Sony: Nintendo Handhelds Aren't for Self-Respecting Adults

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Sony: Nintendo Handhelds Aren't for Self-Respecting Adults


Sony says that the Nintendo DS family is great for kids that need babysitting, but isn't for adults.

In anticipation of the release of Sony's new handheld codenamed NGP, the PR storm may have begun. Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton has come out saying that the Nintendo family of handhelds is nothing more than a "babysitting tool" for youths.

Speaking to CNN Money, Tretton first took a shot at the Wii and Xbox 360 (but mostly the Wii), saying the two consoles are running out of steam. "Why would I buy a gaming system without a hard drive in it," Tretton posited. "How does this thing scale? Motion gaming is cute, but if I can only wave my arms six inches, how does this really feel like I'm doing true accurate motion gaming?"

Tretton praises Sony for taking a chance with more cutting edge technology like the Cell Processor and a Blu-ray drive at launch, though it took quite a loss for the privilege. The advantage is that Sony now faces what Tretton calls a "downhill roll" with the most relevant console on today's market.

Sony may aim to take the same approach with the NGP, as Tretton says Sony looked at every "bell and whistle" for the device. He doesn't appear to think it'll be tough to compete with the Nintendo DS family, whose most recent iteration came in the form of the 3DS, which provides what he calls the "Game Boy experience."

"Our view of the 'Game Boy experience' is that it's a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those," Tretton said. "He's too old for that."

Typically I can understand where executives are coming from with their competition-bashing comments, but this one is just plain stupid. In an age where we're still trying to get videogames recognized as a hobby for people of all ages, Tretton is taking us backwards by somehow turning a very popular handheld game system into a kid's toy. I question how the NGP will somehow magically be "for adults" simply because of its improved internal components. Sony can bash Nintendo all it wants, but it shouldn't bash millions of gamers, and its audience, at the same time.

Source: CNN Money, via Destructoid


He's obviously never experienced the pure greatness of Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, or the Elite Beat Agents.

And for that, I pity him.

So basically, he's saying that Sony products are only for hipsters and Nathan Barley types?


I agree with the man above: "AGENTS.. ARE....GO!!!!"

Oh wow. He's just making himself sound like an idiot.

Yeah, I call bull. I get more mileage out of my DS than I have from two Sony systems.

Cue Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy skirmish...

Edit: I have a query. Tretton says stupid shit and people generally whack at him, which is not really not much a crime as I see it. But when Reggie comes out to bloviate, everyone around here gives him a free pass, although I'd say what Reggie vomit out is usually five times stupider than most of these spin doctors.

Honestly, I probably answered this question with the original post.

I'm going to post a comment off a recent Engadget article, that I think is somewhat relevant.

"Nintendo has lost touch with reality. The 3DS sacrificed way too much portable power, capability, and features a modern portable gamer expects to make it out in March and with 3d. The games cost too much, the 3d is not being pushed as something that is essential to the experience (arguably for good reason), and many features that should be there on day 1 are not. Not to mention there are no good first party launch titles worth buying for $40 and the only thing resembling must-have are either tech demos or ports.

To cost more than the low-end iPod Touch is also rather silly. The 3DS is less capable, has insanely worse battery life, its games cost more, and you can't even trade your DS in because you'll lose access to your DSi games you've purchased. Let's also add in that the device seems poorly designed for online gaming with someone else (due to no convenient way to communicate with them in-3DS). Let's remember how quaint it was using a stylus back when the DS launched and now fast forward to 2011 when capacitive touchscreens are all the rage and Nintendo wants us... to pull out another stylus on an even smaller touch screen with a 320x240 resolution.

If the 3d was worth all of this sacrifice in hardware and battery life and screen resolution (on either the main screen or the touchscreen), then maybe I could say, okay. Investment made sense. But the 3d is not. It drains the already-short battery life, massive reports suggest people are trying the 3d, getting tired of fiddling with it, and are turning it off. Which makes this an expensive DS2 that doesn't (yet) pull games from DSi's, doesn't have the promised virtual store, doesn't have browsing, doesn't have a Mario/Zelda/Metroid, doesn't have modern touchscreens, doesn't have hardware to match the iPhone/iPod Touch 4, let alone the 5 that will surely come in no time...

Nintendo has lost touch with reality, the reality of gaming. This is why ahead of 3DS they were complaining about how iOS gaming was going to devalue gaming and lead to the end times. Because they are afraid that if the value argument on gaming (that they started with the DS when the PSP came out and continued with the Wii when they were cheaper than the 360 and PS3 since they had regurgitated the GC hardware in making it) continues to its natural conclusion, they are going to be put to pasture. If they don't think gaming should get cheaper and cheaper, then perhaps the should not have suggested it back in the day when they had inferior hardware but superior pricing..."

This guy just made himself look worse than Bobby Kotick and John Riccitiello combined. Sony really needs to get rid of this cocky mouthpiece. He's always running his mouth saying stupid shit like this, but now he's attacked his damn customers? Well, I shouldn't be surprised, this is Sony after all.

Now if you'll excuse me Jacky boy, I'm going to go play my 3DS and try really hard not to take a hammer to my PS3 because I can't stand you or your company's way of treating its customers anymore.

im 20 I find the tech behind the 3ds Awesome any idoit and smash some super fast super good looking stuff into a box thats been done before and before and before I mean until the wii came out all consoles were was stuff in a box made a picture then stuff in a box made a better picture now its stuff makes 3d with out glasses i for one love the innovation of Nintendo

He was last in line on 3DS launch day.

That's odd. I'm a self-respecting adult and I use my DS, DSi, and 3DS plenty. I'm not really following the logic here. I play it in public; in waiting rooms, on airplanes, and similar.

Sir John the Net Knight:
Cue Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy skirmish...

More like every gamer vs. one dick.

Sony seems to think that people want better technology more than they do - eg a game system equivocal to the 360 that cost several hundred dollar more - why? because it had supposedly better graphics. I doubt that many people are going to be interested in the more expensive hardware just because you throw in extra gadgets like blu-ray - especially when the gadgets have nothing to do with gaming.

(context - not a Nintendo fanboy by any means - In fact I've pretty much given up on them as a gaming company since they've decided to give up on gamers as demographic base - realized if I wanted to continue playing video games I had to have one of the two other consoles - and I picked the 360 for the exact reason I just mentioned.)

Yes I love my ps3, and the Wii got old and I sold it, but Nintendo is king of handhelds for a reason. They have a better library of games (yeah the 3ds launch lineup is a bit lacking) in the long term. My psp still only has 3 games. I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on a game that's worse than something I can get for $30 on the DS.

There is no level of pure FUN greater than 3-8 people in the same room playing Mario Kart.

The closest sony ever got was when we played Battle Arena Toshinden for shots on PS1.

If there is a benevolent god in this universe, Kaz Hirai will smack this ignorant fool for making Sony look worse.


Sir John the Net Knight:
Cue Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy skirmish...

More like every gamer vs. one dick.

OH Sizzle BURN

If there is a benevolent god in this universe, Kaz Hirai will smack this ignorant fool for making Sony look worse.

I don't think he can do that until 2013, if he gets to take over for Howard Stringer like the rumor mill says. But if Kaz Hirai gets the seat and he does send Jack packing, I promise I will never make a "FIVE HUNDRED NINETY NINE US DOLLARS" or "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!" joke again.

Heh. Sony is trollin' like a fiend!

yes super kid freindly

any idoit and smash some super fast super good looking stuff into a box thats been done before

Nothing this powerful has been put into a handheld. And not "any idiot" can do it, 3D is just as complicated as creating new components that powerful for a handheld.

Sony Executive Says Bad Things About Rival Company!


that's pretty much my first thought

this just in: a representative of Sony doesn't like products created by competing brands.

In other news: Sony representatives often behave like spoiled children.

The NGP is gonna kick ass, and when my must have games come out for it, I'll certainly be getting one. But man, Tretton, don't start talking shit about your competitors. Seriously, don't bring yourself down to the asshole level of Steve Jobs.

As a self-respecting 29 year old adult, and career game programmer, I have no problem sitting on the metro train with my Nintendo 3DS playing one of their games while I wait to get home. Jack Tretton can suck it.

Me: Sony anything aren't for self-respecting human beings.

if playing pokemon white on my wife's pink DS (mine broke) makes me a self-loathing 30 year old man. Then By golly I'm proud to be one.

As a side note, never trust anyone who is telling you what the real/cool people are doing and are also trying to sell you something.

snipped, but read.

One thing that needs to be kept squarely in mind is that Nintendo is a company that suffers from a massive case of tunnel vision and perhaps a severe superiority complex as well. They aren't able to accept trends in gaming that deviate from the business model that they establish. (I.E. Mature themes, CD format, high-end graphics, online capabilities...) Nintendo leading the pack in the handheld market for so long has lead to complacency, and they errantly built upon the "gimmick concept" that moved the Wii to move the 3DS. The problem is, they picked the wrong gimmick, one they tried in the past and failed with no less, they overpriced the gizmo and it's proven to have a laundry list of problems that will not be easily addressed. Not that Ninty is known for addressing issues. As far as I'm aware they're never going to fix the Grumble Volcano exploit in Mario Kart Wii.

The reason Nintendo didn't suffer too much from the Virtual Boy and it quickly became a footnote in their history along with R.O.B. and the Super Scope, was because Nintendo had practically no competition in handhelds at the time and still had a strong marketable brand in the Game Boy Color. Not the case now, with Ninty retiring the DS and the company having to face massive competition from not only Sony, but every company that develops moblie gaming. In the current economic climate, Nintendo releasing what will essentially become the "Virtual Boy II" is going to cripple them significantly, not only because the 3DS' failure opened the door for competitors, but it also tainted the Game Boy name which was a bullet Nintendo dodged with the VB.

Now I know there's a contingent of the gaming marketplace that would buy just about anything Nintendo slaps it's logo on. (NIN-TEN-DO! IT'S A CEREAL, NOW!) But with gaming breaching into the mainstream market, Nintendo really can't afford to fall back on habits that worked in the 80s and 90s but would not work in 2011.


Sir John the Net Knight:
Cue Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy skirmish...

More like every gamer vs. one dick.

Not every gamer is a Nintendo fanboy.

Oh, wait wait wait! Ahem...


God, I've been waiting to do that for years.

He's just sad that Sony will lose in the handheld market... again.

lol isn't that pic in the article from Nintendo's Dragon Quest slumber party?

Tom Goldman:
I question how the NGP will somehow magically be "for adults" simply because of its improved internal components.

I think it's because the heavy hitters of Nintendo are all rated E for everyone and kid friendly, whereas most of what are considered the big Sony games are Mature titles which are not kid friendly. Look at the playstation exclusives compared to the Nintendo main franchises.

I'm not saying that older people don't enjoy Nintendo products, they obviously do, but Nintendo games are catered in such a way as to appeal to younger audiences.

Whereas games like Grand Theft Auto, Heavy Rain, etc are not meant for children.

Wow. Kinda sad, to hear this. If the DS is a 'kiddie toy', as he seems to be implying, why has the DS utterly crushed the PSP in the handheld market? The fact is that Nintendo has managed to court more developers to make more games for the DS, many more than the PSP, which is good for little more than a crappy media player now compared to the DS. Oh, sure, there are games on the PSP that are good, but the number of good games on the PSP pales in comparison to the sea of A ranked games on the DS.

I am 21 and I play a DS. I'll keep my DS over a PSP any day; there are more games on the DS I enjoy than there are possible games on the PSP that I would want.

sigh this is exactly why sony is getting their ass handed to them by nintendo and microsoft

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