Rumor: Halo: Combat Evolved Remake Likely in 2011

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...Holy shit. I was right. I wonder if they'll put this on the PC...

Why? I freaking love Halo so I know they can do a lot with this series. There is no reason to remake the first game. Also if it is being made from the Timeshift devs, any chance it might have had is all ready destroyed.

"I know how to manufacture money guys!".

Hmmmm.... I think I will have to pick this up at some point, seeing as how i've played every other Halo game but the first one. =/

As long as they don't (Reach) ruin the multiplayer...

This doesn't sound right. I really hope when they said, cool new content, they were not referring to a remake. The 3D sounds bogus. I'd rather play a new piece of the halo story.

I'll probably buy it because I'm a sucker for Halo content but I do question the need for a remake of a highly successful classic game that is not even 10 years old. I mean are they going to transition the 'feel' of the game, by feel I mean the general pace of camera movement because Halo CE feels very different to Halo Reach in terms of fluidity and I'd rather play it the original way to be honest.



If this article has any merit to it than I find myself seriously wondering how stupid 343 thinks the Halo fan base is..

I'm not here to bash on Halo all day but a game that's barely 10 years old being remade.. let alone a game that isn't exactly what those who worship it claim it to be, it's absurd. I just don't understand the mindset that the people who absolutely love this game have. But than again I'm a die hard Final Fantasy fan but at least I can acknowledge it's flaws and don't fawn over it. Come to think of it.. Halo is going to be the Final Fantasy of the FPS genre!

Ever since the second Halo game I've said many.. many.. many times that Bungie should just quit the act and release the game for all it really is, multiplayer. Don't try and justify a $60 price tag by tagging on a mediocre single player game that doesn't last that long at all. 343 should do the same.. just release a multiplayer version of Halo with the original maps with the not so upgraded.. upgraded graphics and charge $30 if you have to do it at all. But than again over the span of the Halo games I've found myself with each new game finding myself playing on maps that seem oddly familiar.. like I've been there before..

That is all!

and what about us fans who aren't hugely into multiplayer...?

it seems to me, when it comes to halo, is that you either love it, or you hate how theres so much praise going to such a bland, mediocre game.

that said, i don't know if i'll buy this reanimated carcass because it reminds me of the deceased game franchise i had loved. and theres a chance it would rot and stink up the place. (tad bit of a strained metaphor, but you get my meaning)

If you have no huge interests in the realm of multiplayer I see no reason why you would even consider buying this game outright.. a rental perhaps.

I just don't understand the fanfare behind Halo at all. Someone please, for the love of God, explain to me why it should be remembered as one of the greatest games of all times let alone warrant a remake.. that from reading this thread has already been made once or twice?

some people like the plot and gameplay, some don't; i dunno why, but thats how it is. nostalgia?

and no, i'm not buying this game. it is obviously the first of many attempts of microsoft to siphon my money by attaching the halo sticker to their no doubt craptastic creations (or, in this case, remaking a game that IN NO WAY NEEDS TO BE REMADE)

Oh, c'mon! The first Halo game was excellent! Granted, after Halo 1 the whole thing dissolved into crap. Geez, it's barely been ten years since this whole mess started!



I'm gonna go ahead and say what everyone thinks LAME.

Yep. This isn't exactly a good thing. I'm sure fanboys and girls will scoop it up, afterall that is the only people they can target with this type of thing.

This is one of those times that I think gamers really need to make a stand and speak with their wallets.

When the revolution starts, you have my bow.

And my axe!

Not sure why'd they would feel the need to do this. It really doesn't make a lot of sense. I guess some people will buy it though.

I have one question: WHY?

I love Halo:CE, it's my favourite of all the Halo games because frankly (with the exception of ODST) every Halo game after it was just a carbon copy that tried to do the same things but failed to capture the spirit of the first.

I'll happily play a remake of any game if it's availiable... HOWEVER (and I say this with all remakes) it must be exactly the same as the original (apart from the updated graphics obviously) because otherwise what is the point of a remake? If you're going to change the story/setting/characters/gameplay etc, you might as well just use your creative powers and make a whole new game.

See Silent Hill Shattered Memories as an example of a game that didn't actually need making.

See Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes as an example of a remake done right.

awesome, can't wait

meanwhile Bungie is working on something new that's not Halo

hmmm...I can roll with that. haters gonna hate

*sigh* do we really need this? if this is true then well done 343 you've already killed the franchise and you haven't even released a game yet

i had a feeling that micro$oft would just redo halo 3 with reach's engine and ironsight aiming

i guess i was almost right...
why not use the reach engine?
it looks so pretty...

Oh dear, I accidentally pushed the report button on the original poster. :(

OT: Why?

So after years of making the exact same game over and over they are just going to admit they have no creativity? Kudos, people should admit their limitations.

This aren't the same people who made Halo. Halo: Reach was Bungie's last game so they sold the rights to this new company.

Surely even a rabid Halo fan boy can see this is a horrendous idea? If it's still popular because its story and gameplay allegedly still hold up then it doesn't need an update, graphical or otherwise. Such a shameless cash in, I'll loathe any one stupid enough to buy it.

This should also be remade for the PC. I doubt it will be though...



Yep. This isn't exactly a good thing. I'm sure fanboys and girls will scoop it up, afterall that is the only people they can target with this type of thing.

This is one of those times that I think gamers really need to make a stand and speak with their wallets.

When the revolution starts, you have my bow.

And my Axe.


OT- I love Halo to death but I'd rather a Marathon remake

...they just can't let this series die, can they?

What's going to be different?

Halo: CE was the only good one (at least story-wise), and I have a feeling any change is going to be for the worse.

In Yathzees word. Beat the dead horse with a bat, the spastic movements will at least give some sence of activity.

Sheez.. I thought we were done with this franchise to get something better going.

Yea, however in this case it is Bungie selling the dead horse to Microsoft and Microsoft beating the dead horse with a bat while Bungie goes off to do something better (hopefully).

please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up...

I haven't enjoyed a Halo single player campaign since Halo:CE, and I haven't enjoyed multiplayer since Halo2. This could be a good thing, if pulled off correctly.

please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up please dont fuck it up...

I'm sorry but if a remake of the original is in the works they already have fucked it up!

The original Halo was a good game but I can BARELY remember anything about it other than the Flood.. and that's simply because it was like the game suddenly wanted to become a horror title out of no where. Not to mention anyone I personally ever hear mention Halo has EVER brought up anything other than the multiplayer..

The environments were huge and had potential but they were so dreary and boring.. at points the game literally had the ability to put me to sleep because of it. In fact.. if a true remake is really being made I think it'll show those who enjoyed the first how truly not amazing it was.

Here is my idea of what's going to go down if all is true. Halo will be remade with updated graphics.. perhaps a new weapon or two and a level to expand on it.. but I will just simply die of laughter if they take the Call of Duty route. And by that I mean a campaign that is utterly devoid of fun and just a bore but sprinkled with these high impact moments just to wake the player up.

Just imagine Master Chief having to zip line down the side of a Covenant ship and burst through the shield, somehow, as the slow motion kicks in.. epic.. not.

unbloody likely. ESPECIALLY at 1080p. MGS4 remains as the only true 1080p game on the market and forseeable future. everything else has just been upscaled.

Hell, I'd play it. If it comes out on the PC at least.

Of all games to remake... All the ones that need graphic overhauls, updated mechanics, 1080p, new cutscenes, and a second chance at a solid audience...

Why remake this one?

Because people will buy it

so... instead of a new timesplitters... there remaking something thats already been remade? if i wanna play halo(LOL) ill just play one of the newer ones... there still the same thing...

So much for Halo ending with a noble death.

Wow, that's gotta be a punch in the balls for the team at Bungie, huh? A decade to the day, and a different company says they'll make it better.

Mr Shrike:
Oh great, I can't wait to play a remake of a remake, then when I get bored, I'll just wait for the remake of that remake!

Sometimes a particular idea should just be allowed to die.

This is an example of that.

If you feel that way then why would you buy the game in the first place?

...they just can't let this series die, can they?

Why should they? People still like it (despite all the bitching here.) That's reason enough for the series to continue.

this could be cool but what about equipment or armor abilities?? Will they be in this game??

God I hope not.

Armor Lock is literally the worst idea anyone has ever had. It's pretty much the Buzz Killington of online multiplayer.

as long as they keep the assault rifle with the 60 bullets and give all the guns their original ammo capacity back...
nope. i still dont see it happening. i like the old one for what it already is. and adding more polygons is not going to make that moment when you're about to be wasted by your friend spraying bullets at you and you happen to stick him with a plasma and run away cackling any sweeter.

and adding online play will only serve to make the experience even LESS enjoyable since there's none of those moments with your friends right next to you :(

oh well. i'm not mad about it, i just won't buy it.

what i WOULD buy, though, is an updated CONSOLE version of Halo 1 with Firefight added :D

What makes Halo 1 so good in my memory are probably all the things that would be removed if it was remade. (Super Bounce, Invincible warthogs, the music, the initial horror of encountering the flood, ect.)

No remake of the game will ever be better then the first time I saw the Admiral as a flood carrier..

Plus this game is coming out right beside Skryim and Mass Effect 3. And I plan on locking my door, quitting my job, and failing class when those two games come out.

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