The Week in Review: Cosplay, Anonymous, and Lawsuits

The Week in Review: Cosplay, Anonymous, and Lawsuits

In this week's edition, there are guns with fiery boobs and Anonymous gets one over on a hateful church.


Metroid Helped a Woman Get Over Her Mother's Death

When Michelle Perl's mother died of cancer nearly four years ago, Perl made a vow of self-improvement to honor her mother's memory. Using Metroid's Samus Aran as her role model, Perl lost 100lbs and managed to get over her self-esteem issues. As a tribute to Samus - and to fulfilling her vow to her mother - Perl created two cosplay suits, Zero Suit Samus and Justin Bailey Samus. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Anonymous Hacks Hate Church

Earlier this week, the rather hateful Westboro Baptist Church claimed that its websites had been taken down by Anonymous. Anonymous denied the attack, which the WBC seemed to think meant Anonymous couldn't hurt their websites and wasted no time in saying so. Anonymous doesn't take well that kind of comment, so it hijacked one of WBC's sites during a live chat show, just to show that it could. Hit the link for a video. (Link)


Bulletstorm Honors Yahtzee

Way back in 2008, our very own Yahtzee had some very kind words to say about People Can Fly's Painkiller. Specifically, he said that the gun that shot shurikens and lightning could only be improved if it had tits and was on fire. People Can Fly took these words to heart, and lo and behold, in its next game, Bulletstorm, its included exactly that as an unlockable skin for one of the weapons. Hit the link to see it for yourself. (Link)


Shaun of the Dead Gets Dead Island Makeover

You might not think of the movie Shaun of the Dead as a particularly emotional movie, it's more "hilarious" than "touching." That said, there's a scene in the movie where Shaun loses friends and family - as is usually the way in zombie movies - that will bring a tear to most eyes. As it turns out, running the footage backwards, and playing sad piano music - as in the Dead Island trailer - makes it even more sad. Hit the link for a video. (Link)


PS3 Hacker Asks Internet For Money and Gets it in Abundance

George Hotz, doesn't really have the funds for a protracted court battle with Sony, did he the only thing he could do, and asked the internet for help. Clearly, the internet was in a charitable mood, because within 18 hours, he had all the money he needed for the first phase of his defense. On his website, Hotz said that thanks to the generosity of the people, he wouldn't lose to a "bully" simply because he lacked the resources to fight. (Link)


PS3 Hacker whats Internet? You're missing a verb there.

1. *Insert insult to metroid Other M here*
2. I'm more and more convinced that the westboro baptist church is on a suicide mission to somehow make even more people hate them, there was no threat from anonymous to begin with because despite initial appearances many members of anonymous respect freedom of speech above all else. The WBC is disgusting but they are using their freedom of speech (albeit in an unbelievable stupid way). we can only stop them by ignoring them.
3. I keep getting more excited for this game. I hope that Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem: forever bring back the fun arcade shooter and offer an alternative to the brown-gray military shooters that won't stop clogging up the release charts.
4.I really don't have anything clever to say.
5. That's actually pretty heartwarming

Hehe, what a great week indeed.

I'm following Drakmeire's format:

1. It was great to see someone redeeming herself with one of the most iconic female characters videogames can have. No, I'm not saying anything about Other M.

2. I love Anonymous and their 9000 sins comment was just priceless, but I seriously wanted to slap that bitch, I really, really wanted to. Also, that smile is just wrong...

3. Just got Bulletstorm and it's simply amazing. I can't wait to unlock Yahtzee's tits on fire =)

4. I liked Shaun's trailer, but not as much as the original Dead Island trailer. It shows how skilled the guy is at editing.

5. I just hope GeoHotz can punch this huge, huge bully in the nuts.

1. It's good to see a nice story here once in a while.

2. Drama that's being overplayed to hide some important news piece somewhere.

3. One of those silly little things that happens.

4. An idea from an idea.

5. I'm glad GeoHotz has the money to help defend himself while Sony decides to do stupid all over again. This is Sony's new Lik Sang. In case anyone was wondering about LIk Sang, Sony actually sued a business that was selling Asian PSP games to gamers outside of the Asian market. Yes, think about what I just wrote there. Sony is spending money to get a business to NOT sell their legitimate product.

First story, awesome, and really good for you girl.

Second, Please Anonymous kept the websites shut down.


Fourthly, Shaun of the Dead still when of the best movies to watch if you want a laugh.

Finally, YAH GEO, keep on keepin' on.

1. Aww'd

2. Lol'd

3. Lol'd

4. Lol'd

5. I was supporting this guy until he made a rap video. Now I hope he gets raped to death by cancer spiders.

my friend just told me about the cosplay chick earlier today

1. Aww'd

2. Lol'd

3. Lol'd

4. Lol'd

5. I was supporting this guy until he made a rap video. Now I hope he gets raped to death by cancer spiders.

I still support Geo, but I like to pretend the rap video never happened. I just kinda ignored that aspect of things, whistled and walked away... <.<

I thought it was funny that people thought the Metroid cosplayer was hot.


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