X-Men Plus Clerks Equals Amazing Amateur Film

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I probably would have liked that film a lot better if it wasn't constantly compared to Kevin Smith/Clerks by the OP. I couldn't help but feel extremely bitter while watching this, especially when these kids kept stumbling all over their lines.

Diablo Cody, maybe, but this doesn't scrape the surface of Kevin Smith's charm at all. At best, this feels more like it's trying to be the Adobe After Effects version of Kick-Ass.

This had some funny parts, but it's definitely not like Kevin Smith. The dialogue in this is self-consciously 'cool,' whereas Smith tends to do vulgar, geeky, or some combination of the two, and comes across like something actual people would say.

Very Misfits.

Which is fine, because Misfits was fucking awesome.

This was pretty cool (Y)

First few minutes were great and really well done. Brilliantly filmed, effects were very good for an indie film. And the last few minutes were also brilliant. But to call the whole thing "amazing" is, well, a bit of an exaggeration.

It wasn't amazing. The beginning in particular reminds me too much of the movie Kick-Ass. Nice VFX shots near the end.

They have to expand this somehow. Let them know about the Escapist! It would be a great addition to the site!

It was great for a random youtube video, although the last bit with time stopping seemed out of place and just thrown in to show off the effects. It started out a lot more promising (I would have enjoyed it more if it was just 4 of them talking shit and trying to procrastinate from doing hero-ish stuff) but it turned out it was just a set-up for fighting sequences. Can't complain though, I enjoyed it.

In terms of effects that thing was pretty awesome

How have I not heard of this before?
This was Awesome!

Pretty awesome effects, it's annoying that this stuff was as good if not better than the majority of the stuff they put it Heroes for a fraction of the expense. But it makes me hopeful for the future of Super hero tv shows.

Also I felt really bad for the Main character, having no powers and having to put up with being around, lets admit it, douche-bags can't be easy. At least he weren't semi-badass with the Hawkeye route.

great sfx terrible writing lol

I kinda can't stand how they're all kids. I'm reminded of the anime X, where the individuals with powers were spread out over a broad spectrum of ages. Beyond that it was all pretty hackneyed. Maybe less nasally actors would have gotten me more involved. Maybe less crappy writing.

That was fun thanks for putting it up for us

The writing and acting were pretty bad, but for an amateur production the effects were impressive. I don't think I'd be willing to watch more of this if it ever got made though.

They have to expand this somehow. Let them know about the Escapist! It would be a great addition to the site!

Or heck! Youtube! InsanityPictures (Yucaipa Fantasy and Blood Menagerie) and katapicture(RPG Parade),they've made good content before. Or even better,send this to machinema,they'd probably like this and pick it up.

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