World of StarCraft Modder Gets a Job Offer

World of StarCraft Modder Gets a Job Offer


The modder behind the World of StarCraft MMO says he's working with Blizzard to get the project back on track, and in the meantime he's also been offered a job by League of Legends studio Riot Games.

Things have been moving pretty quickly for Ryan Winzen, the project lead on the fan-made World of StarCraft MMO. It was only a couple of days ago that we first heard about the game; the next day, Activision forced WoS "pre-alpha" videos off of YouTube by way of a copyright complaint. But today, things are looking up again.

"The Deputy General Council from Blizzard contacted me last night to discuss the details of the World of Starcraft project," Winzen wrote in the latest "Cyberspace Poopstorm" update. "We talked for a while and apparently some people from Blizz were concerned I was developing the game somehow outside of SC2." The name, as expected, is also an issue, so Winzen said he's now trying to get Blizzard to allow either StarCraft Universe, which is already being used by another project, or StarCraft Chronicles. He also emphasized that he bears the company no ill will, saying, "They DO in fact own a copyright on World of Starcraft and have EVERY RIGHT to do what they did."

And while that side of the story slowly unfolds, a new twist has developed. Winzen was contacted by Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, and offered a shot with the studio. He said it's not a "100 percent guaranteed thing" and that he'll still have to make his way through the application process and testing, but Riot Design Director Tom Cadwell confirmed on the League of Legends forum that the offer had been extended.

"When I see a modder with a lot of drive that has done something cool, I tend to contact them. I shot him an email recently asking if he was interested in exploring an opportunity here," Cadwell wrote. "As to what comes of that, who knows -- that depends on the mutual fit and his own goals."

A bumpy ride with a potential happy ending on the horizon is not a bad outcome at all but despite all the excitement and uproar over the past few days, Winzen still has a StarCraft MMO in his sights. "Mille25 and I are going to discuss the possible fusion of his StarCraft Universe project today with mine, and we'll see what happens," he wrote. "But regardless I know that an instance-based StarCraft MMO will happen someway, somehow, eventually - within StarCraft 2."


Very cool. Its good to see people with talent scouted for jobs that they most definitely need and deserve.

My first thought was "BY BLIZZARD?!" and then I read Riot, and I was disappointed.

It's nice that he got a job out of it. I'm asking myself: Why not Blizzard?

I said in a post yesterday that Blizzard should hire him, I thought I was right when I saw the title, then I read it was Riot who wanted him...almost..xD

We talked for a while and apparently some people from Blizz were concerned I was developing the game somehow outside of SC2

Some of those higher-ups really have no clue how their own games work, it seems.

...Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

I'm impressed that Blizzard didn't blindly set their lawyers on this guy, as you might expect a company that size to do. Hope he can work something out... and if I was him I'd definitely hold out for a job offer from them.

I'm rather pleased and impressed that they didn't just flat out sic their lawyers on the poor guy and instead he got a job offer. :D

o they own the copyrights to World of Starcraft?! OMG THEY ARE MAKING IT! time for some rampant speculations to run amok! I mean Starcraft 2 was a myth for a good 7-8 years before it was confirmed ;)

well good for you sir. Look forward to playing your custom game.

Hmmm.... Seems like only yesterday, commenters over at Ars Technica were bashing the guy for his naivety. Oh yeah, it WAS only yesterday...

Some of the best game designers have been pulled from mod pools.
It's just a shame that most of them end up with jobs that actively stifle their talents with endless contracts, mandates, and busywork.

Say what you want about Blizzard and WoW, they know how to treat their fans.

Between Ezra being put into the game, red shirt guy being put into the game, and this, they really understand their community.

For a comparison, here's how Nintendo would have approached the situation:

1.) Send a cease and desist letter before even reading the entirety of the TITLE of the mod.
2.) Round up all the employees who ask "why did we shut that mod down?"
3.) Fire said employees out of a cannon into the sun.
4.) Release a new Wii Sports game.
5.) ??? (Possibly human trafficking ring)
6.) PROFIT!!!

EDIT: It seems Blizzard wasn't the one to offer the job, well, at least they didn't shut it down for absolutely no reason. That's right, I'm looking at you Nintendo. (Can't post pictures of Pokemon from already released games? REALLY!?)

My first thought was "BY BLIZZARD?!" and then I read Riot, and I was disappointed.

I really think that it's awesome that Riot offered them a job. My respect for them increases as they do more cool things such the Tribunal (I'm really anticipating to see where this goes) while Blizzard starts to look like a corporation with too much money.

Zileas is one of the few mods who doesn't constantly troll the LoL forums (I'm looking at YOU Guinsoo). I think most escapee's heads would explode trying to wade through content there compared to our nicely moderated site..

Hope he gets the job. I wouldn't mind working for Riot games even though the community is full of ass hats, well not everyone, but you run into the ass hats most of the time :P

Good for him.

I wish more games would allow people to mod them, that way more people can show their talents and it would just be great for everyone.

Glad to see they didn't kill the project.

So, I was at least HALF right in that he got some legal issues to the face, non? The name was IP enough to warrant a call from counsel.

Shame on Activision Blizzard for not unleashing a ravenous pack of lawyers on this guy and, instead, offering him the possibility of a job. Sets a bad precedent. And it's not good for ravenous lawyers, either.

First thought, wow Activision/Blizzard have finally realized that being a dick to moders isn't smart and that Valve has a real smart plan on how to deal with them.

AFTER reading the article, well it's sort of a good ending, right?

Well deserved. Hopefully the person will be a asset for Blizzard one way or another!

ew riot. the company that thinks filling a game with stuns/holds without diminishing returns is a good idea. Heres hoping he doesn't take their offer.


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