Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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...and we cant stop them.

Yes we can, we simply ignore them.

Jack can and probably will be a nutcase the whole of his life, but if no-one is paying him any attention it can't spread anywhere. It could of course spread to other nutcases, but that assumes they're capable of effectively communicating with each other with non-nutcases to interpret and filter by paying attention and... where was I?

This man needs an almighty kick up the arse.

Andy Chalk:
Jack Thompson

Actually, I think this may be his most lucid moment yet. I mean, this game IS an ACTUAL travesty and piece of crap that I dislike existing. It IS a bonafide murder simulator in I think, every sense of the word. Well, as close as current tech is going to get.

But that's pretty much as far as it goes. What he thinks gabe newell is going to do about it, I don't know. And the rest of his spiel is just... as stupid as normal.

Why did Jack reminded people about this mod? I totally forgotten the mod, now it is going to get publicity and people are going to play it now. Some people need to realize that the only bad publicity is no publicity. Jack you did the opposite of what you wanted.

now he's after half life?

oh dear, he doesnt know what sort of shit he's getting into....though he never did, cause i'm sure jack is just a retarded blind fascist.

Quick everybody! Lets all point and laugh as he flails around impotently!

Nobody threatns Gabe, he'll drive by your house and finish you..
"I hate always being right"...*facepalms very hard*


Here we go.......

You know, I think Jack has a valid point... you know what? I can't even say that in jest. This guy's an idiot.

I really hope Gabe responds, though. Should be lulzy.

He does know that the Virginia Tech kid didn't play games, right? Well apart from Sonic once or twice in his youth, but still.

Don't say that out loud. Jack will try to prove his point by claiming the VT guy once wore a gold ring or ran really fast or something. :)

Gabe should get a warrant for slander(or is it libel)-ing on jack for doing whichever it was to Gabe.

Dam i hate writing in legal terms. You have to be soooo specific.

I thought Jack Thompson retired!? WHY GOD! Why do you keep making me relive the horrors of video game past!!

No, he didn't retire.

Florida took away his ability to appear in court as a lawyer for misconduct.

Thanks Jack, know to protect my honer, I have to release a dis-rap directed towards you.(It was a bet, long story) Thank you Jack.

Thompson Letter:

I hate being right all the time.

Must.... resist.... urge.... to.... rage!

Somebody find a way to transport people into video games so I can send him to Ravenholm.

He needs to quit, seirously. Nobody likes him. At this point, he's just trying to gain attention imo. Granted, you can express concern sure, but he's doing it a bit to much with a "oh I have extreme importance" attitude.

What's he going to do at the appropriate time? Say that the game exists?
ANd going by his logic how creators are responisble for mods...
Why isn't he going after J.K. Rowling because of fanfics?
Lucas for Star Wars films
EVERYONE who has ever made any property because of rule34/the bad parts of deviantart
Againg what the HELL is this idiot going to do? Say that Half-Life 3 is going to turn your computer into a sentinet being who will train your babies to kill you and everyone they know?
Because everyone listens to disbarred lawyers.

Fact is, Newell has as little to do with the creation of this mod as Gutenberg does with the creation of Mein Kompf. He made the tool, but can't be held responsible for what others create with it. Of course, if Thompson knew jackshit about the medium he keeps bashing, this wouldn't be a problem in the first place.

Just saw the response from Gabe Newell

Dear Mr. Thompson
Please STFU. Learn about technology before you make demands of myself. I can not just stop mods from being made and distributed, much like you can't just become a credited lawyer.

Thank you!
Gabe Newell

Ok, Ok, so it's not real.. But I think Gabe is awesome enough to do something like that..

They should make Jack Thompson the final boss of the mod. That'd be the BEST.

I think I can sum up my feelings for this arrogant, deluded, misinformed waste of redundant protoplasm with three simple words:

Grrrr, I'm going to save myself a long time of ranting by playing Diablo 2 and pretending HE is Mephisto. Over. And over. And over again.

thats technically 5 words


Wow,Jack Thompson is far FAR up his ass...I hate always being right too. =P

This is why you were disbarred for life Thompson. Your little claim about how video games engineered school shootings? You are so fixated on video games you forget all other critical details. You were a shit lawyer before you were disbarred, and now that you have no legal authority things are only getting worse.
...and here i am talking logic. Stupid me, Thompson wouldn't recognize it. I could be presenting evidence that games have no link to increased violence, but it would somehow come out to him as "Ooh, Thompson, your so sexy and smart. Go sue Team Ico for simulating animal torture!"

I swear, Thompson is like the Glenn Beck of failed lawyers/moral leaders.

Does Jack know that like 90% of kids today play video games? Can't wait till' he's dead and they grow up.


His claims and threats always give me a chuckle. /ignore.

Wow. The sheer idiocy of his letter fills me with contempt, but hopefully, if we ignore him, he'll go away.

Prof. Monkeypox:
What does Gabe even have to do with this mod?
Also, It's weird to hear Jack making threats when he clearly has no power.
And... sigh... I hate to admit it, but Jack did predict a game like this would be made. I am disappointed.

yes but he will likely go crying to someone who does have power

This is the image that springs to mind.

Gabe's sitting in his office, going through his mail. He reads this letter. Smirking slightly, he intercoms his secretary. "Betsy, are we publicly traded yet?"

"No sir, why do you ask?"

"Oh, no particular reason. Could you send Mr. Thompson a bouquet and my compliments? The card should read:

For your selflessness and
Understanding, we here at VALVe Software
Cannot thank you enough for bringing this horrible
Killing mod to our attention.

You have done us a great service.
Our techs are currently working on a solution
Underneath my direct supervision.

As always, your penetrating gaze and
Selfless demeanor cannot help but
Supplement our constant policing of our ranks.
Hopefully, such horrible mistreatment of
Our technology can be avoided as we move forward into the
Latter days of this next decade.
Earnestly yours, Gabe Newell.

Got all that? Thanks, Betsy, make sure the starting letter of each line is ever so slightly larger than the rest of them." Gabe crumples the letter and tosses it into his massive Victorian fireplace, leans back in his chair, and chuckles slightly.

you know, some of these "anti-gaming" therapist, journalists, lawyers etc. use so much effort in fighting against it with (usually) so ridiculous reasons that sometimes I think they're just trolling

Jack Thompson had my support on removing this mod... Until he started calling Half Life a murder simulator and saying it was responsible for several school massacres, that's like saying, "Hey, american police force we want your help in catching this dangerous killer in europe... Also you're responsible for most of the serial killings in the entire world, just putting that out there."

I thought he finally took the hint and went away...

I love that he had the nerve to end a letter full of false claims and baseless assumptions with "I hate being right all the time".

The man is less balanced than your average cartoon/sitcom character, and it tickles me.

What in the hell is he babbling about?

Valve's response I know is going to be a very thought out and carefully worded response to Jack "Ratshit Crazy" Thompson. The guys making the mod on the other hand, I await for a wonderfully trollish response to pop up on the internet.

Can we just start ignoring Thompson please? Can there be a pact between all the major gaming sites that they won't talk about him so he'll finally just fade into obscurity?

Also, Half-Life a murder simulator? My memory's a bit fuzzy but don't you spend a majority of the game killing mutants and not people (save for the bits where the army comes crashing in)

This man needs an almighty dick up the arse.

Fixed it for you ;)

OT: Maybe if we all stand real still and don't make a sound he'll think we're not home and he'll go away.

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