BioWare Fan Creates Gorgeous Mass Effect 2 Artwork

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BioWare Fan Creates Gorgeous Mass Effect 2 Artwork

The pictures breathe a little life into the moments on the Normandy that the player normally never sees.

Polish artist and BioWare fan Patryk Garrett, also know by his real name of Patryk Olejniczak, has spent the last couple of months creating some absolutely amazing fan art for Mass Effect 2, which puts a more contemplative spin on the characters and delves a little deeper into their thoughts and emotions.

Garrett completed his first piece - Shepard holding Miranda in a ruined ship - in August of last year, with the intention of making it look as much like a piece of promotional art as possible. Since then, he's done another four pieces with the same intention, even going as far as to add logos and release information for Mass Effect 3.

Garrett's next piece was also of Miranda, but this time by herself on the Normandy, doing a little work on her omnitool. Apart from the game itself, Garrett said that the piece was also inspired by the movie Sunshine and the band Underworld. At the same time, Garrett was also working on a companion piece, showing a scarred Shepard trying to make an important decision.

He's also completed pictures of Garrus and Thane and has plans to paint other crewmembers. He noted, however, that each piece takes a long time to do, so it will be a while before we see them all. Garrett is hopeful that BioWare will one day see his art, like it, and ask him to come and work for the studio. I have to say, as resumes go, this one isn't bad at all.

You can see more of Garrett's work on his Deviant Art page and his blog. Aside from Mass Effect art, he's also done work based on Aliens and Uncharted 2.


That's pretty fucking amazing. Even the hairs on Shepard's arms in light and shade.

Those are freaking awesome. The guys got some serious talent!

They look awesome. The Garrus and Thane ones feel a little bit like movie posters.

Not bad...not bad at all. No surprise though, concerning his possible choice of romance.

These pictures are spectacular. Asides from the fact the guy seems to like Miranda (nice romance choice, buddy!) and Garrus (for which alone I'd give any man a high-five) the level of skill and artistry not only in the ability to draw but convey emotion is professional grade. This man could easily qualify for the type of position he seeks, even if Bioware doesn't want him. These really look like something from their studio, he gotten the essence of the characters right. And the detail and effects on the image of thane are pretty impressive.

These are absolutely gorgeous. The sheer amount of detail "drool"

I really believe that if he was to submit those to Bioware they would offer him a job. My favorite art piece is the one of Thane. It looks like he is dancing but at the same time about to use his biotic powers.

"She's a beauty!"

I like all of it. Now, if only there was a way to 1080p it D:

Whoa... that's fan art? Bioware hire this man, now! I could have sworn I was looking at something out of their art department before reading the article.

Wow the miranda one especially looks so real, it's pretty hard to do people that well but he has actually improved on how she looks from what bioware gave us. You can also really see the movie "Sunshine" in that shot, if you haven't seen it go see it. Now.

Holy shit, that's some epic talent RIGHT there.

Downloading all of them!

Lovely artwork. It's not surprising that it takes him so long to do each one.

Hah, yet again, Poland wins.

But seriously - that's just awesome. The level of skill, the amount of work he must have put into this - he'd make a great addition to any dev team as an artist.


The one of Thane is particularly awesome.

To quote my favourite turian sniper:


Woo, Poland, Poland!

Well, it's not as good as Bulletstorm, but very impressive.

Cool, but that first picture looks like Shepard got hit in the face with a club too many times.

The picture of Miranda. OH. MY. GOD!

The artwork is amazing. GIVE THIS MAN A HIGH FIVE AND A JOB!


And just to be clear, my previous wallpaper was that awesome Citadel litho. But it's time for something new.

It looks very raw and chaotic, but in a good way. It gets the essence across very well, without being so clinical and photo-realistic that it loses the soul of the game.

I must say, I'm very impressed.

so, whats miranda acutally doing? awsome artwork by the way

That is fan artwork? No fucking way.

Bioware need to hire this guy now!

This is why I like searching through deviant art. You do find some absolutely stunning artwork every now and again. Just check out this one below by a guy named EspenG.

I mean, that's the sort of artwork that should have been the boxart! Not that shitty "action" one we got instead.

Sorry double post

Damn Garrus is a sexy, sexy guy ........

I'll just echo what's already been said and say yes, give this guy a job. That's pretty damn amazing artwork right there. He's awesome. :O

Wow, i really wish i could crate something like that. Good shit.

Incredible artwork. I really hope Bioware pick up on this and hire the man.
Detailed, gorgeously lit and shaded. Absolutely perfect stuff.


Somewhere at Bioware headquarters there had damn well better be some manager type person looking at those pictures and saying, "Hire this man. Hire him now."

I can't wait to see his takes on the other characters.

I'd love to see him do artwork of Tali'zorah. <3

Hire that man as a concept artist right at this very moment!

Love the 4th picture of just Shepard. Great work indeed.

While I don't even have to comment on how awesome these are,Shepard's face in the first looks...odd.I can't quite put my finger on it...
Otherwise,yeah,this is just some amazing skill.If I were a developper,I'd look into a job offering,especially if he can also do landscapes art like this.

Really nice fan art don't like the big focus on Miranda (since she is the one i hate the most in the crew but maybe that's ju me) still very nice done.

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