Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Wins Videogame Writing Award

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I can't believe any of those games got nominated. New Vegas has an occasional good line or two, but that's about it. And Jesus dicksucking Christ, how could anyone say Singularity was well-written? It's probably my favorite game on the list but the narrative is sci-fi nonsense.

ITT Protest for Amnesia to get more recognition for its amazing story.

New Vegas had a fairly good world but I didn't think the writing was any good. Despite what people say, Bioware hasn't made anything that new in their games, while it is still good, hasn't moved that much or went off to newer ground. Good for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Looking at the nominated titles, I'm not surprised that BioWare and Rockstar didn't etner. It would be like a pro boxer were to beat up a random dude on the street, really below standards.

Yeah, I can see why Brotherhood was chosen over the other nominations. While none of the nominations had horrible storylines by any means, we really need to get our shit together in the writing department in this industry.

I got to God of War 3 before realising this is a joke award.

For everyone complaining about the award, did you actually read Micah Wright's explanation about how the nomination process works? The WGA doesn't just pick the coolest game its members played over the year; there's a formal nomination process and if a studio doesn't nominate its game, it doesn't get to compete.

Obviously there's going to be debates over the winner's merits, that's a normal part of any such award (and typically the only reason they're worth paying attention to) but suggesting that it's somehow an invalid or joke award is off the mark and if anything, suggests only that game writing isn't yet taken seriously enough by the industry - which may be why there's such a dearth of games that legitimately deserve recognition for it.

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