Aliens Invade SOCOM 4 Box

Aliens Invade SOCOM 4 Box


If you thought that your SOCOM 4 purchase would be devoid of aliens, think again. Initial shipments of SOCOM 4 will come packaged with a voucher for entry into the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta.

While the announcement on the beta doesn't reveal a starting date, the post on the PlayStation Blog reads, "to find out when the Resistance 3 beta begins, be sure to check the details on the included voucher."

The beta voucher is included in both the standard edition of Socom 4 and the insane Full Deployment Edition.

Insomniac Games has already thrown out a few details on the changes that Resistance 3 is undergoing in terms of multiplayer such as smaller-scale 16-player battles as opposed to the 60-player Skirmish matches featured in Resistance 2. 60 players certainly felt like an overwhelming number of people, so hopefully the changes will make for tighter multiplayer matches.

SOCOM 4 is set to arrive in just a few short weeks on April 19, while Resistance 3 is currently set for arrival on September 6.

Source: PlayStation Blog


Meh I rented Resistance 2 and after playing the single player for 30 minutes and the multiplayer for 5 I returned it, I don't look forward to 3 at all.

Tired of FPSs, give me a voucher for Uncharted 3. Besides it doesn't really matter because you get the voucher and you still won't get to play it before PS+ members.

Not interested, they killed Socom for me with Socom 3. Then all those handheld ones didn't improve the series. I miss the actual tactical part of the game, not just being able to run & gun. And the screenshots from this one don't look like they change that...


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