Mojang Finally Sets Minecraft Release Date

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It just looks nice - and it's the last X/X/X we'll get for 1000 years, apart from 12/12/12.

And yeah - they're both American companies, so they probably don't know.

Wrong. Mojang is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why are Bethesda and Mojang being so callous as to release Skyrim and Minecraft on Remembrance Day?

Worse things have been released on Remembrance day. It's really just another date on the calender for most developers. I would be lying if I said that I thought that Nov. 11 is an appropriate release date for all games, and I'm sure someone would sift though my posts for the topic where I called out a war game (I can't recall what it was) releasing on 11/11 as tasteless if I said so.

But for a game essentially about building (or at least, what we've seen of it thus far)? Just another date.

Sorry Minecraft, I love you, but on the 11. Ill be calling in sick to work/school/family/friends to take a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong stroll through Skyrim. Holy SHIT I'm so excited!!


Onyx Oblivion:
Too much stuff this fall...It's almost as bad as 2008's bloated October/November.

Oh that was such a wonderful Christmas... :) good memories

Saint's Row 2...Fallout 3...Gears of War 2...and many other major titles...Good year.

I have a feeling the full release with also be the fall of Minecraft, but time will tell.

and the Pre-Purchase award is:

A 8-bit Pixel hat for TF2 and Hats for Minecraft!

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