First Details Emerge for Demon's Souls Follow-Up

First Details Emerge for Demon's Souls Follow-Up

From Software says that it's keeping the difficultly level as high as ever for Demon's Souls spiritual successor.

The first hard details about From Software's newest project, Dark Souls, have emerged courtesy of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The game, which was previously known as Project Dark, is a multiplatform, spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, with a few tweaks and updates.

Dark Souls has a similar gameplay goal to its predecessor, and players will have to learn from their mistakes in order to proceed. From says the game will be just as tricky as Demon's Souls, so players can expect those mistakes to include a large number of deaths. Fortunately, players will still be able to leave messages for each other, warning them of traps or other dangers, so hopefully you'll be able to learn from other peoples' mistakes as well.

The game is more open than Demon's Souls, however, and character creation and navigating the world have been revamped. The job-based character creation system of the previous game is gone, and players will have access to more weapons and spells. The world hub from Demon's Souls has similarly been given the boot, and instead, the world will connect together seamlessly. If you can see a place in the distance, you will eventually be able to reach it. There is also a more robust online element, and players able to play co-operatively with the aim of "mutual role-playing."

I must admit that my interest is piqued by Dark Souls, and especially by the co-op mode. A game with the difficulty level of Demon's Souls, and the facility to play it with a bunch of friends, sounds like a heck of a good time. Dark Souls is a PS3 exclusive in Japan, but in the West, Namco Bandai will publish it for Xbox 360 and PS3 at some point this year.

Source: Silconera and NeoGAF


Holy crap, yes! I've been keeping an eye out for details concerning this title for months now, and this made me salivate. Demon's Souls stands for me as the PS3's strongest title to date, and I neeeeed more. Thank you, Mr. Westbrook, for making my week.

(PS! Just got the Demon's Souls platinum trophy a couple of weeks ago. :P)

Coming out on 360 as well?

Cool, I'll probably try it out.

As long as I can opt out of any online ventures without having to simply not be connected to PSN I'll be happy.



Ahem. Jolly good, this has peaked my interest.


The job system barely mattered in DS1.

Just determined your starting stats and equipment. Not much was class-exclusive, at all. In fact, the "weakest" class (Royalty) is arguably the best, since it's got the lowest Soul level (meaning leveling starts out cheaper). And it comes with Soul Arrow, and the Fragrant Ring (MP regen!).

Onyx Oblivion:

The job system barely mattered in DS1.

Just determined your starting stats and equipment. Not much was class-exclusive, at all.

Agree. Every class just felt the same, which was good for massive customisation but made having a class system rather redundant after the first couple of worlds. They also need to add a sneaking mechanic. Thieves ring =/= stealth.

I'll have to check it out. There was something weirdly alluring about Demon's Souls even though I'm one of the few who found the game too difficult for its own good. (Yes, I beat it and I still think that.)

Sounds hawt, but hearing Namco bandi publishing it kinda makes me shivers...

Sounds awesome!

...To bad that i don't have that many friends on my PS3 friends list.


WOOOO! Looking forward to this, I absolutely adored Demon's Souls, and this looks to be no exception. This is a big blip on my radar.

I'm excited, this looks quite promising.

All I can say is: WOOHOO!!

Just the other day I said in this thread that I doubt there will be a Demon's Souls 2 and here it is.

Hope the Co-Op isn't completely like Demon's Souls. Lack of voice chat and being able to bring your friends into a game really brought it down for me.

Otherwise, I absolitely loved Demon's Souls and can't wait for this.

can't wait fingers crossed for voice chat

Sounds hawt, but hearing Namco bandi publishing it kinda makes me shivers...

Yes, agreed. I would have preferred to see Atlus publish it.

Well, it looks like the days in which I'll die endlessly to bosses like Flamelurker are going to come again soon.

Let's just hope they use less false difficulty and more real difficulty. Not being able to pause the game or save and quit with a file that can only be loaded once to prevent abuse is not fair difficulty, it's frustratingly bad design.


Heh. The colorless deep fog beckons to us all.

Fuck Yeah!
Can't wait.

good news but didnt this video come out like ages ago? also i hope the fact that it's comming out on both xbox and ps3 doesnt mess up the ps3 version like usual..

Yay I was hoping this would happen! Demon's Souls is my go to game when I want something challenging, so I will be paying a lot of attention to this.

Co-op? Great, now if I can get my only PS3 friend to play the damn game...


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