Wonder Woman Is a Go, But McG Might Direct

Wonder Woman Is a Go, But McG Might Direct


The Charlie's Angels director is a frontrunner to pilot the invisible jet for the new Wonder Woman television show.

It looked like David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman project was dead in the water, but broadcast network NBC picked up the series at the very last minute. Now they're looking for a director to breathe life into the pilot, and director McG is said to be at the top of a very short list.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello says, "Sources confirm to me exclusively that McG has emerged as the odds-on favorite to direct the pilot," and Ausiello's sources are usually correct. McG is better known for his film direction, with projects like Charlie's Angels, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, We Are Marshall, and Terminator Salvation. He's also dipping a toe into the "movies inspired by toys" genre, and is attached to direct a movie inspired by that sleepover staple, the Ouija board.

This all may sound a little disheartening, but McG has directed television pilots before, most recently the premiere episode of Chuck. This Wonder Woman pilot has been yanked all over and isn't even cast yet; getting all worked up about each new development can be exhausting. I'm just going to approach this rumored development with mild trepidation.

Source: TV Line



I think McG did a good job with Charlie's Angles. Unlike the Terminator series, Wonder Woman hasn't already been played out, so he could do a good job with this. I'd be more worried if it was the guy who tried to do Bionic Woman.

No love for Supernatural?

This project will be easy to screw up, lets hope he's up to the job.

I loved his show "Fastlane" as well. An underrated show IMHO.

I am probably expecting it to be horrible, I enjoyed Charlie's Angels as much as I could but I dont have hight hopes.

If you like Wonder Woman though look up the 2009 animated movie, it is really good.

How has the Terminator series been 'played out', exactly?
Joseph McGinty Nichol, also known as the middle-aged former record industry producer styling himelf 'McG', is the guy who turned Terminator: Salvation into one of the worst Hollywood films of the last decade.
I wouldn't pay him to film a children's party but how does that make Terminator 'played out'?

I tend to like things McG is involved with, so this might work out :)

McG was involved with Supernatural, and that turned out ok.

I have hope.



A little bit...

As much as people love Charlie's Angels, I wouldn't want to see Wonder Woman become a clone of it. It would be really sad if Wonder Woman got a show in 2011 and it revolved solely around the fact that she's a skinny white woman, instead of a capable super hero.


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