Bizarre Poop Cartoon Helps Children Grasp Nuclear Threat to Japan

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Honestly, I understand it better now. The most depth I've heard an American news show go into has been "It may melt down, or it may not."


The radiation is already affecting them!



Thats actually very clever and I applaud the Japanese for explaining to the kids in a manner they'll understand, while providing some hope and reassurance to them too.

Western version would probably not bother explaining to younger members of the populous what was going on and just have the words "PANIC!!!!!!!!" flashing on the screen 24 hours a day.

You know, the word "Japanophile", or "weeaboo", is thrown around just as often as the word "troll", or "noob", but that's a prime example of Japan-o-philia.

Weeaboo, not heard that one in years, but be that as it may, most of us know that its true.

Actually the duck and cover thing seems to be the only other real example of "trying to explain this to the kids" everything else like the 9/11 thing is usually just everyone freaking out and not informing anyone on anything other than there feelings on it. I've seen the duck and cover footage too. Aside from not being a real solution to the problem it did a reasonable job at least telling someone what to do in the event of the worst. Personally this video being the master of metaphors like it is, is not how I would have done it.

just great
and now that the kids understand what's going it only leaves the adults

would somebody please educate them in the same way
i'm telling everybody since the beginning that the bad poo won't fly because nuclear boy has a special diaper
but still they are to stupid to grasp it and still spread the panic

this crisis really has brought out everything i hate in the normal uneducated human that makes the vast majority of this world

wow i understand this better now which is werid but if this helps the japanese kids understand this then so be it even if it is a tiny bit funny

I think htat's one of the best PSA-for-Kids style things I've ever seen. It's cute, it's funny and disarming, but it still explains what's going on and the risks to people near 'Nuclear Boy' without being alarmist and unnecessarily dramatic. I feel so sorry for Chernobyl boy...they can't use that classroom any more.... =(

Hope they get the plant under control soon =)

Theres a Meme in this somewhere.

Oh, Japan. Just when I think you've become predictable, you go out and prove me wrong.

What the fuck, Japan? :P

Oh, Japan. Just when I think you've become predictable, you go out and prove me wrong.

I think that sums up the strangeness we've come to expect from Japan...then they turn the dial to 11 and shock us all over again...

Hey its better then the crap America puts out to help kids coup with disaters

I don't think comparing this to poop is all that better. It puts the whole thing in a temporary mindset the effects of Chernobyl are still felt today in birth/child defects health problems and damage to the ecosystem. Japan is in a similar situation not to mention they still have birth defects from citizens exposed to radiation from WWII. So these children won't grow up surprised at the impact this incident will have, they need to have it explained with a more serious tone not colorful poop analogies.

I wonder how many Japanese children are now totally refusing to use the bathroom.

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