Conan O'Brien Tackles Live-Action Angry Birds

Conan O'Brien Tackles Live-Action Angry Birds


What better way to celebrate the Finland/Sweden rivalry than by using the Finns' Angry Birds to demolish the Swedes' furniture?

Popular late-night talk-show host Conan O'Brien's show is finally available online in Finland. To celebrate his newfound audience (or should that be newfinned?), Conan decided to honor Finland's greatest contribution to civilization: smash hit mobile game Angry Birds.

Conan wasn't just going to stop at playing a real-life version of Angry Birds, nosiree. Because the Finns hate the Swedes and vice versa, said Conan, he was going to further nationalize the situation by having the birds' green porcine nemeses take cover underneath furniture built by Swedish company Ikea.

What follows is silly and cute - and showcases what is perhaps the least structurally sound Ikea furniture ever created. It also makes me think that a real-life Angry Birds would be a great game to have at an amusement park - you know, right alongside the water gun games where you get to win giant stuffed animals.

Catch the full thing at Conan's website.

(Via Joystiq)


So to retaliate, Sweden just point´s at Notch then laughs?

So to retaliate, Sweden just point´s at Notch then laughs?

Or at DICE. Either way it doesn't matter. Being a Swede myself, I still found this to be really fun to watch.

Bah, Angry Birds... Finland's greatest cultural accomplisment is clearly Max Payne.

Well, that and Fisu.

I think we all know where this is going:

An Angry Birds vs. Steve Pay-Per-View cage wrestling match.

And it will be awesome.

Conan is brilliant, this was awesome, anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Sweden can keep their Notch, Angry Birds is still a smash hit globally. There's only a hardcore following for Minecraft (which is basically just finding blocks of stuff and crafting stuff.. Which is every other MMO ever..)

But anyway, seeing as this is about Conan's segment.. Conan > Everyone else.

*reads the article*
*follows the link to website*
*watches clip*

That..was...awesome. Last bookshelf and he just walkes over tears it down with the "bird" ball xD

*In my best evil supervillain-voice*
So Conan, you have aligned yourself with the Finns? Very well then, the battle continues! Do you think us Swedes will take this lying down? NEVER! We are already in talks with a possible new ally. You might even have heard of him, his name is Jon Stewart....


I'm sorry, but it's nowhere as good as this.

That is an awesome dad.

Sweden, just you wait... Soon, we shall conquer you. The day of your destruction is drawing near!


That was awesome eventhough he cheated on the third try!

Please, Neil Patrick Harris beat him to it at the VGAs.
And being a Swede, I'd rather have IKEA, Minecraft and DICE than angry birds...

That, is fucking awesome, when I'm rich, I'm going to have a giant room with a life sized angry birds course built into it.

It was awesome, i liked how accurately the pigs exploded

Since i couldn't watch it from the provided link

I don't get Angry Birds.

People have been maiking games exactly like it for years; places like Armor Games and Kongregate are absolutely full of them. Why is it that this one exploded like it did?

"Finland: 1000 years of culture and the most famous Fin is still Huckleberry"

Conan's words, not mine.


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