Mirror's Edge Sequel May Still Be Running

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Can't say I enjoyed this game. I couldn't get behind the characters or the story and I cant say I liked the first Person parkour. Also I thought the level design was poo and the game started to get repetitive half way through. TBH the game was shit.

However, to its credit It was innovated and original, so a sequel could turn out to be decent.

could it be... is it true? can we actually hope for a sequel to come? one of the very rare sequels that do not totally suck, but are an overall improvement of the predecessor? taking all its strengths and removing all its flaws? (of which there weren't too many in the original game, i.m.h.o.)

Great to hear, I'd love to play a sequel with a bit more polish (and some more meat, ME was a bit on the short side).

I really want this to happen. Mirrors Edge is my favorite game of all time. Objectively it wasn't great but something about it was catnip to me. It's always been a running joke among my friends that I'll never get a sequel (they hated the game) so I'm riding on this EA!

One of my favourite games of this generation, although a sequel isn't as essential as it may seem: I've still got ME1 to keep my warm through life.

The Rumor mill is a buzzin'. I want to chart this out for everyone. Last week there was a rumor saying they SCRAPPED a sequel. This week there is a rumor that it's NOT SCRAPPED.

We have taken one step back and then one step forward... not really news.

I want to see more combat options.

Personally I don't think you should be able to take or pick up a gun at all, but I hate how when you attack a guard you stop, you should be able to deliver some sort of attack without losing your momentum, that would be neat, like a jab at the throat as you run by that stuns him for like 5 seconds or something."

Pretty much agree, but I think handguns could remain in the game, they didn't slow you down, and still gave you a way to take down a guard without stopping.

Also, fuck yar, this news is amazing. I almost cried when I saw that there wouldn't be another Mirror's Edge. Original gameplay and more photorealism than crysis? Yes please!

Oh the title


The most painful joke ever Andy but good news is good news no matter how painful the joke is


Seriously, I freakin' LOVED Mirror's edge! When I heard the rumors that it got canned, I nearly threw back my head and screamed "NO WAAAAAYYY!" thereby waking up everyone in the house.

I don't get all the people that say it failed as a game. Yeah, sure, the first person view for platforming is inherently flawed. But for those of us who can insert ourselves into the game, and mentally map where our virtual bodies are, this game was absolute awesome in a jar.

My only complaint was that it was so short. Everything else rocked.

If they announce the second one....Pre-ordering. Day 1.

YAY! Sequel time!

I realy hope this is true, I absolubtly loved Mirror's Edge. As a game it wasn't perfect; the level design was occasionally poor (that fucking bit where you have to run out of the politition's office almost made me rage-quit) but the 'feel' of the game was without equal. Everything from the characters to the plot made me want to continue through the bad bits to see what the next fantastic treat would be, and the enviroment was literally the best I have ever seen in a piece of media (including Bioshock and STALKER). The amount of the story that was told without words, such as the only bits of colour allowed in the game comming from bins and other bits and peices that the govornment gave the city, was astonishing.

Mirror's Edge was by no means perfect, but it's expected that any game so radical will make a few mistakes the first time. Now that they have so much feedback, any sequal that fixes the first game's mistakes will instantly make it into my top ten.

Andy Chalk:

Very much want

Seriously, though. "May Still Be Running" ?

...that's a bit forced, no?

I think the word you're looking for is "awesome."

I really hope they follow through with a sequel, this game was awesome.

Agreed....plus it was never CANCELED at all!!!

that's good to know i really liked the first one. it had problems but it was still fun kind of like beyond good and evil.

p.s. any new info on beyond good and evil 2

man i hope they do make another, that game was so original and innovative, not like most of the stuff out at the moment

I really don't understand the problem everyone had with Mirror's Edge. The story and cutscenes (if you can call them that) were awful, but the core gameplay was very definitely there.

A sequel could easily address most of the shortcomings of the first game and create something truly impressive.

I want more Mirror's edge!

Is there a facebook-petition for it perhaps?

I'm hoping it's not DICE handling it though. The same type of herding that I hated in Mirror's Edge is present in Battlefield, which is fine for the latter but it shows that DICE has difficulty thinking outside the box.

I really hope they do make a sequal, hopefully with a 3rd person camera option and a free run mode, then it would be fantastic.

Oh please, please, please let there be Mirrors Edge 2. Words can't describe my love for that game.

will you make it if we all promise to buy 2 copies of it?

Jack and Calumon:

More appropriate than ever.

This game was beautiful and one of my favourites of the year. I loved it with all my heart. I pray for the sequel.

Calumon: That's... so bright! >.<

Very very appropriate indeed. :D
OT: I'm very much looking forward to this, played the original, and loved it. Especially when you got a nice flow going; it was beautiful.

I have never understood why anyone would call this game flawed. To me it was a complete experience, gameplay, story, artwork and setting flowed into a mesmerising and unforgettable journey.. To this day the theme sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it <3 <3 <3

OT: Considering the above, I am reluctant to embrace a sequel. I fear the ''improvements'', as the simplicity of the first one was at the core of the experience.. but what is man without Faith, maybe it will be awesome ;)

I am VERY happy to hear this, was super bummed to hear that it may have been stopped

(had to watch the Dead Island trailer to cheer me up, but got even sadder (in a feel bad for the characters way) but amazed at the same time......such a good trailer) (I apologize for my gamer ADD)

But I LOVED the first one (all problems aside I found Mirror's Edge to be a blast to play), and I hope we see number 2 in the near future :-)

what I think happened:

EA Guy 1: well, now that we are done messing with Mirrors Edge 2, lets start work on a game that people are expecting and we know we will get good money out of.

EA Guy 2: but.......we just got done with Madden, what else do we really have?

EAG1: hey, didn't we have some rpg's that were supposed to get done?


EAG1-2: wut?

EAG3: someone..........on the internet.........is making jokes about us not doing Mirrors Edge 2.......


EAG3:......but.....Im your boss...........

or at least...........that's what I would like to believe......... in reality I think they just had too much time on their hands so they decided "meh, why not......."

I want this game. Do very much want. And my brother would love this. He loves Mirror's Edge. And I am glad he got me to agree to the get the first one.

ME provided some of the most memorable gaming sequences I have ever experienced. A second one will no doubt melt my cerebellum.

I'm seriously starting to suspect that publishers just announce a game is canceled just to gauge the reaction to it to see if interest is high enough.

I don't understand why so many people called this game flawed. Sure, it wasn't absolutely perfect, but EVERY game has some flaws. Mirror's Edge was one of the most exhilarating, immersive, and innovative games I've ever played. It's weaseled its way into my top 5 favorite games. I don't need them to fix anything. I just want more of the same.

*accidental double-post*

Haha, puns, I see what you did there.
OT: Meh, I didn't care to play the first, anyway.

Mirror's Edge 2: Still Running

I liked the use of color in the first game, but maybe it would be nice to practice parkour in a slightly less dull environment.

DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, meanwhile, made a rather caustic comment about the situation on Twitter, writing, "Fascinated how serious game media sites can stir up an article based on rumor milling, loose quotes and assumptions."

Oh what a shame, a big public outpouring of support for the idea of a sequel, how terrible!

Andy Chalk:

Very much want

Seriously, though. "May Still Be Running" ?

...that's a bit forced, no?

I think the word you're looking for is "awesome."

Touché, you sly devil

I really enjoyed Mirror's Edge and think it deserves the chance to be improved upon. The first game does have flaws, that doesn't mean it should just be put in a box and tossed away. The game has some innovative ideas and with some better implementation it could be a really solid franchise.

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