Sledgehammer Aiming to Make Best Call of Duty Yet

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Kudos to Sledgehammer Games, for wanting to improve the franchise they're stepping into, rather then treating the franchise as a train they can simply ride to the bank.

I hope its space marines I really do.

I could go for them hypothetically exploring what the first type of military operations in space would be. But they start going for multiple colonies across solar systems and even aliens then that's Halo's territory. They'd be in for a world of hurt.

Give em a shot. It's never too late to try something different.

Don't taze me bro:
I applaud the studio for wanting to develop a high quality game. Sure, shoot for the stars. The trouble is, we heard similar rhetoric before. The Activision PR fired up a few months before Black Ops came out, saying saying it was the best CoD to date. Depsite what people believe about whether that is true, I think there is a real risk of people seeing through this marketing strategy.

I agree, even if they do want to make a good game they'll probably have trouble with Kotick breathing down their necks, in a creepily aroused tone constantly asking about money.

How come it's not being made by either Infinity Ward or Treyarch?

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