The Dark Knight Gets a Team Fortress 2 Makeover

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The Dark Knight Gets a Team Fortress 2 Makeover

The Demo Man is the hero that Gotham didn't know it needed, until now.

A Russian film maker, known as "One More User," has created a new trailer for the ultra-successful Batman movie, The Dark Knight, adding a few familiar faces and some splashes of color to the proceedings.

Specifically two colors - red and blue - which appear on the the uniforms of the Team Fortress 2 models he's replaced most of the actors with.

In "The Demo Knight," the violent and insane Spy threatens "GoTTam City," and only the Demo Knight can stop him. That's a pretty heavy burden on its own, but the Demo Knight also has to contend with the fact that the love of his life, played by the "Scout's Mom," has fallen for another man, played by the Soldier. Also popping up is the Medic, as Demo Man's trusty butler, Alfred, along with cameos from the Pyro and the Heavy.

The audio on the video is rather low, but if you've seen The Dark Knight, you probably know what everyone is saying anyway. Besides, it's the visuals that are the main event here, as One More User has managed to blend the models with the movie almost seamlessly.

You can watch more of One More User's work on his YouTube page - although there isn't all that much there right now - and you can download a higher quality version of The Demo Knight here.

Source: Kotaku


Epic. That's all I must say for this. wow...

Wow, this is really impressive. I have to say, it's really good quality. I also like the touch of the TF2 loadout screen on the Batcave screen =)

Maybe Valve will see this and get in gear making Meet the Medic and Meet the Pyro =D

Ah yus, this must be the same guy that did law abiding engineer. Very good work. Love it. ^_^

TrueOneMoreUser does it again (he's the guy who did the superb Law Abiding Engineer).

I applaud his attention to detail. Every time I watch the video I notice something new (like the Spy having the Dead Ringer equipped for the showdown with the Batmobile).

I felt it wasn't as good as L.A.E. but was still the best thing in the field of replacing real actors with CGI models. Props.

Holy crap. That was amazing!
That dude must of spent a long time getting it so perfect, props to him.

*toddles off to his YouTube channel*

Wow that's actually really well done.

Spy hitting on Scout's mother, eh?

so when do we get a tf2 movie?

that last part with the Heavy cracked me up XD

Is there a batman hat for TF2 at the mo'? There should be after this.

Spy: "Oh please. Demoman suck!"
Just like the movie, the main hero sucks.

Is he the Goddam Demopan?

Sweet baby jesus....
That was amazing.
Truly amazing.

Two face at the end is a nice touch

I demand a full movie!

Spy so serious?

That was pretty awesome though, this guy is really good at getting animations to blend with real life actors.

ha, really cool :)

Finally, another awesome video by him. Hopefully, there will be more.

I laughed hard when the DemoKnight grenade jumped all the way to the helicopter.

Good show, lad! Good show!

Wow, this is awesome!

*goes off to subscribe to his channel*

The two-face bit at the end was very clever. All in all a well made and polished piece of work. Congrats

Such a waste of talent.. TF2 is so over done

This man has done some excellent stuff. He even got some of the expressions -perfect-!
Very nicely done, very nice indeed. *Scurries off to look at his other stuff*

Such a waste of talent.. TF2 is so over done

Does the subject matter really put such a damper on how impressive it is? O_o

Good sir, I SALUTE YOU! Really, the most impressive part was getting the TF2 models to move and lip-sync smoothly and seamlessly with their movie actors.

Best of the 3:
Ah yus, this must be the same guy that did law abiding engineer. Very good work. Love it. ^_^


I was wondering when someone would mention that XD.

"Solder, I would think you are Red."

I would watch that all the way through.

That was incredibly well done! I really have to tip my hat to someone like this, because I certainly would not have the time or the patience to do something like this.

As a side note, I was able to figure out who each character was supposed to be except the engineer. Who does he end up portraying in this trailer?

Hahahaha. That was glorious. :D

It just fit so well... o.o


Somebody should give this guy a job!

You can spot Gabe in the background at one point. Apparently the BLU spy is somewhere in there as well.

I saw Gabe! In all his Fat, Cake Eating, HL2: Episode 3 delaying glory.

Reminds me of the Law abiding Engineer. God this guy makes the best TF2 videos.

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