Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer Hints at Release Date

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64 players? FUCK YES!

Thats one good thing, now how about those battlefield commanders?

Battlefield 2 is the best thing to happen to online shooters (in my opinion, obviously). If this is more like Battlefield 2 than Bad Company, I'm crazy glad.

Good to see not so many people are dissing CoD in a Battlefield news post. I wonder if that's a fi-

If this runs at 60 Frames Per Second I'm never touching COD again :D

Didn't think it would be you of all people.

This is pretty cool....but I was hoping for news about BC3.....

I honestly preferred Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 2. Ah well, I'll still play the hell out of it regardless.

I am happy.
I've been waiting for a real battlefield game to come out for quite some time now.
That said, I still love BF2. Despite the fact that EA keep deleting my stuff, and now wants me to buy the booster packs again, I love playing it.
I consider BF2 to be like a comfort blanket - no matter what happens, no matter what crappy FPS you play - it's always there to go back to...

I just hope the rumours about it being NATO, not just America are true. The moment I get to charge forwards, L86-LSW in hands, whilst squaddies with a G36, a FAMAS and an M4 back me up happens in game, I shall be overcome by happy awsomeness. And never leave the game alone, ever.


Source please, I really hope its true.

Source? It's right there in the news story. Look:


Did you not bother to read it?

Heh, well, I only read the first paragraph and it was just describing the video, which always pisses me off when people do that, so I skipped the text and watched the vid.

I bow to you good sir and learn from my mistakes, I'll read before I rant.

Okay now I'm totally stoked for this game, return to good old school shooting games! Good lord! I just remembered, Red orchestra 2 comes out at the same time! Nooooooees!

well I cant wait, bf3 is one of the reasons I upgraded my comp to windows 7


I still love Battlefield 2. Me and my housemate racked up about 30hours gameplay over the past week, sooooo yeah, if it's as good as Battlefield 2, with the huge, multiple-front maps, a few decent modes, plenty of weapons and vehicles.... and maybe mod support (Project Reality: BF3, anyone?) then I will actually die with happiness.

If this runs at 60 Frames Per Second I'm never touching COD again :D

Let's hope for it but in the end, I highly doubt it. What I've heard is that Frostbite 2 is optimized for Dx 11 hardware and I would be amazed if Dice could squeeze 60 FPS out of 6 year old hardware with an engine designed for 2011 hardware.

I still have my hopes for a good alround experience though. Otherwise you could just buy a nitrogen powered cooling system and overclock your PC specs up to 11.

I love the Battlefield series, but I'm just wondering what they're going to do with Battlefield 3 that they haven't already done with Battlefield 2 and Bad Company.

Blah blah stuff I said...

Because the other Battlefields weren't action-fests?

I think it's because I really only play the Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod now-a-days.

Less action, in a way; more tactical thinking, superior teamwork, and greater satisfaction at a successful operation than that gained running in spamming grenades and anti-tank rockets on snipers running and dolphin diving everywhere, heheh!

But my main point was Bad Company 2 is more like Battlefield's Modern Warfare 2, while the Battlefield 2 game is more of a unique, open-front battlefield experience.

Alright! Another pathetic bunnyhop, dolphin diving, bombing spamming, tank dominating, infantry-useless FPS for us all to enjoy, to say nothing of the infantry only being sniper and pistol only servers!

Admit it, you know that's sadly what it's going to boil down to. It's what BF2 turned into.

The only good part is the music that played when the name flashed.

*Calls Modern Warfare 3 into the office*
Yeah, i'm sorry, but we won't be needing your services in the fall, you'll be sent to the remedial class where kids will have tons of fun with you, you know, when you're actually working.

Kinda strange to see people so excited for stuff -Returning- to the game.

I mean, sure, it's nice, but, it was silly to remove them in the first place, although, I suppose this was trying to make the game more acceptable to the Console's deathmatchs.


Good to see not so many people are dissing CoD in a Battlefield news post. I wonder if that's a fi-

If this runs at 60 Frames Per Second I'm never touching COD again :D

Didn't think it would be you of all people.

You know me - love/hate relationship with COD!

And its true I think... Bad Company 2 would have been a better game than Black Ops if it had COD's controls and ran at 60FPS!

Logan Westbrook:
Jets and the ability to go prone will make a comeback, and PC players can look forward to 64 player maps in the multiplayer.

Oh God, I'm excited already. 2011 just gets better and better for gaming.

<-- Just changed my avatar to reflect my excitement.

I didn't have a PC with the balls to play BF2, but I can't wait for this game. It looks like they're going to make it really big and put a lot of hype behind it. Plus the massive number of fans that have been waiting for it for years. TAKE DOWN COD!!!

I am so looking forward to this game.

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