Blofeld Builds a Giant "Machete Slingshot"

Blofeld Builds a Giant "Machete Slingshot"

The only thing possibly more dangerous than the huge, home-made machete-firing slingshot in this video is the huge, bald German guy with the sinister laugh who actually made the thing.

Meet Jörg Sprave. Mr. Sprave has a taste for weapons, specifically slingshots. You might think to yourself, oh, slingshots, I used to play with those when I was a little boy. And maybe you did, but you sure didn't play with anything like this.

Feast your eyes on the "Machete Slingshot," an eight-foot-long contraption that actually looks more like a crossbow. But how it looks is less important than what it does, and what it does is fire full-size freakin' machetes at dangerously high velocities.

Notice that gash on his arm? That's the result of a "misfire," he explains. "I was actually lucky I was wearing a face mask, but anyway, that happened, so don't do this at home," he says, appearing not too terribly bothered by the raw, gaping wound. Then he fires a machete into a target and pulls it out with a psychotic chuckle worthy of any Hollywood movie villain.

The Machete Slingshot is an upgrade of Sprave's 2009 design, the "Arrow Slingshot," which is only good for killing man-sized or smaller creatures.

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"It's a gun Frank, a gun that shoot swords!"
First thing that came to mind.

I've just changed my Zombie Survival Guide.

It now includes finding this guy.

It now includes finding this guy.

Just be careful that he doesn't Snipe-chete you by mistake.

He should totally get a part in some films, just for that laugh. FPS Russia can be his top henchmen, dual wielding his M-16s and post murder quipping "as always, have nice day..."

The only thing that could have made that more psychotic (and hilarious) was if he'd called it Sasha.

Who wants shurikens and lightning when you have a machete firing slingshot...
and that guy just gives me the creeps....
"Does it hurt when I do THIS?" he reminds me of the tf2 medic.

I need to make one of these.
Leave it to the crazy experts? I fill half the criteria.

Thread title is misleading: I didn't see Danny Trejo once in that film. >(

The Machete Slingshot, because regular giant slingshots arent dangerous enough.

I would think this would make a good addition to Team Fortress 2.

Not that everyone hasnt already thought of it.

The puzzled look on my girlfriend's face when I described her what I want for birthday- Priceless...

They call him Machete

I hope to see this in Machete Kills or Machete Kills Again.

Oh, that seems like a perfectly safe and sane thing to be playing with. What could go wrong? For his next project, he's going to build a giant robot that gets angry easily.
Also,just to be a pedantic nerd, Blofeld was Polish.

Game designers take notes, we want to see this weapon in a FPS game!

Oh my god...


Rule of Cool, baby. Rule of Cool.

"It's a gun Frank, a gun that shoot swords!"
First thing that came to mind.

I want to know where this is from >.<!!


"It's a gun Frank, a gun that shoot swords!"
First thing that came to mind.

I want to know where this is from >.<!!

I would suggest google, the first search term it comes up with is from The Punisher (Frank Castle) with a new gun, that shoots swords. And i'm quite liberal with the sword, as i consider machetes to be a bit in the same family of things with a handle and a bit you usually try to use to make your point when it comes to arguments.

"I carved a notch into this machette"

D= now all i have is a mental image of that guy slowly carving a big notch into the thing whilst humming "Deutschlandlied". **Shhhhwwick** **Shhhhwwick** He is one seriously bad motherfucker.

"What do you do for fun?" **Thick German-Accent** "I build slingshots that shoot various sizes of knives!" <------- how i wish i could introduce myself XD

That`s awesome. Can I have one please ? I need to you... you know.. things...

What kind of madman genius comes up with ideas like this?

That is bloody awesome...

That guy is awesome. I just watched all of his channel.

The way he says "And it's really nice" calls to mind the nuclear bomb, or the death star as other things which warrants that expression.

Well, the machete slingshot is pretty awesome, but now I want to see him make a rocket propelled chainsaw.

My cousin posted this on facebook the other day, and I can still only say here what I said there. "Oh balls, do want."
I was saving up for a 3DS before I saw the video, now I'm figuringn out where I can buy Machetes without raising red flags.


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