Australia Crashes New Burnout Street Date

Australia Crashes New Burnout Street Date


Whoops! Australia's Classification Review Board just rated (and revealed the existence of) a new Burnout game from EA.

You gotta love game classification groups sometimes. Electronic Arts has been scooped by the Australian Classification Review Board, which recently revealed the existence of Burnout Crash, the latest entry in the popular racing franchise.

Currently, all that's known about the game is that it's been rated PG by the group (for "mild violence), as well as the fact that it's being developed for multiple platforms. Presumably, the game is being developed by Criterion, though the classification page lists EA as both the developer and publisher.

The franchise has been on hold since Burnout Paradise was released in 2008, though there was a slew of DLC for the game for a while afterwards.

Source: Australian Classification Review Board via Joystiq


Whoopsie indeed. I actually liked Paradise (the only racing game I actually have), so this makes me raise some eyebrows at the prospect.

PG? So that means Australians will get to play it?

PG? So that means Australians will get to play it?

EA will now proceed to implement hookers and extreme gore in the latest burnout game in order to generate buzz about it being banned in Australia.

That is interesting. Hopefully it will be as good as Burnout Paradise.

Dear me Escapist I beat you to this last night!

On topic though I think it might be a Xbox Live Arcade game of Crash Junctions. A party game of sorts. If it was a BIG Burnout title we would of heard from EA about it months ago.

Burnout Crash? That's probably the least interesting name I've heard since "Playstation Move Heroes". Oh well, the name isn't as important as the actual game. Hopefully this game will be more like Revenge instead of the very obnoxious "I am going to take control away from you every 2 seconds and not let you easily restart an event if you lose at the last second; by the way I hope you really like 'Paradise City' because we are going to make you listen to it a LOT" Paradise.

No siree, I can't say I liked Paradise one bit, so I hope this new one is as unlike Paradise as possible while still being a Burnout game.

Wootwoot! I love you, Burnout! :D
Now all we need is a new Wipeout game...

Will it come to the PC? And if it does, I hope it's not a buggy port released a year later...


Now all we need is a new Wipeout game...

Muhahahaha! It makes me so happy that you guys don't get any more WipeOut since we stopped getting any since 1995...

I was dissapointed in Paradise so hopefully this is an improvement. It would just make me happy for it to have local multiplayer.

They're always complaining about having to pay more and wait longer for games and now it sounds like they're getting the best Burnout since Revenge.
I hope it comes to the US.

I'm kidding but the last couple of Burnouts were pretty big letdowns when you compare them to 3 or Revenge. If this one brings back Crash Junctions, I'm in.

I've been waiting for any game to bring something like that to the next gen with even more cars and bigger explosions.

It's about time!

And lo! The Australian Classification Board made a whoopsie.

>popular gaming series with multiple entries gets another sequel

Well duh.

I LOVED Takedown and Revenge.. Dominator had a lackluster soundtrack and kinda rehashed Revenge. I was skeptical with Paradise, seeing as open world racing games seem odd to me. I liked Criterion's Hot Pursuit though, where it had a free roam OPTION but you actually selected tracks/races.

The smashes and billboards started to become a chore to find but were fun to begin with.

Basically, I am ALL ABOUT a new Burnout game. For serious. It's been a while.. I wish to drive stupidly fast and crash often, but it's always more awesome when I don't.


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