X-Men Director Hates "Leaked" Movie Photo

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Raven's Nest:

Fassbender seems like a reasonable choice but Mcavoy just looks totally out of place here. Star Trek's Zachary Quintos would have been a considerably better choice for Xavior in my opinion...

Zachary Quinto's eyebrows. Charles Xavier's eyebrows. Think about it, the pieces fall into place. Good call sir.

If the final customs are going to be anything like this utter shit, then there's no hope left.

So. X-Men 3 was fail-tastic. We all know the best way to kill someone you love quickly and painlessly is a deep stab to the gut when the heart or spinal cord would've been WAY too painful and slow... (sarcasm)

Leave the lore issue out of it and it still failed based on basic plausibility.

Props, however, to the last scene with magneto jiggling the chess piece in the park. That was well shot, had emotional depth, and perhaps one of the better endings to a movie I had ever seen.

Yeah he should have stuck with the unofficial pics. The official ones are by far worse. What did magneto go blind or does he just dress in the dark? I am severely underwhelmed now.

It would be so nice if someone finally made a classic superhero movie without the costumes.

Onyx Oblivion:
What was so bad about X-Men 3 again?

I thought it was perfectly fine...

Not as good as 1 or 2. But still good.

What do I know, though?

I actually liked X-Men: Evolution, too.

Evolution was great. my only criticism is they didn't use the original, amazing theme tune.

and i liked The Last Stand, i actually think it's the best one.

none of the pics of the new one fill me with much hope. Magneto's costume looks cheap and almost like a fancy dress costume.

Lenny Magic:
Hmm... still not looking all that great, but these are just early shots so I shall judge not until final product I do see.

the helmet without the cape just makes Fassbender look like a dork.

Disaster Button:
I think Magneto looks a little... well, dumb in that picture. His helmet just seems like a cheap prop someone would wear for dress-up.

Also agreed.




Those costumes look really fucking disgusting. And, only Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan can pull off the Magneto/X duo. At least, in my opinion.

Yea I agree. Only one actor should ever play one role for all eternity.

OT: James Mcavoy is a good actor imo, I think this movie should be fun. Bad pictures mean nothing.

But...But Xavier shouldn't have HAIR! :0
Meh, I'm an X-man junkie, they introduced me to Marvel, so I'm really looking fowards to them.
And is that supposed to be Emma Frost in the "leaked Image?"

Yeah, both of those bugged me too. Xavier is bald, always has been since he was in middle school or something... and Frost was a bad guy for the longest time. Either that or they made storm white. Ill leave it up to you to decide which is less acceptable.

Liking Mags helmet tho, and the blue-yellow costume too. They honestly dont look that bad in the picture. Mags needs a cape tho. Hes always had one, and he needs one to really go with the helmet.

But not liking Xavier. At all.


STOP! You violated the law!

That helmet looks utter shite.

Please not another x-men movie, as if the last two weren't bad enough. The costumes looked terrible but I suppose I should at least give it a chance to prove itself. Honestly though no one can replace Patrick/Ian as X/Magneto.

A little off topic but didn't they somehow give the idea that the prof. was still alive at the end of X-men 3. I thought I saw something like it after the credits.

But...But Xavier shouldn't have HAIR! :0

My boyfriend said the exact same thing. He had a slight moment of nerd rage. I seriously hope James Mcavoy's acting can make up for him having beautiful brown locks.

Good to hear that that terrible photo doing the rounds is not even approved by the director; gives me hope.

I have some serious doubts that Fassbender and McAvoy will top Sir McKellen and Stewart's performances. I enjoy the work of both actors, but them's some big shoes to fill...

How about we all just watch the movie and stop collectively freaking the hell out over random photos and stills. Things taken out of context never make sense (case in point, very first image of the Joker in "The Dark Knight").

Of course they look like props, they are props. Things gain resonance and symbolic strangth through narrative, Excalibur was a sword, Mjolnir was a hammer, and Grass Cutter was a katana, they are elements of a story. And considering how little is known about the movie (I had forgotten it was coming out) railing against it is silly.

Also having a young version of a character have hair gives a lot of credit to the audience, remember "Star Trek: Nemesis"? Why did the clone need to have his head shaved? Why did the picture of Picard in the academy need him to be bald? Because the studio thinks we are stupid.

You should give credit to the creative teams for making steps toward a fresh new look rather than retreading things. Stagnation would set in.

Onyx Oblivion:
What was so bad about X-Men 3 again?

I thought it was perfectly fine...

Not as good as 1 or 2. But still good.

What do I know, though?

I actually liked X-Men: Evolution, too.

Bryan Singer made 1 and 2 and had a good story going. The biggest problem with 3 to me was Halle Berry. I heard many stories about how she was going to walk off the set if she didn't get more screen time and then she also lost the accent which was weird. I didn't hate it but didn't like it as much as 1 or 2. Also This doesn't look half bad. It would be cool if they have it end with Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen talking or Hugh Jackman show up as wolverine. Done correctly this movie could be good.

X-Men movies aren't that old, why are they remaking it already with actor's that don't look the part and costumes that should have the designers shot for? Gah they've lost the plot

Long-ish post

This very much reflects my thoughts. X-Men 3 was to me, above all, HUGE disappointment. Instead of doing Phoenix- or Cure-stories justice, they were shoe-horned together. And instead of giving more screentime to characters like Juggernaut or Colossus, they had to provide that to Magneto's black-leather crew with non-existant personalities.

I actually enjoyed Origins: Wolverine, but I just adopted the mindset, that there's no connection to the trilogy and that it is its' own being.

OT: All that the pictures evoke in me is: meh.

Thank God they are fake cause I DID NOT RECOGNIZE ANYONE in it. Except the obvious ones. Saying the pics sucked is an understatement. This is something you see for a bad TV series.

Disaster Button:
I think Magneto looks a little... well, dumb in that picture. His helmet just seems like a cheap prop someone would wear for dress-up. Xavier looks great though.

Pretty much exactly how I feel. That said, the previous actors did an excellent job. I'm not 'hardcore' enough to think that change is inherently a bad thing though, as long as it's done well. Colour me interested.

Hmm. New ones look just as ugly, but less photoshop-ed. Either way, I don't feel even a sliver of interest.

Vaughn and McAvoy are both criminally underrated, so I've got nothing but good expectations for this film.

I like how close to the comic that magneto helmet is (although could do with a paint job) but it does need the cape. Xavier looks like a vagrant with a migraine, but I enjoyed him in 'Wanted' so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
I personally hope this film goes some way towards erasing the memory of Bryan Singers awful attempts at Wolverine fan service. (Brett Ratner to his credit tried to give the franchise his sense of fun, but the damage was already done.)
They had arguably the most popular Marvel franchise, with two of the finest Shakespearean actors on the planet, in the roles of two of Marvels most intelligently designed characters, and they decide to centre the film around two 'popular', yet less important' characters, with all of the back story that made them interesting taken out.

Don't even get me started on the S&M costumes; "What would you prefer, yellow spandex?" I for one replied "Fuck yes."

Swearing doesn't make you appear more sincere or committed, Mr. Vaughn.

As for the so called better pictures: That Magneto shot was first picture I saw, and it is fucking horrendous. Translating the X-Men into live-action with their original outfits is going to fail beyond believe.

Seriously, that second photo says "I see you naked inside my head".

Two observations:

#1 - Context is probably everything for the Magneto image: The helmet fits awkwardly and is clearly a (more comics-accurate as a shout-out) prototype to the one we've seen him wear "later" as an old man, he's PISSED about something, and he's wearing what's evidently the X-Men's "field uniform" under his jacket. Since we know this is a prequel about Magneto and Xavier founding the X-Men and then "breaking up" over ideology, one is given to conclude that what we're looking at is a portion of that "break-up" moment - i.e. "Screw you, Charles! I'm out, and you can't stop me cuz check out my helmet that cancels out your powers!"

#2 - Obviously Prof. X will have hair for most of the movie, so he can lose it in some big dramatic moment and everyone can go "oh, THAT'S how that happened..."

The Stonker:




Those costumes look really fucking disgusting. And, only Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan can pull off the Magneto/X duo. At least, in my opinion.

Didn't Patrick kinda get blown up in X-men 3? Or is this movie about the past?

But anywho I would love to see Ricky Gervais as a X-men mutant.
Think of the hillarities!
But back to the topic, yes the costumes are disgusting, the makeup looks like it was splurted on and they look like mole people.

Since Magneto look so young, I think it is the past. At least part of it.




Those costumes look really fucking disgusting. And, only Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan can pull off the Magneto/X duo. At least, in my opinion.

Yeah, a truly matched battle of the wits.

Dunno whether McAvoy can pull off the worldly, sageness of the Prof, and the helmet looks awful doofy on the new Magneto.

The offical photos look as bad/worse than the original one.

Magnettos helmet looks too big for his head and it makes his nose look crooked and Xavier just looks like a homeless Richi Rich.

Wow... Magneto looks really really silly...

everything is as it should be...

On the bright side, no one outside of the production staff and their families will consider this canon anyway.

I agree, Mathew Vaughn made some "kick-ass" movies.

I am starting to think the only way I am going to get anything out of this movie is if I think they got turned into babies as what happened to Magneto in the comics.
The guy says he wants to be faithful to the X-Men and yet I can already tell he's making up his own continuity. At the ages portrayed here, Charles and Eric were good friends trying to find meaning to their lives. It wasn't until they found each of their destinies that a schism began to occur.

I am getting a strong vibe that either Fox or Vaughn are trying to play only to the Real World/Twilight/Harry Potter crowd. They are going to discover opening day how small that crowd has shrunken because of overdilution.
What sucks is that when this fails, Fox may decide they have invested enough money in comic book movies.

Wow, those pictures are bloody awful. Why do "we" have faith in this?

...I'm actually excited....I am a die hard X-men fan too! I nearly collected all of the cartoon episodes (You know the one with the kick ass music and Rogue wasn't some little depressed teen but rather a southern chick that had a thing with Gambit.) and I have read the comics.

I hated x-men origins, and three wasn't that good...BUT THE PAST IS THE PAST!

I am looking forward to this, a lot. I actually squealed. Hopefully they can pull it off. They can redeem the X-men franchise if they pull this off. Stop hating until you actually see the movie maaan. Sometimes if you move away from the original a bit (SO WHAT IS PROFESSOR X HAS HAIR?!) it can turn out to be pretty bad ass (Joker from TDK).

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