Crysis 2 Is a PC Game First, Console Game Second, Claims Crytek

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Crysis 2 Is a PC Game First, Console Game Second, Claims Crytek


Crytek's goal was to bring a PC game to consoles, says Crysis 2's executive producer.

Crysis 2 might have taken the series multi-platform, but Crytek's Nathan Camarillo says the studio hasn't "consolified" it for the new audience on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Camarillo says that Crysis 2 is a PC game made to fit on a console, not the other way round.

Speaking in a video interview with Games.On.Net, Camarillo said that Crytek wanted to bring a Crysis-like gameplay experience to consoles - something he thought that it lacked - and that fundamentally meant that the PC had to be the primary platform. That goal, he said, was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of CryEngine 3. He said that Crytek had torn apart the engine that the first Crysis had run on, and rebuilt it so that it could scale more easily on consoles.

This new engine also meant that PC users could get the best out of their hardware. Players with a low-end PC could still enjoy the game - something that couldn't be said about the first Crysis - but those with the really powerful computers could turn everything up to maximum and see the fruits of their investment. This is obviously good news for PC gamers, especially those who feel like they're being sidelined by the larger console demographic.

Crysis 2 is already out in North America, and comes out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow in Europe and Australia.

Source: via Industry Gamers


And all was right in the world.

Well, not really, but you get the idea!

Yeah is so much fucking bullshit PR, pathetic.

If this was a PC game first, where are all the settings a PC game?

Of course this game's focus always lay on consoles.

I don't care how much the pander to PC gamers I'm not going to get it if there isn't an option to turn off the "ARMOUR MODE ACTIVATED", "CLOAK ENGAGED", "NANOVISION ENABLED" crap that I wind up hearing over and over again. Oh my god the original crysis... "Maximum Armour" "Maximum Speed". WE GODAMN GET IT ASLDKHASKLJDHAKSds

If the PC is the 'lead' platform why is the game launching with a two generation old renderer on the 'lead' platform? The same render used on the Xbox, I wonder...

Obviously Crytek's definition of 'lead' platform is different to the rest of the world's.

They should have just come out and said that the Xbox was the actual platform being designed for from the start. I would have been disappointed, but I would have understood the financial pressures driving this.

They deserve all the anger they get for stringing people along. And trying to do so still with this patch. It will be the barest of things to say they have supported DX 11. I expect tessellation to be MIA.

What ever happened to all that money Nvidia forked over.


I played the online demo... it was pretty much Call of duty with a half assed nano suit. Crysis wars was awesome because of all the cool shit you could do by switching the suit modes and now it's been changed to holding jump for a half second longer and completely losing the regular sprint function. this is bullshit they don't give a shit about the PC market they just want to make money off of call of duty's popularity. I really wanted this to be a good game but after playing that demo I'm 100% sure I'm not getting it.

The Xbox 360 MP demo was top notch, especially for an EA release. It seemed that Crytek somehow convinced EA to ditch the much maligned EA servers for a peer to peer system. Can anyone confirm this?

If Crysis 2 is anything like Crysis, I'm not surprised. How would a console even properly run it?

I remember TotalBiscuit raging over how aim assistance was enabled by default. That is not the PC way, oh em gee!

Well... everything in the actual game points to the contrary...



Not to forget the ridiculously small levels, cause "big levels" in this graphical quality aren't possible on consoles. Yerli said it himself:

It only having DX9 when the Prequel 4 years ago had DX10 etc.

You don't just *say* something is not a Console port you *show* it...

And I remember this Interviewn with Yerli:

But obviously, you're really developing for the lowest common denominator, although we won't go into which console that is, the two versions have to be the same, right?


On the original Crysis, though, you were working with no real limits, we'd love to know how you're finding it, comparatively, working within far stricter confines?

So, the way I approach that is, and this is an intentional thing for me, I say 'I really don't care if we can do it or not, we have to do it'. I am a programmer myself and made some of the engine. So when I say this is what I want and people say to me 'you can't have that' I say, well, I can have it in CryEngine 3. The upshot is don't tell me we have to compromise, find another way to do it. They have to find a way to experience Nanosuits and New York and the sandbox freeform experience, all of these things have to be a part of the technical execution. So when I say 'get me that' if it runs okay on PC, but not 360 and PS3 yet I say okay, that's not a fact, but there's only like one out of a hundred times that ever happens, then we don't do it. So what I'm saying effectively is that there's a narrow band of core experience which we pump through to all and then it's the engine which scales up and down based on the platform. And when I say 'up and down' it's more up on PC and then safe on console. There ultimately, there has been literally no compromise whatsoever, because I worked on it, not just as a PC game. Actually one was no different apart from the pressure of making it more positive and I didn't want it to make a PC-like game on console. I really wanted to make it an intense blockbuster experience on console, and then scale up on PC because the engine can.

Do you think PC gamers will be suspicious then of some features being cut because they don't scale down to consoles?

No, no, that's why I'm saying, like, perhaps you didn't understand me, we didn't make any downward revision. With any streamlining; it's not a matter of reducing scope. I'll give you an example of that, for example Nanosuit 1 vs Nanosuit 2. Nanosuit 1, at foremost, which setting shall we switch onto. You know, you have speed, strength, cloak, armour. You could choose one at a time, but then it was four choices. Thinking hard about it, we said 'how can we streamline that?' because it's a more complex concept actually, to begin with.

Haters gonna hate...

Judge the game not the press release.

If there's nothing wrong with Console->PC ports, why does everyone keep scrambling to distance themselves from them?

And what is the correct term for "removing features found in the original, some of which are standard on specific machines"? Because some people seem to dislike the catch-all term of "dumbing down".

Bull freaking shite.
Don't try to hide it crytek, we won't judge you, we'll judge EA.

If I can't disable the HDR without manually editing something, it's a port of the console game.

Then why the fuck would something so simple as the play button on steam be setting off false positives on my anti virus?

Those settings are quite easy to access in command prompt. There all there (apart from directx 11) just there hidden for some reason. Anyway not console port just it seem a bit rushed out not to include those settings(im looking at EA here).

you know the word Gullible isn't actually in the dictionary.

Yeh i would have gave the game a slight consideration of purchase if it was $50. But seeing that Total War: Shogun 2 charged me $50 and Crysis "generic shooter" 2 charged me an extra $10 for no appreciable reason, Crytek and EA can suck it.

If I can't disable the HDR without manually editing something, it's a port of the console game.

It is.
There are only 3 settings of graphics....or so says PC gamer.

DX9 renderer instead of promised DX11, Press start to begin, adjust brightness on your TV, aim assist, only 3 adjustable graphic options, only 2 nano suit modes...

Yeah, looks like an excellent PC-centric game.

Seriously, Bad Company 2 had everything Crysis 2 doesn't have and Dice didn't even try to hide that they were building a consolegame.

Bargainbin it will be. Next!

I don't even know why this guy bothers.

No force on earth will stop us PC folks from whining like kicked dogs.

I don't even know why this guy bothers.

No force on earth will stop us PC folks from whining like kicked dogs.

It will be console owners turn to 'whine like kicked dogs' with Crysis 3 when they get the same treatment. Due to Crytek focus on touch controls, graphic optimisations, etc so the game plays really well on mobile devices like the Ipad 4. That is where this drive for a larger user base will end. You have been warned.

Same appellations are same.

Played through PC version. Crytek have made a very impressive game on all fronts.

Right. PC gamers are blind apparently.

What the hell. PC first then console second and we still don't have all the extra graphic options without manipulating the game files?

Saying these statement is pretty much the equivalent of him saying "I'm not gonna hurt you" while kicking us in the balls

Just stoke that fire Crytek. Go on. Get the PC base all riled up. Lord knows we like to do nothing but chest-thump about how superior we are. /eyeroll

I'm not terribly upset about it.

Think about it, Metro 2033 is a game both for consoles and PC. That game was awesome, and it looked stunning, and the smaller level areas were decent enough not to cause any trouble.

What I think does need to just be ACCEPTED is that any game that allows itself to run on consoles will be inferior to one purely for PC. I realise what that sounds like, but there is actually logic behind it. As the developer said in the interview above, large areas (outside or inside) in high detail can't be achieved on modern consoles. Back in the first Crysis there were VAST outside zones at maximum setting. It really is a matter of balancing hardware to demand- something most PC gamers will have the advantage in.

Also, look at the graphics tweaking. Compare that to all the advanced settings the original provided, it was rather startling. You know a game has custom options when you can't even -understand- most of what those options are intended to do.
And you can still just set them to max anyway. Of course 'pc has better graphics' is NO new argument, but has anyone noticed the removal of such choices in console porting? I don't quite understand why, perhaps consoles have no ability to alter certain graphical functions...

I won't say the controls. While it took me around an hour to get used to a mouse and keyboard, I realise some might not find it so easy. Many just don't like it, and I understand that, I'd probably buy a usb 360 (cough, PS3) controller if I could find one at a decent price.

So yeah, the TL;DR
Any game aiming at pc AND console won't be as good; but that's not to say it will be BAD, and I'm not worried about Crysis 2.

I'm not buying it until it is DX11 patched with tessellation. I don't mind a corridor shooter, I liked Metro 2033, but Crysis was all about open spaces. I'm beginning to regret signing that pledge to buy it. Still, The Witcher 2 looks good.

i can understand all the hate from the pc community, its the fact we were lied too, if they had said from the start "were building a game primarily for the console's to see how it works out, but the pc version will get extra treatment in a patch some time after release" or even " the pc version will be delayed so we can give it that extra treatment our fans have come to expect" im sure alot of us pc gamers would have gone "brilliant, thank you crytek" but instead they released a ported demo to the pc, then go into hiding till the game is released -_- i am not amused.


oh and now to top it off i cant even play the bloody thing, other people around the world have it and can play it but because i got it send 1 day early i have to wait now! geeez really glad i paid for it -_-

Bullshite. Demo is the proof.

lowest common demominator multi platform dev is just LAZY!!!

they were able to fund building the original FROM SCRATCH for PC, just from the sales on PC...

so WHY THE **** can't they do the same for the second one? with the best part being that they can use all the story, script, most of the source assets, levels ect from the common base!??!?

and each of the consoles on their own is even more profitable than the PC!!! there is absolutely NO reason to compramise on any of them!!!


to clarify, I'm not saying crisis 2 is bad, or doesn't look awesome.... NONE OF THOSE THINGS MAKE MY ABOVE STATEMENT UNTRUE!

Lying is bad, kay, Crytek?

Everyone saw the graphics options of "high, very high, extreme". Everyone knows about the aim assist.

This is not how you make a PC-oriented game.

Not that I really care, I'm a console gamer, but this is clear, utter dishonesty.

I think Crysis 2 is by no means bad port, but it's not a true PC game either.

"Players with a low-end PC could still enjoy the game - something that couldn't be said about the first Crysis - but those with the really powerful computers could turn everything up to maximum and see the fruits of their investment."

I'm sorry but last time I saw in video configuration there is only High, Very High and Extreme settings. And they all look almost the same.

Really it's only DX9? Heh.


Right. PC gamers are blind apparently.

I don't think they are blind, just pissed. I was a PC gamer for over 10 years, but got tired of sinking ungodly amounts of money into my machines to play a particular game. If I spend upwards of $2000 on a machine, you better believe that I am going to get pissed at a developer who is selling me a port of a console game.

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