Guitar Hero Could Make a Comeback, Says Kotick

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Damn, I should have bet money it would come back...

"Guitar Hero Could Make a Comeback, Says Kotick"

yeah, it's called Rock Band

Ya because we are really starving with the 20+ music titles they already pushed to the market...

"Guitar Hero could make a comeback, someday."

"We're taking five years off, then we'll start milking the franchise again."

We are not fooled, Kotick.

Even if something's dead and buried, it won't stop Kotick digging it up on the chance of more money!

They should name a form of Ebola after him.

After all, look what they're doing to Spyro.

Straying Bullet:

Korey Von Doom:
Translated, "I'm not done milking this yet"

This guy goes even beyond. He milks the milked out cashcow. This shit is serious, Kotick really LOST IT!

that whole company is being carried by blizzard....its quite sad. Activision needs to stop milking OK series (i think GH was OK for 1 or 2 games but besides that...its all DLC) and try to make a series that is Great or at least Half of what Blizzard does...geeze half of what blizzard does is still a pretty good game.

Bobby I know this is hard for you, but Bessie is dead. Her teets have run dry, and it's time to bury her. It's okay to cry, this is a normal stage of life.

this isnt my name:
And yet true crime which was nearly finished isnt coming back. But the overproduced game is.
GH neeeds to stay dead, kotick just brings things back and milks them even more, worse than before e.g spyro.

It wasn't nearly finished. It had a LONG way to go. Even if development continued, it's doubtful you'd see it before fall 2012.

Sure, there's a bunch of screenshots on the web and some videos, but all that proves is that lots of content has been thrown in. The frame rate was terrible, the controls were bad, the combat was bad, the story wasn't finished (and all previous incarnations of the story were bad), the VO acting was laughable, the animation wasn't great, the missions weren't great, and on and on and on.

The only people who throw the phrase 'nearly finished' around in connection with this game are people who haven't actually played it.

How does one re-invent Guitar Hero?

Two words: Rock Band. >.>

I sort of kid, but Harmonix did a lot to "reinvent the wheel."

How does one re-invent Guitar Hero?

wait 10-15 years for a new release and get the next generation into it.

How does one re-invent Guitar Hero?



Oh Bobby! Man! You are funny because you are so full of shit and you pretend not to know it SO DAMN WELL!

Activision couldn't INvent let alone RE-INvent the current COMPLETE NOVELTY AND MODERN PROOF THAT GENIUS EXISTS that they tried to strangle in the cradle like Hera did to Heracles!


Bobby Kotick, you want a heavily milked and "retired" game franchise to come back someday and yet you kill off a potentially good original sandbox game that was supposed to be due in 2 months?

Go to hell. Now.

I've never played a Guitar Hero game (for more than 2 minutes), but how do they keep making sequels? Surely DLC songs would make more sense?

How does one re-invent Guitar Hero?

Give it ten strings? Anyway, this is just silly. People stop buying it because the games became half-assed products with more of the same and nothing else. And yeah, pump out 6 a year, and people will get bored fast. Tony Hawk pretty much fell into the same trap, albeit a bit less frequent. That's why everybody salivates over a new Blizzard game. Not only because they're good, but also because they had to wait 5 years for it!

Oh Bobby Kotick, they haven't even nailed the coffin shut and you're already lining up to rape it's corpse. (Thank you Yahtzee for that bitchin' quip)

No it won't because given their business strategy(make successful franhise and then milk it until the entire genre stagnates amd maybe fire half the dev team for added measure) nothing could recover, actually I have an article here from GAMEStm where they are giving a quick rundown of videogame entrepeneurs(Tim Schafer, Gabe Newll etc.)and when they come to Bobby Kotick it reads out:
Bobby Kotick
Position: CEO and president, Activision
Debuted with: Acquired majority Share in Activision in 1990
Currently Working on: WORLD DOMINATION
I sadly think GAMEStm are right on this one

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