Zelda Fan Builds Tuneful Treasure Chest

Zelda Fan Builds Tuneful Treasure Chest

Storage becomes a lot more interesting when it incorporates videogame sound effects.

Sculptor and Nintendo fan Zachariah Perry Cruse has constructed a treasure chest that plays the "chest opening tune" from the Legend of Zelda every time the lid is opened. What's more, he's put together step-by-step instructions on people can build one for themselves.

Cruse built the chest out of pine plywood, using woodstain to get the color right, and poster board and furniture nails for the details. The construction is surprisingly simple, with everything held together with glue, and a sharpie pen used to make it look like it's made of more pieces of wood than it really is. The distinctive melody is contained on an MP3 player, with a switch that triggers when the lid is opened. Cruse suggests that nothing else be on the player other than the song itself.

Using Cruse's instructions as a guideline, it seems like it would be a fairly simply affair tweak the design and make a chest straight out of your favorite Zelda game. With a different colored woodstain and some gold trim, you could make the chests from A Link to the Past, or if you're feeling really adventurous, you could try and replicate the multicolored spiked chests from Wind Waker. As a Zelda fan myself, I'm rather tempted to make a chest of my own. I'd have to keep something special in though, partially to reflect all the effort I'd put in, and partially because if it plays the song every time the lid is opened, it's not something I'd necessarily want to be diving into all the time.


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My mate will piss himself in delight if I make one. Then be rage when I act smug with it.

I must prepare my trollface.

And at the end the chest is empty, should play mwa-mwa

Finally, somewhere to put my maps (except my map has a chart of all the happy hours in the city on the back).

One could also make a chest for your Boss Keys.

The chest doesn't creak! :(
What's the OoT chest opening sequence without the creaking?

Cool. I'm going to build a couple, so I can put my Iron Boots, Boomerang, Hook Shot and keys in them. Then, to make sure they stay extra safe, I'll put them in a deep recess of some mysteriously enchanted cave, where no one will ever find them.

I mean, who goes spelunking these days?

Awesome. I want one now.

Logan Westbrook:

Cruse built the chest out of pine plywood, using woodstain to get the color right and poste rboard and furniture nails for the details.

How did that get past the spellcheck?

Anyways I want one of those in my room... so bad.

And at the end the chest is empty, should play mwa-mwa

Or better yet.

I'm imagining a thief breaking in to steal the contents of my chest, only to hear that.

Want with the force of one thousand suns.
If only i had the time to build one.

I'm gonna make a hundred of these. Then put rupees, items, maybe a map or two in them. Why?

Cuz I can.

But yeah, I want to make these, this is really, really awesome

I would buy one.
Need a good gift for my sister's next birthday anyway, and she does love Zelda.

So... do you HAVE to open it slowly? What if you really needed what was in it? O_O

Now I have to make one of these. thanks, guys, it's not like I needed another project to take up my free time.

How Nintendo or game/toy related company did not think about this at all is kind of suprising.

This is actually my phone's ringtone. I need to find more applications for this.

His timing was way off, but otherwise, really cool!

Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to buy one of those cards you can record a voice message on and rip the technical gubbins out of it?

Not bad but it could be better.

1) add a light
2) motorize the opening to match to the music timing.


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