Zombie Holdout: Kinect's First Zombie Game

Zombie Holdout: Kinect's First Zombie Game

Pixel Ninja Games has crafted the first zombie survival game that uses Kinect to put a gun in each hand.

If you can't get behind Kinect, fine. If you can't get behind Kinect plus zombies, as seen in Pixel Ninja Games' Zombie Holdout, there might be something wrong with you.

Right now, Zombie Holdout is only a tech demo, hence why it looks a little rough. The basic idea is pretty simple: Defend your stronghold from zombies with a gun in each hand.

Kinect is used so that players can aim with their arms and shoot by moving their arms forward, with laser pointers that give you a better idea of what you're aiming at. Zombies approach from all angles and try to chop down your defenses with axes.

It's a neat tech demo that Pixel Ninja plans to release on the PC (not the Xbox 360) for free on March 7. Zombie Holdout is one of the studio's ongoing projects, but isn't a main focus right now. If the idea is expanded upon it could be a decent little title for Kinect users that want to get a little zombie blood under their fingernails.

Source: Pixel Ninja, via Joystiq


'A little rough at the moment' is an understatement, it's a decent idea, but it nears a hell of a lot of work to bring it above laughable.

Still, I'll keep an eye on this, it could be good.

Doesn't look that brilliant at the moment. (I though adding zombies to a game made it automatically awesome?) But, for a free tech demo, I guess it does what it says.

Cool idea, but I just wouldn't feel involved enough without some visceral feedback.

Hence why I think the rumble function is one of the best and simple innovations related to immersion, if used properly of course. Making you feel the game really puts you into it so much, feel the rumble of a big explosion, your gun shudder when you fire it, the thud when your melee weapon hits flesh. It pulls you in just that little bit more.

This game...you seem to just...point your arms and wave a bit. That doesn't feel cool at all. It's why I never got excited for Kinect in the first place. Still, it's nice to see that they're willing to bother to develop some non-party games for it.

The only game to ever successfully utilize axe-zombies is House of the Dead. This just seems arbitrary.

That game seemed very slow and sluggish.. At present time did not look like its worth more than couple a dollars. Could also have been mistaken for a free browser game..

im dissappoint!

I'm yet to see a good kinect shooting mechanic.
In fact, I'm yet to see a good kinect game at all ;(

If you can't get behind Kinect plus zombies, as seen in Pixel Ninja Games' Zombie Holdout, there might be something wrong with you.

Yea, one tech demo isn't going to sell me a $150 peripheral. Not even one complete game of decent quality would. There would need to be at least ten full retail games worth playing on the Kinect before I would even consider buying it. So we're looking at a time frame of roughly...never.

Haha, the concept is good. I see it suffers quite a bit from many things at the moment. I'm not gonna judge anything on a made on the fly tech demo, but what they are doing with the Kinect on the PC is awesome. It's a peripheral that will probably in the long run be much better when openly developed for the PC. The PC has a lot more innovation at any given point of time.

Fuck, i thought this was going to finally be a game good enough to make me use my Kinect.

Nope, its a game for the PC, PC?! Its getting better Kinect games than the freaking xbox >:(

Come on, i need a decent Kinect game, Gunstringer doesnt even look that great, not for £40 especially

That seems pretty fun. I'd love to see it as a co-op game too, or at least it has the potential for it. I'm not so sure it would actually work as a co-op game. Either way, Microsoft really needs to tilt their heads towards the PC side of Kinect to really get a glimpse of what people are doing with Kinect and then provide the tools necessary for developers to create really cool shit with Kinect in mind. I can definitely see how awesome that would be not only for Kinect and the Indie crowd, but for the entire industry.

Looks like nocturne. Anyone remember nocturne?

I really hope this zombie hype dies out

edit: the lame joke was unintentionaly, please forgive me

I'm still a fan of zombies, but this seems like it has even less play than a typical arcade style rail shooter. At least in rail shooters you actually go somewhere.

I understand it's a tech demo, but unless the gameplay itself changes up a bit, I'm not impressed.

Yep because NO ONE has done zombies before >_> <_<

that looks boring and extremely tiring on the arms. even for a tech demo D:


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