Capcom Needs Help With Mega Man Legends 3's Easter Eggs

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Since Frank West could dress as Mega Man, clearly Mega Man must now dress as Frank West.

Put an actual giant easter egg with a buttong in the middle and the only way to push it is to jump then kick it which would let you color yourself self in different easter colors........or unleash a giant robot death rabbit

Have mega jump up in a certain spot,he'd hits an invisible block then a servbot comes out of that block and say: "What do you expect? a mushroom?"


Tom Goldman:
Another easter egg featured the ability for Mega Man to keep the money from a bank robbery, but this act would turn him completely black.

Was I the only one who was a little off-put when I saw this?

It turns his armor black, just in case you were serious.

As for easter eggs, I would want an open world sort of feel, like the second game, with hidden locations (think of the map in Final Fantasy X, how you could put in coordinates to find bonus dungeons) and in these places, you would have reaverbots that bear a strong resemblance to the Megaman 2 bosses. Of course, you'll be able to steal their powers (3D Flash Stopper, FTW). Anyway, this would be a double easter egg because the MM2 bosses were designed by fans as well.

I think the only things that fans should design are the bosses.

...But, since we are on topic, I haven't played Legends 2, but judging from the art style of Legends and seeing similar symbols and structures in MM Zero, I can assume that Legends is centuries into the future of the other games. I think it'd be neat to stumble acros actual ruins of the old civilizations. Not the dark corridors and dungeons that the reaverbots are in, but actual remnants of a city long past, with various ancient mechaniloids sitting still after centuries of disrepair. Perhaps rusted mets and Sniper Joe's still lumber around, creaking along and following orders given by people long since gone. If there were ever an easter egg in Legends, that'd be it for me.

Capcom is on life support if they're asking for ideas from fans. It's time Capcom, you put the final nail in the coffin.

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