The Rock Wants to Do a Black Ops Movie

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Broken Orange:

His name isn't the Rock anymore. It's Dwayne Johnson or more appropriately The Tooth Fairy.

Nope, it's back to "The Rock" when he came back to the WWE for a few months.

Helped you out, buddy. There is a quote button if you want to talk to someone specifically.

Welcome to "The Escapist."

Uhhh, I know about the quote system, buddy.

There have been multiple people saying such, which is why I chose not to use it. Thanks anyway for your help, I guess.

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? That's right, more bad video game based movies.

Maybe he should go appear on Food Network or something instead. Have someone teach him how to cook something people want.

Like "Late Night Bacon"?


I'll smell OSCAR!

I would love a decent COD movie, but due to my hate for pretty much everything the 'Rock' even looks at, I can see this only ending badly.

John Funk:

Instead of doing all of those silly missions, just make the movie an hour and a half of The Rock doing elbow drops on Commies during the Cold War. Come on, that would be awesome!

Its not that I dont want another movie with the Rock, I dont want a COD movie with the Rock in it... or actually, a COD movie period...



Like "Late Night Bacon"?


YES!!! Bacon...

I liked Doom too.

+1, even if my friends made fun of me for it, I like that movie ^^)

However Black Ops, I'm not sure how that would turn out :/

cant seem to find a videogame movie that works for him aye?
Looks like he inbeween (puts on glasses)
The Rock and a Hard place.

4 days late for April fools.

Still, made me laugh.

cant seem to find a videogame movie that works for him aye?
Looks like he inbeween (puts on glasses)
The Rock and a Hard place.

i love you.

I would like to a Blackops movie if they keep the same script. I think The Rock can be Hudson they need someone else for Alex Mason and Waver and Victor,Woods and Nikita Dragovich.

This could be a great movie




[Reaches for the Eye bleach]

I would like to a Blackops movie if they keep the same script. I think The Rock can be Hudson they need someone else for Alex Mason and Waver and Victor,Woods and Nikita Dragovich.

This could be a great movie

How about Gary Oldman for Reznov and Sam Worthington for Mason?

Oh, wait...

I think this could be an OK movie to blow a Saturday afternoon on.

Secret world leader (shhh):
YES! it shall be directed by Uwe Boll and written by Tommy Wiseau!

Oh! And we could have him work this line into the script.

I can totally see this working :D

The problem with Call of Duty's stories is that they're too similar to war movies already done.

If you're going to do a movie based off of a videogame, do Portal.

A Black Ops movie would be just another corny action flick. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I didn't think DOOM was all that bad a movie. In fact, I could probably watch it and string together a decent list of things DEFENDING the movie on its own merits. As my extent of knowledge of the DOOM games is about 25 minutes of doom 3, I have an advantage in that I'm not comparing it to anything, but I think thats probably how we should view video game movies in general. Expecting the same fun, interactive experience from a movie is a pipe dream.

i would see it if they have one line "Mason put a hole in that fucking wall!" said in the gruffest voice possible

Sure why not, I can appreciate some high octane brainless action.

Don't worry guys, worse things could happen than putting him in a black ops movie.

Dwane: The Rock Johnson is GORDEN FREEMAN in.


John Funk:
The Rock Wants to Do a Black Ops Movie

Well he can't!

Now go to your room Dwayne!

Wouldn't a Black Ops movie just be Fight Club with more explosions and guns

And several orders of magnitude less intelligence, insight and vision.

....You ever read something and just think "That can't possibly be serious"?

Sums up how I feel pretty nicely.

The Rock wanting to do another movie based of a popular first-person shooter game? All I can think of is this image:

Rock's Thoughts: I need some duct tape. Why is there none of this on Mars?

Well, if a Black Ops movie comes to pass, The Rock would be a good candidate for the lead. It seems like one of those roles he left wrestling to do.

Side Thought: Is it me, or does The Rock have the perfect body size for a hispanic-looking Commander Shepard?

Doom only sucked because the writers completely screwed the pooch. With a few exceptions, the action scenes and the acting were alright.

They can save time and make about a third of it from the snow base sequence in Inception. Just crop Ken Watanabe's face for The Rock.

The Rock wants to be in a Black Ops movie?

The Rock also wants to called Dwayne Johnson, not The Rock... I don't see it happening.



The ROCK has come back.

I really liked Doom, it was pretty daft, and actually had a story.

And the BFG moment...ooh sir.

I really liked it too, I don't see the problem that people had with it. It had really cool sci fi tech (the matter walls), a great shout out to the video games (the BFG). Not to mention the First Person scene, which was SO INCREDIBLY BADASS THAT IT GAVE ME CHILLS. It had a great plot twist too, [SPOILER] The rock turns out to be a bad guy. Oh, not to mention that NIN did the soundtrack. Overall I'd say it was a win, and I'm not a Doom fanboy, hell I've never even played Doom except a little of the original. Not that I wouldn't, I just haven't had the chance.

Also I think Black Ops, or any CoD game is a terrible choice. There have been plenty of gritty military movies. Plus Blops kinda sucked plotwise, it just didn't make a whole lot of sense, how would they not have checked him for being brainwashed, and how the hell did that one Russian dude somehow interfere with the process? Oh, and how did they know that he was going to escape? Well, I guess they were planning to release him later. Meh. [b]I WANT THE HALO MOVIE GOD DAMN IT! WITH KURT RUSSEL AS MASTER CHIEF![b]

seriously? black ops? the movie which had a plot soooo bad that i barely played it before i put my head through a sandstone wall? really?

i can think of many better candidates for movies...

Making black ops a movie is like remaking Fight Club, but much much worse, with guns and obnoxious American Conspiracy theories.

If you played Black ops and saw Fight Club, you'd get what I mean.

Please no, if anyone makes a COD movie I would hope that they would use actors. Not dead shits and retards like in "the expendables"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in..... Black Swan 2: Stuck in Pink

lol, I couldn't help myself.

He wont have to worry about that once Natalie Portman gives birth. Ohhohohoho.

Oscar scandal!

Dwayne Johnson's stunt double comes out and tells the press that the former wrestler only did 15-20% of his own dolphin dives during filming of Black OPs.

Get in line Rock, there still needs to be a cod4 based video game. The search for the perfect captain price continues!!

I think he might be more suited for a role like Kratos the generic Army movie 2477

The Rock and Ed Harris in a Black Ops movie? That sounds... really... really AWESOME. And I'd kill to see a Black Swan 2 with Dwayne as the lead.

Oh and yeah--Doom wasn't bad. Wasn't great, but it was a good sci-fi action flick, and that's all I wanted.

Ever since I saw The Rundown (Welcome to the Jungle), I'va always wanted The Rock to be in another over the top, stupid fun action/comedy flick..

Problem is Black Ops just doesn't seem like a good candidate for that. Basically because it's already a movie to begin with.

Oh and Doom was alright, seeing as though I don't play Doom any inconsistencies went unoticied to me.

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