Preteen Pop Star Takes Fashion Cues From Street Fighter

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quick get chun li on the line we must fight M. Bison

2 down 10 to go. Anyone want to run a draw on which original Street Fighter will hit the news next?

John Funk:
Preteen Pop Star Takes Fashion Cues From Street Fighter


Is "Whip My Hair" singer Willow Smith actually the leader of a huge underground criminal empire? Maybe!

Willow Smith is famous for two reasons. First, she's the daughter of Will Smith (and real creative on the name there, Will). Second, she was the singer of last year's hit single "Whip My Hair," a song that is way more catchy than it has any right to be.

Street Fighter's M. Bison, on the other hand, is an evil dictator who runs the nefarious Shadoloo criminal empire. Unlike Willow Smith, he does not have a Billboard hit single, but instead relies on his terrifying Psycho Power to grind his enemies into dust and cow them into submission.

So on one hand, you have Willow Smith; on the other hand you have M. Bison - and ne'er the twain shall meet, right?

Perhaps not: Willow Smith performed in Manchester, England last night wearing an outfit that MTV Style noticed bore more than a passing resemblance to Bison's iconic duds. Seriously, that's just uncanny - I might be able to forgive it if it were just the red-and-purple, but the wrist bracers? The puffy thigh-pants? The silver freakin' shoulderpads?

Now, I'm not saying that the 10-year-old Smith is actually an evil mastermind who rules the world from the shadows while tangling with the likes of US Special Forces and Interpol, but I'm not saying that she isn't, either.

Maybe someone should get Zangief Kid on the phone.

(MTV Style)


Somebody stop these Montessorey kids!

John Funk:
Maybe someone should get Zangief Kid on the phone.


The shoulder pads are a bit convincing, but there's a lack of metal bracers and shin guards that tempt me to say it's a weak coincidence. I think MvC3 just has Bison on our minds, so we're starting to see things.

So, if Willow is Bison... then who the hell is Will? And what kind of insane powers does he possess!?

Truly scary...

He posseses the power to get jiggy wid it.



keep an eye out if she starts doing annoying slidy sweeps across the stage we should start to worry

Ahh shit. One should never see game characters clothing on real people. It destroys the illusion.
Thats to Willow Smith, I will forever think of M Bison as being inspired by MC Hammer.


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