George Takei Demonstrates Why He Should Play Spider-Man

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George Takei Demonstrates Why He Should Play Spider-Man

George Takei squeezed on a Spider-Man costume to creepily audition for the role in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

George Takei has had a great career in show business. He got his big break as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series, following it up with roles in Heroes and countless other productions. At 73, Takei now has Spider-Man in his sights, creating an audition video to appear as the web-slinger in the somewhat cursed broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Takei's audition tape is amazing. The man not only looks good in tights, but also demonstrates his incredible state of agility.

As Takei says, he has the "whole package." In the tape, he takes out a thug and only almost gets a hernia once. Takei then goes on to eliminate both Venom and the Green Goblin with a "thwack" and a "pow," not to mention one of Star Trek's phasers. Cheater.

To be honest, the whole audition tape is pretty creepy (and created to drum up interest in Takei's upcoming broadway production Allegiance), but it makes you think. Maybe Hollywood shouldn't be so discriminatory toward older actors when it comes to superheroes. If George Takei were Spider-Man, CGI'ed up to climb on walls and take down thugs, I'd be in the theater on day one. Wouldn't you?

Thanks for the tip Zer_!


George Takei wasn't already a super hero?

Alongside Willem Dafoe's scenes in Boondock Saints, this may be the greatest thing I have ever seen.

That. That was fucking AWESOME.

If he were spiderman I'd go see it more than once.

That "whole package" line....shudder

EDIT: Well that's creepy. I went and got the dvd of spiderman not 5 minutes ago before seeing this as the first news post.....

I'd watch that...

Pure, undiluted awesomesauce.

Eat your heart out, Tobey Maguire

And after seeing this when i wake up i know it will indeed be a day of absolute win.

Oh my, indeed =)

I haven't heard such an eloquent speech since Bill Shatner explained why he couldn't pay me back.

That wasn't creepy (until the very end), that was awesome and hilarious! I would certainly pay good money to see Takei as Spiderman, if it was serious and he was given the role! And I agree with RT Medic, this will indeed become a day of pure win from now on... :D

Okay, this is a pretty good mixture of funny/creepy as hell. Seriously, don't want to offend anyone, but when he looked at me and smiled...Jesus. I almost freaked out. Creepy as hell.

But i might still go and see it, if he's in it.

Having never watched the original Star Trek series I still can't believe this man hasn't built at least a respectable career in porn industry, there's just something about him... *disgusted shudder*

But yeah, I can't see how they can say no to this video.

That was great. I watched the episode of The big Bang Theory with him in it yesterday, and he cracked me up. George Takei is a funny man and I'd definitely go see him if he were to play Spiderman.

Mmmmmm Leia Salonga. I don't know how well she's aged but back when she was doing Aladdin and performing on stage in Les Miserables I would have cut off my arm to get a piece of . . . . errrrr well anyway about ole George Takei.

I really do like this guy. He's one of those people that aren't afraid to have a good laugh at their own expense. Now that video was a tad creepy admittedly but hell I'd pay to see a show with a gay elderly asian Spider-Man. Hell he may even be able to make it work.

I.. I.. I.. er... um... *speechless*

He scares the crap out of me!!!

George Takei is truly brilliant.

I'm not sure if he was Spider-Man, but he sure was... Amazing.


What the fuck did I just watch.

This is one the greatest videos in the history of entertainment.

George Takei, you are my hero!

That was great.

Oh, George. You're such an Amazingly Fabulous Spiderman.

I don't like Takei. He's a kind of a douchebag. /rimshot

I'd be surprised if Brad didn't roll his eyes at this one. George really has 'let it all hang out' since his radio announcing gig. Good for him.

I officially love George Takei.

My brain just crashed from the awesomes that man radiates.

He could single-handedly save that production.

That... was... awesome!
Anyone is better than Tobey Maguire though.

I also wonder, why would mr Takei need to audition for anything?

Oh my!

That was epic.

I hope he gets the part.

How is this creppy?

Its it pure Awesome! :D

go George go!

If George Takei was actually in the Spiderman musical, it would be worth seeing!

Rivers Wells:
George Takei wasn't already a super hero?

Nah man, he's too awesome and over-powered. He's like Superman only more powerful and people actually like him.

Set your phasers for


Is there a single Star Trek alumnus that isn't awesome?

Pure awesomeness. Takei proves again why he is a legend among geek audiences. Loved this video!

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