Xbox Live Not a Big Enough Ville for Zynga

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The reason they need a huge potential-customer pool is because only a fraction of people are primal enough to want to play their horrible games, nevermind pay for them.

Aww, but i really wanted Farmville on my 360...


Makes sense, once you remove the people that won't play their games on Xbox Live, you've got about five people. Five is pretty damn small.

I don't even see how they are games.. more like annoyances and time wasters.. Ya, people like them, to each their own.. but.. ugh..

Good. As a member of Xbox Live, I can safely say that I don't want their shovelware anywhere near my 360. The only reason they need a huge userbase of over 500 million is because their games suck. But if you get even 1% of those people to play your ass games, that's still 5 million people and you can act like you're super awesome for making a game that many people play while ignoring that a vast majority of people aren't touching your trash.

Game designer at Zynga. What a slack job. "We need something new after Farmville." "Well shit. Let's just change how it looks and make everyone do the exact same things as settlers."

...Is that supposed to make us feel bad Zynga? Because right now all I know is that I am glad your not coming to the 360.

Mr. Omega:
For some reason, I just imagine all the foul-mouthed 12-year-olds on XBL playing Farmville and can't stop laughing...

OMG NOOB. d0nt u av teh pink sh33p?

Fine with me, fuck that shitware developer anyways!

Oh no, what a shame. /sarcasm

Frankly, the sooner Zynga disappears, the better. What, stay-at-home moms won't be able to play FarmVille all day? What, my friends won't inundate me with stupid requests to join their pretend mafia? I can't see any downside to Zynga closing up shop: instead of John Connor, Skynet should have sent Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to terminate Zynga's CEO. And maybe, just maybe, when people finally grow up and find something to do with their time other than Facebook, we JUST might see the end of these pathetic 'social games.'

That's quite illogical you see, you would need a "game" to run on an Xbox360, and thats kinda the point where Zynga fails. so the Xbox is simply impossible for zynga, with or without enough target audience.

And you will not go to STEAM because the demographic is too small; and not because the owner turned you down.

The game is built around NETWORKING mechanics. Nothing social about spamming friends with golden whatever & mafia work. Plus making the game on a console would cost them money when it will not function properly as a skinner box.

Once again Brian Reynolds shows how horribly and mistakenly conceited he is. He's dancing around with his head in the clouds of lala-land.

I wonder if he really stopped to think about the reason the demographic on Xbox Live is nonexistent. It couldn't possibly be that hey creates time sinks that take no brain power or skill to do? Could it? Yes of course. What it is doing is just wearing down the clicky finger of the poor poor people playing the "game".

Moms use to complain about their kids playing those mindless video games that do nothing for us. Though now, they are playing the most do nothing thing in the world.

If you have a mom that tells you to stop playing video games, and she plays Farmville or the like, just tell her that she has to stop hers as well because it does less than real games.

Our games are challenging and can teach things. They can have interesting stories that entertain us and get the mind working, thinking about said complex story.

Farmvillers, go clickity click click, to plant a crop, then sit for hours each day staring at the screen saying or thinking, "Oooooh, doesn't my farm look nice," while waiting for days for that one crop to grow.

We can beat our games. We can get a feeling of accomplishment that lasts.

Theirs will go on and on as Zynga adds more stuff to keep them addicted on a brief high of false accomplishment, because once they do one thing, they realize that some time down the line that they will have to do it again, or something very similar. Then if for some reason the they can't complete one of the special mind numbing tasks on time, they don't get the special animal or trinket item that is the latest thing out, but not to worry, Zynga won't let them miss out on the special cow graphic, all they have to do is pay 10 dollars to Zynga and they get their cow graphic that all it does is move slightly and annoyingly moo every 10 seconds.(I seriously need to pull an intervention on my mom).

"Mother, you are slowly killing yourself doing something that is worse than boredom and mediocrity."

Game designer at Zynga. What a slack job. "We need something new after Farmville." "Well shit. Let's just change how it looks and make everyone do the exact same things as settlers."

It gets worse. "Well now we need somewhere else for our farmers and frontier people to go that's special after they tire of their work. Let's make them build a city, but lets remove all that nasty challenge of managing and growing a city through making proper purchases and city layouts that Sim City had. We don't want our people to worry about their buildings getting run down, people moving away from town, and the streets falling into disrepair. Let's make it so that all they do is click and collect money every few minutes or hours that will always be their with no worry of losing it, so that they can build more buildings to collect more money to do the same."

Facebook and mobile phones may be more "inherently social" but Zynga's games arn't.

They certainly like to pretend to be so but let's face it: in the long run, they don't require you to socialize with friends as much as they require you to gather friends as a resource. There's nothing inherently social about these games at all.

Talk about a misnomer.

CAPTCHA: shessi important

(who the Hell is shessi and why are they important? <_< )


"Zynga says the audience there is just too small."

Surely they meant to say that the audience is just too smart.

We are still talking about Xbox Live right?

Yes, that's the scary part.

What I'm getting from this:

"Our games suck so badly, that we can't get enough stupid people on Live to play our stuff. Erm... no... wait... IT'S ALL XBOX LIVE's FAULT FOR BEING TO SMALL!!!!"

Yes Zynga.... Keep telling yourself that.

I would also imagine that the marketplace isn't open enough. Zynga makes money by people making snap,99 cent purchases. That's fine on Facebook, when you have it tied to your credit card, and the only confirmation is "Do you want to do this?"

On Xbox, you have to buy points, and that's a bit of a process, then you have to go into the game, and spend points, which pulls up the confirmation window which requires you to say yes like twice. It really makes you think about it for at least 15 seconds longer, if not about 1 minute when you're out of points and need more. Suddenly, buying more berries doesn't seem like a good idea.

Throw the fact that you're really spending at least $10 or so to get points because they won't sell 99 cents worth of points, and I imagine a lot more people would just be playing the free game without buying additional things.

This is actually quite funny. Two shitty companies poking at each other.

1. Who cares about Zynga games anyway? Those games are just dumb distractions. I would take swinging a sledgehammer for an hour, versus playing any of those games for an hour. I love how Zynga feels legitimate about being a game developer. Well, I got news for you, you're not. So stop acting like you are. You make games for people killing time at work and over worked house wives. Those are legitimate money making markets, they just aren't legitimate gaming markets.

2. Microsoft, your business practices and treatment of games released on both XBL and XBLIG is atrocious. You constantly act in a take the money and run manner, and I hate that. I am glad that someone came out and outright said they would never base something on your digital distribution platform, even if it is shitty Zynga (who are great business folks, just not game developers like they thing they are). I would only hope that soon those advanced deals that you dupe developers into doing, such as releasing games a month early on XBL than everywhere else, dry up real soon.

Cool, rant over. I can only hope that these two companies aid in destroying each other somehow.

But...but how will whiny 12-year-olds and douchebag frat boys be able to teabag livestock and corn?!

good enough crap on xbox live as it is why add more

I am glad that my console shall not be tainted with the plague that is farmville...

Good deal, stay on Facebook and mobile. I don't want to be playing a real game and be spammed constantly with updates on my friends' farm or whatever the fuck they're playing now.

Translation: We don't want to put our games on Xbox Live because we are afraid of the mass lashing we are going to get by the community if we put any Zynga game there. Also, we are stuck so far up our own asses and we enjoy shafting our idiot consumers with pointless nickel and dime DLC.

The audience is too small because no self-respecting gamer would play their "games".

Is it just me, or is this sort of like the people at a herpes support group looking out the window and shouting at the passers by "Hey, your not allowed to come hang out with us"

I seriously doubt that console gamers are crying themselves to sleep because they cannot access farmville on their consoles.

I think microsoft out of pure spite ought to add a flash enabled browser into the XBL dashboard which would allow users to access the ville games anyway even though Zynga feels so high and mighty to snub console gamers. But alas I have given up on that happening.

So, it's nothing to do with the fact X-Box Live doesn't have an internet browser to run Zynga's "games", or that Microsoft won't allow the kind of credit card micro-transactions that Zynga use to make money off their customers, or that the constant spamming of messages to people on your friends list to visit your farm would probably be against the X-Box Live TOS and lead to lots of people filing complaints against and blocking communication with the people spamming them?

It's not that X-Box Live isn't big enough, it's that it's a closed platform that won't allow Zynga to sell virtual cows or spam the network with messages, so without those 2 key mechanics all Zynga have left is a "game", which is of no interest to them since they're in it to make money off people hand over fist, not provide entertainment.

"Oh, noes!"
Seriously, they are not coming to XBLA and PSN because gamers already play actual games on there... Not single click boredom simulators.

Doesn't bother me. I don't particularly care for the ville line of games, although I'm quite fond of Vampire Wars. But still, a game like that is best left on a web browser or smartphone.

Oh no. Whatever shall we do? I was really hoping to grow my crops on an HDTV and milk my cows with the comfort of a controller...

... not.

Not that we'd even want it. We have... you know... ACTUAL games on our console.

Oh well. That's just one less place for me to have to block all the damn Farmville updates.



Wait I can be spammed to death on facebook

crisis adverted

People who have a DS tend to be smarter than the ones using Zygna games.

I fucking hate Zynga games they turn people into mindless zombies,and the even destroy lives sometimes.

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