Video: Infamous 2 Karma System Completely Changes the Game

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mumm tasty!
can't wait for this!

They both seem bad to me...
I have the same issue with this as Yahtzee, watch his inFamous 1 review for my thoughts on this.

Nice to see some new powers getting shown off. Glad they're letting us keep the stuff from the first game right off the bat, too. Nice to see that evil Cole doesn't have weird tattoos develop on his body, and that his lightning doesn't go to the dark side. Now, the adaptive morality system sounds alright, and I don't really have a problem with multiple playthrouhgs, so it seems like a pretty sweet set up. I just want to know if you can change your mind after you've decided. If you start saving the cops, can you turn around and ram the front with explosives? Though, what's with the little chime when you take someone down? That seems a little invasive.

Still no date, I see. Oh well. Thanks for the update, and by all means, take the time to make a great game, just, you know...let us know, eh?

Nice to see a universe where only certain metal isn't conductive.

Why isn't "evil" Coles lightning red??

Gameplay wise this game looks awesome and also the storyline looks really interesting. I hope this new karma system works well because I love the first InFamous game.

I've got to ask, whats with the stick? You shoot thundery death out of your limbs? Why would you need a stick?

You can only shoot lightning powers when you aim down your sights; you can't blindfire. Plus, most lightning powers use up your energy, and the explosive powers are just as damaging to you as they are to the enemy if you're too close to the blast.

So when you're surrounded by enemies it's good to have a quick buttonmash attack. I'm glad Cole has a metal club this time around rather then using his fists.

Gotta say it looks pretty epic. Really need to get round to playing the original.

Enough with this.
I want Sly back ;_;

The system doesn't look that different to me. I guess instead of 'at one point in the mission cole narrates his choices' for a part that doesn't really effect anything. It's instead at the start of the mission.

I'm more curious how Cole could trust someone over Zeke? He's Cole's oldest friend.

The karma system is still black and white. The gameplay still looks good, but the black and white karma system remains.

looks good, let's see how they pull it off. I'm always up for something interesting in the moral choice department, but it has to be well done or we will just be bored.

Oh how inventive.
I've NEVER seen THIS before in a game.

So what were you guys expecting exactly? You seem to be setting your expectations a tad high.

And erm, evil looks hilariously overpowered.

So what were you guys expecting exactly? You seem to be setting your expectations a tad high.

And erm, evil looks hilariously overpowered.

I think they're more upset that they're bragging about the bland binary moral choice system like we haven't seen it a hundred times before.

It's like trying to use "it comes in a box" as a selling point for a game.

Ugh, this is even worse than the first Karma system. there are always at least two reasons why you would perform an action. lets set up a very typical rpg or video game scenario:

you're walking along and see a man being attacked by someone. you could:
a) fight off the attacker
b) walk away

why would you fight the attacker? it could eather be because you believe in defending the weak, or it could be because you just want to ruthlessly kill someone.

as for just walking away, it could be because you don't feel like helping someone, or you're just scared of getting into a confrontation or have more pressing matters to attend to. Or it could be to go inform a guard/ police officer of it.

no lets say that you killed/defeated the assailant and the man wants to repay you:
a)accept the money
b)refuse the offering

If you accept the money, it doesn't mean that you expect to be rewarded, you could just be a guy who's down on his luck and needs to make some money, and saving lives just so happen to be what you're good at. Or of course you could be the kind of asshole who snatches the cash from his hand and walks away without thanks.

refusing the award doesn't always mean that you're some selfless paragon of justice that shits out words of wisdom, you could just care less what the man thinks about you, or even that money has little value to you.

All morality systems in games are very shallow, and unless someone comes up with a better way to get inside the player's head instead of get the player in the character's head, I'll always see it that way.

I like idea because it could be used to implement a back story to your character...But in a game that already has a back story it's a bit to late, so lets go make a game! :D

Its still a good system but what they have doned to Cole ill never forgive... changed his face (thanks the internets they changed it back), they changed his clothes into this neo-british-fag look (not saying british are fags im just saying that having the british flag has a piece of clothes, or any flag for what matters, is extremely ugly - i hope you can costumize his clothes), and what they did to his voice.... Sucker Punch why are you trying to ruin this sequel this bad?

I thought that they were going to change how Cole looked......

Either way will be getting this game as the first one ROCKED!


The game play still looks the same, and this new karma system just boils it down even more into two entirely black and white choices.

So, save police officers or run over innocent pedestrians...

Anyway, I'm glad that they haven't elaborated on the ice powers shown only in the debut trailer, hopefully it will remain a surprise until launch. I can't wait to see what they do with it.

Also, very glad that they've made the speaking animation more than flappy head quality. It looks like they're actually speaking now! Sod it, the entire game looks amazing, from what I've seen. Them explosions sure are real purty, now.

Hey guys, I've got a great idea. Lets have our Karma system represented by two different women. People won't feel compelled to disregard the path that they actually want to take in order to follow the chick that they think is hotter.

So unless these "choices" have some real effect on the story progression it changes nothing.

I'm all for whatever Karma path that lets me murder that Zeke prick. All other concerns are secondary.


This feels a whole lot more like a bland superhero game, which the first one was not.

The first game was certainly bland. Just a lot of samey third person shooting that wasn't as polished as the stuff you'd find in Gears or Uncharted. I agree with it not being a superhero game though. Superheroes usually do heroic things, whereas Cole was just a self-serving douche.

The point of what these games should be is how they stand above others, this can be in ways like atmosphere art direction what parts of the city changes and what you use for combat. Even though it was a TPS it was special due to killing people with electrical bolts instead of bullets, now the novelty has worn off, and what I've seen of the art direction, which can easily be the most important thing in a game like this so it doesn't feel monotoneus and samey, doesn't work on any sort of level with the main character, those around him, the choices, and the environments.

Something that they could have done is in the evil option, have the level take place at with clouds in the sky, blocking the sun, with it optionaly raining depending on an earlier choice, it would help with the general mood at least.

So Zeke now represents the morally good options, then? Zeke, who tried to kill thousands to gain superpowers in the previous game (spoiler alert)?

Just wanted to be clear on that.

The game looks very dull and repetitive. But if I was a lightning tossing superhero I would probably go with the renegade option. Seems more awesome that way, and even if combat gets repetetive you can still cheer yourself up with the fact that you're pretty badass.

Besides, tentacles are never bad. Yes, never. You heard me. I mean exactly what you think I mean.

2 choices is still 2 choices.

Give me 5...1. save him on my own with very few deaths of any enemy/civil (super good)
2.Save the guy with the help of cops (good)
3. dont give a fuck and leave him to rot in jail (nuetral what the evil lady said (bad)
5. Somehow rocket launch the trailer of cops into the jail holding the guy captive and free him, then electricute him for no reason (super bad...and awesome)

The karma system is still black and white. The gameplay still looks good, but the black and white karma system remains.

Its better than InFamous 1's. In the first InFamous there were karma 'moments' you'd do the mission the EXACT same way but then at the end you'd get a do this or do this type moment. In this one you can clearly see that evil and good playthroughs are pretty different. One had Cole barreling through the city on a tram and busting through the front door of the mansion and the other had him saving captured cops and having them as backup to raid the mansion.

I actually now like the Reputation system better than the Karma system now. But it's excusable for this game, since it's inFamous after all.

Karma system looks exactly the same. As do the missions. I'm hoping for some more variety this time around.

That being said, the graphics look unbelievable.

I hope so too. I still haven't played through the good storyline for the first one. It'll probably be a while before I get this.

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