which the players in the video play the game bears only a moderate resemblance to the actual game as described in the official rulebook."

The movie is just over a half hour long, which means that it's the perfect way to start your next Bad Movie Night. You can try to watch it all the way through on your own, but, honestly, it kind of hurts if you try to do so (due to all the times you smack your forehead).

Source: io9


too late, the avgn did it already. lol

Heh, I actually played the game once, though we didn't watch this... gem.

Hey! Spoony did this!

Thanks to James Rolfe aka Board James aka AVGN i have seen that and laughed at it silliness. But i appreciate the cheap laugh again though.

seems like y'all forgot good old Mazes and Monsters, with the ever-lovely Tom Hanks

I got as far as the fight scene.

It was... embarrassingly bad.

When I was a kid my friend had the game Dragonstrike. I'm embarrassed to say we watched the movie more than we actually played the game because we thought it was "cool." Ah the folly of youth.

I watched this video growing up and adored it, in all it's awfulness.

It was also written by Flint Dille, the same guy who wrote the original Transformers movie, and the first Uncharted game.

seems like y'all forgot good old Mazes and Monsters, with the ever-lovely Tom Hanks

"Mazes and Monsters" actually has a somewhat legitimate excuse though, because it's very loosely based on real events.

The problem is that Gary Gygax was apparently questioned about those events and was extremely flippant about the answers he gave, and apparently wound up antagonizing a lot of people while thinking he was simply generating publicity. He didn't understand how many people's eyes were on the incident at the time. What he reportedly said though was supposed to have been taken well out of context though.

The real events inspired the BOOK "Mazes and Monsters" (A Novel)

Which in turn lead to the development of the Tom Hanks movie, and a lot of misunderstandings based around some things from that book being taken seriously (and even saw things like entirely fictitious letters being used as evidence to support the connections).

I routinely caution people in the fandom communities to be VERY careful how they defend their hobbies, whether it be PnP RPGs, or Computer Games, because there are two sides to every story and the side your not on will almost invariably have some legitimate points or a grain of truth in what they are saying, especially if it's a big (ongoing) issue. By mocking the other side because you think your right, all you do is pour gas on the fire and actually make yourself look foolish, and your position as being unapprochable.


At any rate for those who (hopefully) read this far, the best BAD movie inspired by RPGs is actually not "Mazes and Monsters" which tended to be realistic. Oh no, let's not forget that we've seen an actual, bona-fide horror movie made out of the idea:

Their review probably captures it best and gives a synopsis (Wiki only has a stub that I can find). I've watched this, and yes, it's as they say.

There was also an episode of "Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues" with people playing an ancient chinese RPG-type game (actually sort of like Talisman, for those familiar with it) which is actually a device through which a long-dead sorceror attempts to possess people and resurrect himself.

But really, if you ever have a bad movie night with a bunch of gamers, I whole heartedly recommend "Skullduggery", it's both awful and amusing. I think Rotten Tomatos gave it like 3%.

too late, the avgn did it already. lol

Spoony did it first.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a wise and noble head floating in a dark oblivion.

I guess this video is the next best thing.

I had this game....watching the vid for the first time was interesting, because I looked at the game, and the vid, then the game, and was like "this....the vid was made before final production wasn't it? Cause barely a damn thing matches up, especially not the miniatures". The miniatures in the vid were way more detailed than the production models.

AVGN and Spoony beat ya to it I'm afriad.


"Mazes and Monsters" actually has a somewhat legitimate excuse though, because it's very loosely based on real events.

In the same way that The Philadelphia Experiment was based on true events...

Totally made-up excuse for something that never happened, and then over-dramatised in a horrible film that set out specifically to attack the demon of the time.

In fact, about as "true" as Faux News report on the "unbridled virtual sex" of Mass Effect.

"Please cast your pause VCR spell now."

Priceless...I actually enjoyed that video somehow...perhaps slight memories of my DnD days...

I had this when I was a teenager. It was pretty fun for what it was. We were already playing AD&D though, so it was a short lived novelty. Hero Quest was better.

Yes we know Spoony and Board James mocked these without mercy (Spoony's was far better, if only because he did it for the whole movie) but it's still cheesy fun.

And yes, it was written by a pair of stupid orcs (I checked, it's not racist!).

I remember reading ads for this in my comic books. "It's a video! It's a game! It's DRAGONSTRIKE!"

Even when I was a little kid, and therefore kinda dumb, I thought it looked a little ridiculous.

Interesting to say the least. I've never even played this and I never want to.

I got this when I was like, ten, and I watched the video over and over because of how awesome I thought it was. I know now that it's lame, but this video is probably the main reason I now play tabletop RPGs.

Well now I want to go watch Spoony's video

God.. I remember this. I owned this when i was an early teen. It was basically my introduction into the world of D&D. So much so when I played my first game of D&D I was kinda stunned there was no board and was perpelexed by all this card nonsense.

It was alright, but honestly, I didnt really have enough people to play it with or people with enough patience to try and figure it out.

I was so nostalgic, that I looked this up on amazon and the thing sells supposedly new for 250$ I might be nostalgic, but not 250$ worth.

There was also another game similar to this that came out at about the same time with a large playmat about the size of a round dinner table, divided into hexagons and had miniatures. The game played sort of like a primitive RTS. Would love to know what that game was called now.

Just watch the spooney one riff on this instead of watching the actual video. One of his better works.

This was the perfect game (as an 8 year old, it was my older brother's) to just completely disregard the rules and screw around and have fun with. When my brother and his friends decided to actually play for real they would start out by watching the VHS (the video shown in that youtube link) and by the time it was over we would play for about 5 minutes and go play something else or go outside lol. I still think we have the box in our basement somewhere.

Recently, I showed this video to my college friends. It's very funny/quotable.

Awwwwww! I wanted to be the Dragon Master

: (

Spoony One riffs on Dragonstrike:


Old news are old.

Ahh yes....i remember casting the "pause" spell several times before.

But not with Dragon Strike,i didn't cast pause spell on it,i casted EJECT spell on it.

I... can't... stop... watching... too... much... cheese...

Seriously though, I watched the whole thing and I tought it was pretty funny, I laughed so hard in parts anyone else would cringe and slap their foreheads.

I think I'm in love with 80's and early 90's cheesiness.

too late, the avgn did it already. lol

I've never cared for the AVGN. For some reason, his angry swearing just doesn't have the well placed impact that Yahtzee's does. Where I find Yahtzee funny, AVGN just gets on my nerves some. So this is new to me. Man, I love some bad movies like that...but I just couldn't watch it now.

Bookmarking this for later. Thanks guys.

The movie is not all that bad if you treat it as a video-manual. I mean how many board games come with a video tutorial?
P.S.: The warrior looks more lika a barbarian or a member of the Manowar band. The rogue is pretty hot, though.

It uses the most powerful information processor in the world, your brain.

You can tell how old it is by this line.

Actually, that was pretty entertaining.

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