Coder Forces Graphing Calculator to Run Doom

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Coder Forces Graphing Calculator to Run Doom

They might just want to calculate your hyperbolae, but now graphing calculators will also be forced to play Doom.

A programmer has figured out how to get the original version of Doom running on a graphing calculator. The productivity of the world's students is officially doomed. Yup.

DJOmnimaga demonstrates the game running on a TI-Nspire graphing calculator. This is an actual port of Doom called nDoom, and not a clone.

Unfortunately, it only runs for 20-60 seconds before a problem typically occurs, so the project is still a work in progress. According to DJOmnimaga, sometimes the graphics will get distorted, the screen will turn black, or the game will totally freeze. For a machine designed to calculate y = a sin(bx + c), I'm still impressed.

I feel really bad for math teachers though. Now when they think they're getting through to students that are deeply engrossed in their graphing calculators, they're really just losing them to a life of fragging demons.

Source: Omnimaga, via Game Informer


Holy yes!

Looks like someone managed to divide by zero.

Okay, that's pretty awesome now.

Okay, I'm impressed. That's likely the most awesome thing I'll see today.

Well, DOOM was really well optimized, but holy shit getting it to run on a calculator? Thats impressive.

This dude is my new lord and savior. He'll be my god when he figures out how to program enemy AI on it.

Ace: Argh, now I wish that calculators could have Active-Screens rather then Passive-Screens with a 0.45ms delays. Life sucks.

Angel: Oh boy, that's is rather impressive, I just hope they do well in school as well play games. Balance my child.

Luigi: OH WOW! That's good! I mean really good. Impressive to get that game running on that. Congrats to the kiddo and kuddos.

Wait, what - hasn't this been done for at least a decade now? I remember hearing stories of people making Doom run (at very low FPS and resolutions even lower than the SNES port) on graphical calculators in the late 90's - or was it only the Wolfenstein 3D engine games?

Umm... Not to be an ass, but I've been able to run Doom on my calculator for a while now. Probably five, maybe six years now. As well as Pokémon, sans a working pokedex, and a fan-made Legend of Zelda.

I don't see how this is new.


Computer engineers are a strange bunch. I should know, i'm becoming one.

Sweet,now if only I could play chrono trigger while solving pi

Ha, I doubt any teacher could tell the difference. I've yet to encounter one that didn't just run out the clock for their weekly pay.

Someone has a bit too much time on their hands.

Okay, impressive, but still...

Until Doom theme is added to the clip, I shall hold my applause...;)

Good job though :>


Computer engineers are a strange bunch. I should know, i'm becoming one.
Here's the link if anyone is interested.



Computer engineers are a strange bunch. I should know, i'm becoming one.
Here's the link if anyone is interested.

*smirks* that is awesome :)

That's pretty awesome.

Shame I've just got some random Sharp graphical calculator. It has 8kb RAM I think. Don't think that'll be enough. =P

Damn, and all I have on mine is Super Mario...

My friends and I joke about running Starcraft on a graphing calculator (which I think spawned from an old joke I made when someone asked if Starcraft would run on their computer; this was before SC2); I never thought you could run a game like Doom and a graphing calculator.

They're still not worth the 80$ or whatever the school charges you to replace them.

Holy crap that's awesome! Though I remember the difference in my poor TI-83's battery life between using it normally and playing games on it. Normally the batteries lasted almost 3 years, but when just playing simple games it only lasted a couple of months.

I'm just trying to imagine running Doom on it now and how it's probably last only a couple of days! haha

Now... will this work on my TI-84? This is the first time I've been sad that I'm done with all my math classes for the rest of my life.

They did this ages ago with Wolfenstein. I'm less impressed by this than I am when they managed to put Mario on a graph calc.

that's pretty badass

but this is cooler


Damn, I don't have any games on my calculator. Ok well I used to have Tetris but someone deleted it when I wasn't looking.

I am impressed. Need to get my hands on that sometime.
Also I think I actually remember that place in Doom. Good times.

I was already impressed when a friend had super Mario on his graphing calculators but this is really awesome.

Also I think I actually remember that place in Doom. Good times.

It's the very first level - E1M1.

Now I want to go play DOOM.

i want the code

Maths Class. Now with more Demons!

Oh no, someone else already did something similar. That means this is lame and this guy's a poser and ARE YOU JOKING?! To even imagine doing something like this with that piece of machinery is... it's uncanny. It requires way more dedication and desire to succeed than I know I have.

I desire this guy to get his own company and eventually create Skynet. Maybe a Dr. Robotnik scenario?

Students have been using graphing calculators to play games since at least the TI-82. It was policy at my high school that the math teachers would take them away and wipe the memory if you seemed to be goofing off with them.

Of course on the TI-82 it was always simple arcade games like snake and submarine hunt, not Doom... but the modern generations of graphing calculator are pretty damn powerful and are optimized to do the same sort of calculations that a graphics card does, so it's not surprising to see an FPS ported to one.

What is surprising is that TI still gets away with a puke-green 1980s LCD in a calculator that costs as much as a netbook. The physical parts in those machines combined and assembled aren't worth more than $30, they could at least give their customers proper black and white displays.

Holy shit! That's awesome! Wow.

Well at least when demons take over the world the next generation will be ready for them. I pray that those demons don't happen to be math calculations or we are all fucked :P

Good bye playing Mario on those things...

I don't really see how this is impressive. The TI-84 from '06 was already pushing 130 Kbs of RAM and a 15 Mhz clock speed, basically the only thing that was ever restricting games from being played on it was the shitty resolution, which all graphing calculators are still shamefully behind on.

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