Epic Relaxes Royalty Fees For UDK Projects

Epic Relaxes Royalty Fees For UDK Projects


Epic wants to help out indie devs by making it a little easier for them to make money on their games.

Epic has increased the amount of money that a game using its Unreal Development Kit, or UDK, must make before the developers owe Epic any money in royalty payments. The new threshold is $50,000, a tenfold increase from its previous level of $5,000.

Writing on the UDK forums, Epic vice president Mark Rein said that many of the teams using the UDK were just starting out, and that not having to pay royalties on the first $50,000 of revenue would help them to get properly established. He also explained that the royalty threshold only applied to money that a developer actually received, so it was the wholesale revenue that mattered, not the retail revenue. There was still a licensing fee of $99 required to sell a game made with the UDK, but that was the only charge levied against the first fifty thousand dollars.

In summer of last year, Rein said that despite a focus on consoles with the Gears of War series, Epic had not turned its back on the PC, and this move would seem to make his point. $50,000 is a pretty significant sum of money for small, independent studios, and will hopefully help them to make bigger and better games in the future.

Source: Edge


Man that's nice of them

Holy shit that's outstanding!
I've been making a game with udk and was abseloutley fine with the prospect of paying 25% after 5k. but that's just so nice of them.

We need more philanthropic companies like this. Hell, if everyone with a license-able addition to a game raised the royalty threshold by even a fraction of this, we would have higher-quality indie games from all genres, not just shooters. Go Epic!

Epic, you once again live up to your name :)
Now go and hurry up with those UDK games, people with clever new ideas!
Those that want to make the same generic crap there's too much off, eh, don't bother :P

That's actually a good engine to start on too (well, based on personal experience anyway).

I think I might have a heart attack, a large gaming company doing something to HELP someone that will probably eventually get them more money in the future!? LOGIC!?

The way EA and Activision go with their policies like this, you'd think they were in danger of bankruptcy every day, wish they'd learn a thing or two.

Good to see Epic has some class.

Nice one Epic. Class.

It looks like Epic didn't forget their roots. Or at least remembered them. Bullet storm, now this... You and me, Epic... We might just dance.

PS: Anyone that posts "EPIC WIN!" should earn themselves a swift punch to the kidneys.

BUT if your game goes huge and you make over 50k they get 25% of the profit after that. I understand you're using their engine but still. I'd rather go the route of mine craft.

Epic, you once again live up to your name :)
Now go and hurry up with those UDK games, people with clever new ideas!
Those that want to make the same generic crap there's too much off, eh, don't bother :P

I don't really have much idea on the indie UDK projects currently under way, but these 3 look really promising:

The Ball

All from the UDK site. I believe you can download the demos.

OT: Kudos to UDK. That was real classy on your part. Not like 'classy for a guy who invented the term dicktits', but classy on the normal scale. :)

That's really awesome of them. Hope more games come out because of this.(good ones that is)

What about free projects? If the developer isn't making money off it, but it is still being released, will this count?

This is unprecedented. Round of applause for Epic, everyone! Way to lend a hand to the little guy to help the the industry grow.

First thought, that is great, thanks Epic.
Second thought, oh no, more brown shooters...

Is this Epic's way of apologizing for Mark Rein's behavior at the Brighton Develop Conference?

If so, it's actually a pretty good one.


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