The Spice Stops Flowing for Dune Movie Reboot

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I fucking loved Dune. It turned out to be such a great book. I havent read the other installments in the series, but I definitely will in the future. Id love to see a great dune movie come out. Give it to Peter jackson to work on after the hobbit.

Only read the first three. The quality drops after that by quite a lot.

I know a lot of O.G. Dune fans don't like Lynch's vision of Dune, but personally I love the movie. I think it's definitely more interpretive than many fans would like, but on it's own, it's an amazing movie and I love it. I don't think it needs a reboot, especially since there's a couple other miniseries out there that do a much better job of following the books, even if they are a bit too "TV". Perfectly serviceable, nonetheless.

Sure, a reboot might be interesting, especially with some prudent GG use, but ultimately, unnecessary.

The books are alright, the Lynch movie is an abomination, and the mini-series is surprisingly good.

The LAST thing we need s another shitty reboot.

Interesting timing. I'm right in the middle of reading Dune for the first time.

YES! YES! WOOOO YEAH! We have been spared this probable abomination. I might maybe possiblt support a sequel to the miniseries, including stuff from God Emperor, but other than that, the only thing you can do for Dune with a reboot is ruin it.

YAY more people who love Dune! you all get 1 Internet each! don't spend it all in one store! OK SO, Fav Dune Character and why?

For me: Duke Leto I. reasion: umm do i need one? its Duke Leto I, i loved Jürgen Prochnow's portrayal of Leto, i watched it and was like "can he be MY dad, please?!"

anyway, Turn.

There was a Dune remake a little while ago. Around 2002. It was a 3 part mini-series that was really good. I'll have to find the video or the DVD box. I can't remember who made it. But it was made in Europe to save money, instead of doing it in Hollywood.

Found it. The Dune Mini Series (2000)

I grew up on Dune in the 80's: I saw the movie when I was seven or so, I got the DUNE storybook they put out (!!! it was like an oversized movie-photo book with text... it also referenced things that were later removed from the movie, to my incredible confusion at the time), I read the novel for the first time when I was 12 and I've read it again every couple years. I eventually read the whole 6 book series when I was 15 or so, though I never reread all of them.

I am glad as hell this project went down, I didn't like anything I heard or saw about it, I didn't like either director's previous work (Taken was ok but wasn't great, and it's a pretty big jump to Dune), and I didn't want to deal with seeing my favorite book turned into another I-Robot. It hurt bad enough the first time.

Also, I thought the first Dune miniseries was, eh, okkkkkkkk I guess, for being cheaply made and casting only eastern Europeans that could only barely speak (or maybe understand) our language. It was too clean and cheap making and certainly didn't have the production values or excellent costumes and sets as the original film (which I still like despite it being like an alternate world Dune story). The second miniseries I thought was so overwhelmingly boring that I couldn't even finish it. Gah. Bad. Also, both of them were essentially PG13 which was lame as hell too. Maybe the film was aswell but at least that had badass sections. And Toto.

I think the Dune series hasn't recieved the movie it deserves yet. By the way, I've only seen the Alan Smithee extended cut of the David Lynch film (he took his name off it because he was unhappy with its direction) and I get the feeling it lost something when they tried to smooth out the plot. Point is, the 1984 film deviated from the books, while the scifi series stuck closer but the budget let it down.

And no one has gotten past the third book, I'll admit that God Emperor of Dune really got really bogged down in political philospophy, but I found the setting and locale to be amazing. I mean, the effect of skipping 3500 years forward to when the desert has become a paradise, and the familar scenery is now completely different, but you still recognise feature like the shield wall. The plot would have to be fiddled with, but the cinematography could be amazing, especially with Leto's massive architecture.

For me, the books dwindled off after they started following the Bene Gesserit's point of view. The Bene Gesserit just annoy me, the way they're just SOOOOO organized, then the plot turns into a cosmic catfight, then a rather dull war with the killer robots, then everyone makes up and holds hands and stands in a big circle singing kumbayah (including robots).

It's Landsraad not Landsraat, I just had to get that out of my system.

So it is, sorry about that!

Ah no new Dune movie, this is Sad news indeed Muad'Dib

Hm, dont know if that is a good or a bad thing. (probably the former)
A Dune movie would need the same care and devotion taken as the Lord of the Ring movies to be any good. It's one of the best science fiction universes ever. I still have hope for a truly faithful movie adaptation. Maybe some day...
The Lynch movie had the right idea. Although I don't understand some changes he had made, as far as atmosphere and look is concerned, he was spot on and the music is a freaking masterpiece. The mini series? It was pretty good but WTF is going on with that costume design...really, WTF! Feyd was intimidating in the movie. In the mini series he has chest cleavage and a huge triangle on his back...what?

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