Dead Island Movie In Talks with Top Hollywood Director

Dead Island Movie In Talks with Top Hollywood Director

The trailer for the zombie game Dead Island sure did raise some hackles and the IP owners want to do any possible movie right.

It's rare for the trailer for a previously unknown IP to generate the kind of buzz that Dead Island did last week. Every game journalist and their mother was blown away by the time-bending CGI masterpiece and even though many assumed that a Hollywood movie tie-in was a dead lock, with one financial company (Union) and the producer of The Mummy stating that they already possessed the rights, the publishers at Koch Media made it clear that no such deal had yet been struck. Malte Wagener, speaking for the Munich publisher, told the L.A. Times that he was treading very carefully with any movie deal, even though at least one very big name director in Hollywood was interested in pursuing the project.

"We've had a lot of inquiries, not only from Union but from other major players for film adaptation," Wagener said. "The talks are very early and there's no deal whatsoever. Right now I'd say it boils down to three or four opportunities. Some are studios, not just bonders like Union. We'd rather go with a big studio that can bring the creative side."

Wagener wants the Dead Island IP to get picked by a top-name director as a pet project rather than a money-making cash-in. Good thing at least one such director is interested, according to Wagener. "We had a couple of big-name directors come to us. One of the top directors in Hollywood sent a studio his link to the trailer and said he was interested in this, and the studio contacted us," he said. "My feeling is we should find a director first."

What about the danger that any videogame adaptation will be, well, bad? "I think this can be a good movie if it's done right but you do have to see it as separate from the game. We're not going to go out and write a movie script based on the game. You have too many limitations in the game you don't have with a movie. We all know that movies are not always what gamers want. Good games aren't good movies and good movies aren't good games. Look at Avatar."

Even though vampires seem to be in vogue right now, zombies are not too far behind on the undead over-saturation scale, in both movies and games. How can Dead Island compete? "Zombies have been done before [in video games] whether with Resident Evil, where it's serious, or Dead Rising, which is a little more funny. We set out to do something that had a realistic approach to the topic," Wagener said.

Given the stylistic approach of the trailer, Wagener is confident that throwing A-list stars into a Dead Island movie isn't going to make a big difference. "The intellectual property doesn't necessarily gain value if you put in Brad Pitt. This is a movie about style and presentation."

Then again, if the Dead Island movie has style, presentation, and Brad Pitt, that can't hurt, can it?

Source: L.A. Times


Brad Pitt in World War Z and Dead Island? That would be awesome

Resident Evil was serious? News to me.

Obvious joke aside I really don't care one way or the other. To me the trailer was trying too hard and I've never been the biggest fan of zombies anyway. Also, I don't like the ambiguity in the phrase 'one of Hollywood's top directors.' There are a lot of names in that pot, and some of them aren't actually that good, despite pulling in the big bucks.

One way or the other, I hope this gets sorted soon anyway, so people focus on the actual game being released and not the movie.

I still don't see how they could make a movie based on this trailer. What are they going to do, set the entire bloody thing in reverse?

Cant they just focus on the game for now. It was announced in 2007, dont make it a new DNF.

Also most interest is due to controversy, I doubt a movie will be good.

It was a REALLY good trailer. That doesn't make it a good game, or even a good setting. If they plan to make a film entirely based off seeing that one emotional scene, then it will fail miserably.

Making a movie based on a teaser trailer for a game that's nowhere close to being released. What can go wrong?

And what is there to separate this movie from every zombie movie ever made? As far as I know, Walking Dead (the TV show) is the only thing that bothered to take a step forward from Generic Zombie Outbreak Part 345,212: The Outbreak of Zombies: This is Where Stupid People Die 3.

I disagree with him saying games have limitations that movies don't. Its more about the fact that games are interactive experiences or narratives rather than a story simply shown. However I do agree that it making a movie is vastly different from making a video game.

I hope they tread carefully, which they appear to be doing.

Don't get too hyped everyone. Does no one remember that Dark Void movie that was supposed to come out around the same time as as the game. Or come out at all.
What's that? No news from that movie since the game was released? HOW SHOCKING!

Good games aren't good movies and good movies aren't good games. Look at Avatar.

He's right. That video game made a terrible movie.

A realistic approach to the topic. What a realistic approach to the topic of animated corpses? That makes so little sense I facepalmed my face out the back of my head. Sigh.

I still don't see how they could make a movie based on this trailer. What are they going to do, set the entire bloody thing in reverse?

Definitely agree with you there.


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